Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 5: Save people, 500,000 checks

Chapter 5 saves people, 500,000 checks

Gu Ning did not immediately take the shot, but first observed and waited for the opportunity.

Because the suspect's gun has been facing the female doctor, the distance is so close, if she is not sure to take the suspect in one fell swoop, but it is shocking him to shoot, it is not good.

Gu Ning sweeps the environment of the rooftop, and there is just a bunch of miscellaneous goods on the right side of the exit, which can cover Gu Ning's body and let Gu Ning get closer to each other.

"Yang Yang, you, what are you going to do?" The gun was pointed at, and the female doctor was shaking and shivering.

"Hey! What am I going to do?" The suspect was also cold and snarled by Yang Lan. Immediately, the eyes showed fierceness and said with anger: "Anzhen, I am because you have fallen to this end! You said that I want How? I was fired by the hospital, my wife would not run with others, it was you, it was because of you..."

Speaking of this, An Zhen felt that he was wronged, and subconsciously retorted: "That is your own misconduct, as a doctor, but there is no medical ethics, self-sufficient collection of the patient's family red envelopes, care for human life, I just saved people. ”

"Stop, that's my business, you have no right to control." Yang Hao screamed, holding the gun's hand tightly, said coldly: "Now, let people give me an account to play five million, want Otherwise, don't blame me for shooting."

An Zhen was so scared that he swallowed and swallowed and said: "I, I don't have five million at all, but I can take out two million."

"No, I will have five million, that slut, because someone gave her five million to leave me, I have to take her back to five million." Yang Yan said excitedly, the action in his hand Just want to move.

At this time, Gu Ning, just by the cover of miscellaneous goods, came to the back of the two meters from Yang Lan. When he saw Yang Lan’s movement, he was shocked by Gu Ning, for fear that he accidentally fired a gun.

Yang Lan’s nerves have been stimulated and have produced abnormal thinking.

Not to mention that Yang Lan made such a move today, it is already a crime. Even if he has five million, waiting for him, it is still a legal sanction, and there is no chance to get back his wife.

Even if he had the chance, his wife would not be willing to follow him.

Not to mention that the other party can give her five million, it means that the family is naturally expensive, if her wife will follow other people's words because of greed, then how can she lose watermelon and go to sesame!

Even if Yang Lan’s wife doesn’t care about watermelon, it’s just that Yang Lan is now a criminal suspect and will be caught sooner or later. If Yang Lan’s wife continues to talk to Yang Lan, not only can she not be with Yang Lan, but the five million will also be squandered.

Gu Ning worried that An Zhen said the wrong words and angered Yang Lan, and let him run out of control with an excitement, so that she did not even have a chance to save people.

However, fortunately, An Zhen is a smart person. Seeing Yang Hao’s expression, he immediately put his attitude and comforted him: “Good, five million, five million, but I have only two million on my account, five million. If you need to call, let the family call."

As long as she can escape, even if she is five million, she will recognize it.

After she did not believe that Yang Lan could escape the police's pursuit.

Gu Ning did not think that An Zhen gave five million to Yang Lan, and Yang Lan would let go of An Zhen, because Yang Lan is not stupid. If she let go of An Zhen, she will turn back to the police immediately.

In this way, Yang Lan can get the money and can't run.

When he heard the compromise of An Zhen, Yang Lan’s emotions eased a few points: “Okay, but you have to call the hands-free.”

"Good" An Zhen took out his mobile phone and trembled.

Yang Hao’s gun seems to be a little tired, and he couldn’t help but loose it.

However, at this time, the opportunity came, and Gu Ning fiercely strung out and slammed Yang Hao. Because Yang Yu was unprepared, he was directly hit by a slam, and could not bear the gravity and fell to the ground, and his hand was thrown out because he did not hold the gun, and fell to the ground a few meters away.

Things happened so suddenly, Anzhen was directly scared, and the phone fell underground and didn't know.

However, the matter is not over yet. Yang Lan, who has no guns, is not an opponent of Gu Ning at all. If he has not resisted, he will be stunned directly by Gu Ning.

In order to prevent the other party from waking up, Gu Ning rushed to find the rope, tied Yang Hao, and then blocked his mouth with a rag.

"I still can't call the police," Gu Ning looked at the dumbfounded ampoule.

"Ah! Oh, oh!" Wen Yan, An Zhen was able to react after knowing it, seeing the mobile phone in his hand disappeared, and stunned, then found that the phone fell to the ground, and immediately squatted to pick up the phone .

But before I even had time to dial, the phone rang and shocked An Zhen.

See the caller ID and pick up immediately: "Hey, Dad."

"Hey, where are you?"

"I am in the inpatient department's rooftop..." Anzhen told the father what happened, and finally asked: "Dad, is this a direct warning or how to solve it?"

Wen Yan, Gu Ning brows slightly, do not understand what is meant by An Zhen, do not call the police and how to solve it!

"What? Is this happening? You are all right!" An Father heard, scared and jumped out.

"Dad, I am fine now." An Zhen said.

"You wait, I will come over immediately, and there will be no alarm first." An's father said, Anzhen should have a good voice and hang up.

Gu Ning had a good ear, so I naturally heard what Ann said. After Anzhen hangs up the phone, Gu Ning is puzzled and asks: "Why not call the police?"

"Because of the alarm, the whole hospital knows that something happened in the hospital, which will make everyone panic and have a bad influence." An Zhen explained.

When I heard that, Gu Ning felt that it was, and I didn’t say anything.

An Zhen said again: "However, Yang Lan will definitely be sent to the police station, but it is only sent privately. Just talking to Yang Lan, I have already recorded it, and there is his fingerprint on the gun. Become evidence."


Gu Ning couldn’t help but look at An Zhen. In the case of that crisis, she also knew to go to the recording.

"Little sister, thank you, if it weren't for you, I am afraid that I will be escaping." An Zhen thanked Gu Ning sincerely, then took out a check and a pen from his clothes, wrote it and handed it to Gu. Ning: "Little sister, I don't know how to repay you. This is a check of 500,000. I hope you can accept it."

Gu Ning looked at the check and frowned. Although she was short of money, she was not willing to accept the check.

She has her own principles. Since she takes the initiative to take the initiative, she will not ask for the other party’s remuneration. Therefore, she cannot say: "I am not saving people, so you will take back the 500,000!"

It’s very unexpected to be quiet.

However, she did not doubt whether the other party was not because of the abandonment of the 500,000, so she did not want to, but really felt her goodwill.

(End of this chapter)

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