Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 461: Cao Wenxin VS Xingbei

Chapter 461 Cao Wenxin VS Xingbei

"No, it is Wen Xinjie who returned to the city. I went back to the city of F. I haven't arrived yet. I will sit with Wen Xinjie for a while." Gu Ning said: "You! Where are you going?"

Xing Bei sat down next to Gu Ning and said, "I am going to the sea market and going to my uncle's house to go to Yuanxiao."

Although the misunderstanding between Xing Bei and Cao Wenxin has been solved, but the first bad encounter still left the two people with sequelae, and they could not look good, so no one is happy, both of them are rushing and Gu Ning Speak and dry the other party.

Gu Ning's inexplicable lying gun, speechless, did not want to participate in their battle, just excused to go to the toilet.

"I also go" Cao Wenxin immediately got up and followed Gu Ning.

"Why should you target him! Is the misunderstanding not already solved?" Gu Ning asked in confusion.

Cao Wenxin grinned: "I just see him bad."

Gu Ning: "······" Ok! you win.

The passengers who went to the sea market began to board the plane. Xing Bei and Cao Wenxin both boarded the plane, but both of them deliberately kept the distance and disliked each other.

However, ideals often run counter to reality. The two dislike each other and keep their distance, but their positions are in the first class, but they are still together.

"It's bad luck."

The two of them said in unison, and they dislike each other.

I heard each other and blinked at each other.

"Hey!" Cao Wenxin snorted with a cold voice, sat down, turned his head, did not go to see Xingbei, so as not to feel more unhappy, so is Xingbei.

At this moment, a fragrant wind rushed in the face, the next second, a soft female voice was introduced into the ears of Xingbei: "Mr., the plane is about to take off, please fasten your seat belt!"

"Thanks for reminding!"

Xingbei politely smiled, and he was going to wear a seat belt, but at this time, accompanied by this gentleness, it was like a whispering voice. The flight attendant had already squatted down and asked Xingbei to wear a seat belt: "Mr. I will help you!"

However, it was not waiting for the flight attendant to meet, Xing Bei refused politely: "No, thank you!"

Xingbei is not the first time to encounter such enthusiasm, he has nothing to know! These flight attendants saw the young and handsome young man sitting in the first class.

Rejected, the beautiful flight attendant has a hand, and there is a disappointing color in his eyes: "Excuse me, sir!"

"嗤" Cao Wenxin couldn't help but laughed, but said nothing.

The plane quickly took off. After the smoothness, the flight attendant who had just taken Xingbei seemed to be unwilling. After several times, he deliberately passed by Xingbei, but Xingbei always buried his head and read the book, and he did not pay attention to her.

Finally, when it was time to prepare drinks for the passengers, the flight attendant first came to Xingbei and asked, "Sir, what do you need to drink?"

"Coke, thank you." Xing Bei said, but did not look at the flight attendant.

Although the flight attendant was very disappointed, but because of the professional relationship, there was no obvious performance. Courtesy said: "Okay, please wait a moment!"

Soon, the flight attendant poured a cup of coffee to Xingbei.

Perhaps because of disappointment, the flight attendant forgot to ask Cao Wenxin, Cao Wenxin was upset: "Hey, mine!"

The flight attendant stunned, and this reaction: "Sorry, what does the lady need to drink?"

"Coffee" Cao Wenxin did not care about the other side, not cold and not light.

The flight attendant handed the coffee to Cao Wenxin, but when Cao Wenxin took the coffee, the plane suddenly bumped, and Cao Wenxin’s hand slipped, and the coffee fell off the hand and sprinkled on Xingbei’s body.

Cao Wenxin couldn't help but smile, but Xing Bei's face sank, and Cao Wenxin, who was looking for gloating, said with a grin: "Cao Wenxin, you are deliberate!"

Cao Wenxin did not mean to lose money. Instead, the flight attendant hurriedly apologized: "Sir, sorry, sorry, I will wipe it for you..."

Say, take out the towel, you have to go to Xing Bei to wipe.

"No, I will come by myself." Xing Bei grabbed the towel and wiped the coffee stain on his chest.

Once again, the flight attendant was even more disappointed. She also knew that there was no chance, and she dismissed her inner thoughts and left.

Xing Bei once again turned to Cao Wenxin, Cao Wenxin immediately stopped laughing, although she was gloating, but she did not want to carry this black pot, pouting, said: "I can't blame me, it is the plane's bumps."

Although Xingbei looked at Cao Wenxin unhappy, but it was not enough to hold it, so he no longer said anything and got up and walked toward the bathroom.

Because both of them don't look at each other, they have almost zero communication, and when there is no conflict, they are still very quiet.

During the period, Cao Wenxin had to go to the bathroom and had to pass through Xingbei. It was also a coincidence. When Cao Wenxin walked in front of him, the plane suddenly bumped, and Cao Wenxin went down to Xingbei. Cao Wenxin was shocked. He subconsciously reached out to the object and supported himself. However, when he reached out, he would have to resist Xingbei’s chest.

Because Xing Bei and Cao Wenxin did not deal with it, so the heart intended to complete her, she did not want her to touch herself, she would open her hand.

However, this shot, something went wrong.

Cao Wenxin's hand was photographed and the person lost support. So the whole person fell down in front of Xingbei, and the palm of his hand pressed the Xingbei's second child.

The fall of gravity made Xing Beiyi suffer, and his face changed, black and tight, and then forcefully pushed Cao Wenxin away.

"Cao Wenxin, you······" is almost a voice that is squeezed out of the teeth. Xing Bei is sore and angry, glaring at Cao Wenxin, wanting to attack her.

However, when she saw her face, Xing Bei stunned, how come there is a feeling of rapid heartbeat?

"I, I didn't mean it." Cao Wenxin was the first to hit the second child. His face was "teng" and it turned red, and his heart jumped out. He didn't care about being pushed open and hit the wall. Things, hurriedly walked towards the bathroom.

And Xingbei did not think much more, the second child hurts!

How is he so unlucky today? It’s too time for the plane to bump up. It’s bumpy when it’s bumpy. It’s not that anyone can control it, but why should he take such a hand to open her hand! It’s better to hit him than to hit the second child! It’s a hell.

Cao Wenxin came to the bathroom and looked at his face like a cooked shrimp in the mirror. He immediately opened the faucet and smacked his face with water. Because the face is too hot, I can't feel the water is cold.

The face after the cold water tapping was not as hot as before, but her heartbeat has not slowed down.

Because there was no adjustment, Cao Wenxin did not dare to go out and stayed in the toilet. This stayed for twenty minutes, and the person waiting outside the toilet was impatient, and knocked on the door.

(End of this chapter)

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