Chapter 51 goes to G City

Gu Ning originally thought that Gu Man was abandoned by the scum man, but he could not think of it.

Aning, this is why Gu Man named her as Gu Ning!

"With him, I feel more happiness than ever, so after he had an accident, I had the idea of ​​being suicidal. I know that my thoughts are too selfish. If I have an accident, my father and sister will love me." Very sad. In the tangled, I found myself pregnant for three months, then I dismissed my thoughts of suicide, and then went straight to school and went home."

After that, Gu Ning also knows.

Mrs. Gu’s wife felt that Gu Man’s unmarried pregnancies had caused her to be beaten off, or she would cut off her mother-daughter relationship.

Gu Man resolutely chose the child, so he left home and rented a house with a little savings from Gu Ning’s father, and then went to work.

But the other party knew that she was pregnant and she did not use her.

A few months later, the savings took almost the same, and Gu Man had to go to Gu Qing.

After Gu Man left home, Gu Laozi and Gu Qing were looking for her, but they could not find it, if Gu Gu himself had to find Gu Qing.

After Gu’s father knew the news of Gu Man, she took her back to her home and nursed her to Gu Ning.

Things have passed for 18 years, and the days of sadness have already passed, but whenever I think of it, Gu Man still feels a little sad.

Gu Ning started as early as possible, then went to school, and then continued to run with Mu Ke, and returned to school five minutes before the morning reading.

Because the conditions are not allowed, they are now sweating, but they can't take a bath and can only endure it.

Fortunately, there is a bath every day, even if it is sweaty, there will be no taste.

"Boss, today is Friday, go to the bar in the evening with the son of Zixun to play with me!" On the way back to the classroom, Hao Ran said.

"This I like, Gu Ning, go!" Chu Peihan heard the words, excited.

"Yes, yeah! It is our site, very safe." Qin Zixun said.

"We recently launched a fruit wine, which is very suitable for girls to drink! The sales are very good, the boss will try it!" Zhang Tianping also said.

"I will go to G City after school in the afternoon, change it!" Gu Ning said.

Gu Ning's words are like a basin of cold water, which has ruined everyone's passion.

"What are you doing in G City!" asked Chu Peihan.

"There is something" Gu Ning said.

"What is it!" asked Hao Ran.

"Confidential" Gu Ningdao.

It’s boring to hear one or two, but since Gu Ning doesn’t say it, they don’t ask much.

"But, come back and bring you gifts." Gu Ning said again.

As soon as the gift was heard, everyone’s eyes lit up.

"This can have"

Although they know that Gu Ning's conditions are not good, since she is not in good condition, she will not bring anything valuable, so she refused.

A gift, but a mind, no need to be valuable.

"Then you are not in the hospital these two days, do we need to go see the aunt?" Mu Ke asked.

"No, there is peace, nothing." Gu Ning refused.

Joke, she said to Gu Man and Mu Ke went to G City to do things, if they let them go to see the vine, is it not exposed?

At noon, Gu Ning received a text message from Qin Lan, asked if he could talk to him?

Gu Ning does not feel that he has any good talks with Qin Lan. It is not bad to anger him because of a car accident.

If he doesn't come to provoke her anymore, then they won't have anything. If he automatically sends it to the door, don't blame her.

Then, Gu Ning directly set the number of Qin Yu as a blacklist.

Qin Hao did not get Gu Ning's reply, and his mood was a bit uncomfortable, but he did not send a message to Gu Ning again.

These days, his mind was always influenced by Gu Ning, and he also said that he did not know what attitude he had towards Gu Ning.

When listening to Gu said that Gu Ning's mother and daughter were driven out of the old house by her grandmother, he subconsciously wanted to lend a helping hand to her.

However, Gu Ning did not even know his information.

Today, Gu Yu did not come to see Gu Ning's embarrassment.

She really wanted to come, but the problem was that she did not dare to come, for fear of being beaten again by Gu Ning.

And today, in addition to giving her a sinful look, Shao Feifei did not have other conflicts.

So just like, Gu Ning is also happy.

Gu Ning was prepared because the documents were ready, so when I left school in the afternoon, I went straight to the airport and took a taxi to the airport.

She carried a backpack on her body, and her documents were placed in the space of the jade. She only had a set of clothes in her backpack. When she arrived at the airport, she changed because she could not wear a school uniform.

It is now the peak period of work, so the roads in the city are somewhat blocked, but the area is not blocked, after all, the airport is in the suburbs.

Gu Ning is a school at 5:50, and at 7:30, it takes almost 40 minutes to go to the airport. However, because it takes a few minutes to get out of school, it takes a few minutes to take a taxi, so when I arrive at the airport, it is already sixty-four.

However, there are still fifty minutes, Gu Ning is not anxious, first went to the toilet to change clothes.

A short pair of jeans, a large white sweater, white sneakers, a ball head, and a black backpack hanging shoulders, the whole person is sunny, casual and full of energy.

With the white skin, the beautiful face, it is glamorous, and from time to time someone looks at her more.

Because Gu Ning did not have time to buy new clothes, this body is all before.

However, Gu Man has always been good to Gu Ning, and occasionally she will buy her good quality clothes. This body is, although not too expensive, but it is also two or three hundred.

Gu Ning went to the queue to pick up the ticket and entered the waiting room.

After arriving at the terminal, there was still half an hour, and it was too late to eat, so Gu Ning planned to go for a cup of coffee first.

Coincidentally, when Gu Ning entered the coffee shop, he saw Qin Yifan and a beautiful and fashionable young woman.

"Gu Ning, it's so good! You are here to go!" Qin Yifan saw Gu Ning, the original plain look suddenly beamed, excited to stand up and say hello to Gu Ning.

The woman who met Qin Yifan saw Qin Yifan’s reaction, and his face sank. He looked at Gu Ning’s look and showed hostility. Especially after watching Gu Ning’s appearance, it was flashing.

Sensitive as Gu Ning, naturally did not miss the hostility from the woman, but did not care.

"Qin Shao, you are here too! It’s so good. I want to go to G City, you!" Since Gu Ning intends to make good friends with Qin Yifan, naturally his attitude towards him is also friendly.

Of course, it is the friendship from the bottom of my heart, and there is no such thing as disguise.

"That's just too clever, I have to go to G City, I am a plane at 7:30, you!" As soon as he heard that Gu Ning was going to G City, Qin Yifan was even more delighted. People who didn't know, thought that He likes Gu Ning!

(End of this chapter)

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