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Gu Ning said, lifted his arm, rolled up his sleeves and let Gu Man check.

Although it was winter, the temperature was not very cold, so it was not worn much. When the sleeves were caught, they went up, revealing her smooth and unarmed arms without any trace of injury.

"Yeah! Auntie, we were just playing around and didn't fight."

"Yeah yeah!"

Mu Ke and Yu Mixi also rushed forward to help Gu Ning explain.

When I heard the words of two people, Gu Man discovered that there were other people in the room. They saw that they were also wearing school uniforms, and they knew that they were Gu Ning’s classmates.

Gu Man still believes in Gu Ning, so after Gu Ning explained, he already believed. When I heard Gu Ning’s classmates say this, I believed more.

"It's not good, it's not good." Gu Man assuredly responded.

Then, Gu Man looked at the surrounding environment, which I didn't know, and I was shocked.

Gu Man’s education level is already a freshman, so it is not an ordinary woman without culture and knowledge. So when I look at it, I know that this is not a general ward, but a senior ward.

However, where can they afford to live in such a ward!

"Ningning, Mom is all right, we are still discharged from the fluid!" Gu Man said.

Gu Ning doesn't know Gu Man's thoughts! Relieved: "Mom, your head is hurt, and it is still seriously lacking in nutrition. You need to recuperate. You don't have to worry about money. I will explain it to you later."

Because there are Mu Ke and Yu Mixi, Gu Ning is not good to say.

"But ······" Where does Gu Man listen to Gu Ning, why don't she worry about the money? What is the situation in their family, is there anyone better than her?

"There is nothing. The last time I listened to you, this time you have to listen to me, wait for the doctor to say that you can leave the hospital and then leave the hospital. Do you know, I know how scared you are when you fall into a coma, If you really have something wrong, what should I do?" Gu Ning made a killer, behaved poorly, helpless, and I would see no pity, even Mu Ke and Yu Mixi were moved.

All of a sudden, Gu Man’s heart was soft and he could only compromise for a while: “Well, Mom listens to you, listens to you...”

Regardless, Gu Man is still uneasy, because the money is really a problem!

Gu Ning does not know where! But only after Mu Ke and others left, she explained with Gu Man.

In a short while, when Hao Ran came back, in addition to a few people, they even brought big bags and small bags, all of which were nutritional products, and they were all top grades.

Initially estimated, how can the value of these nutritional products be tens of thousands!

Gu Man was shocked, Gu Ning was also a bit dumbfounded: "You, how do you buy so many things!"

"Not much, boss, aunt is better than anything else, so don't worry about it!" Hao Ran was afraid that Gu Ning refused, so he quickly used Gu Man as a shield.

How can Gu Ning not know it! While helpless and crying and laughing, it is also full of emotion.

They are in good condition and not bad, so she refuses to accept it: "Okay, eat first!"

"Ningning, this ······" but Gu Man can not accept, because those things are too expensive.

Although Gu Man’s meaning, Gu Ning said: “Mom, it’s okay, they are all good friends. Do you want to refute their heart?”

"Yeah yeah! Auntie, this is our heart, you have to recover soon!" Hao Ran immediately nodded and agreed, for fear that Gu Man refused to be general, that attitude, do not mention more sincerity.

This time, Gu Man wants to refuse, he can't say it, and he is afraid of cold their hearts.

Although Hao Ran did not know when Gu Man would wake up, he still prepared a nutritious meal for Gu Man.

When everyone just had a good meal, Anzhen came and took a bunch of nutrients.

"Doctor Ann, you are here." Looking at An Zhen holding a bunch of nutrients, Gu Man is very embarrassed.

"Mr. Gu Ning, you are resting in peace of mind. If you have anything to look for, I am a friend of Gu Ning. I don't have to be polite with me. The body is the most important thing." An Zhensheng is afraid of Gu Man’s burden, affinity. Said.

"Doctor Ann, this is too much trouble for you." Gu Man is even more embarrassed.

"There is no trouble, no trouble," Ann said.

Because Anzhen had to go to work, it didn't take long for him to leave.

In the afternoon, everyone and Gu Ning were accompanying Gu Man, telling jokes from time to time, and teasing Gu Man is a smile.

Gu Man’s hospitalization did not tell anyone, including Gu Qing, for fear of their fear.


In the afternoon, Gu Ning did not come to class, which allowed Shao Feifei to find an excuse to arrange Gu Ning.

"This Gu Ning didn't come to class in the afternoon, it wouldn't be a happy trip with Hao Ran!"

"Must be it! After all, Hao Ran a few people, not a good person!" Yang Yulu followed the road.

Wu Qingya is not far behind: "It seems that the thing that Gu Ning won today is a bit tricky! Although Gu Ning is somewhat capable, but maybe it is Hao Ran who has taken care of Gu Ning, so he deliberately lost it!"

"If you have the ability, you will say in the face of Gu Ning and Hao Ran, what is the matter behind the discussion?" The loyal admirers of Gu Ning couldn't listen, and they retorted.

"That is, people do not come to class naturally, there are people, the class teacher did not say, what qualifications do some people have to say!"

"Some people just feel too good about themselves. If they have a few dollars at home, they think they are princesses."

"So! Some people have forgotten, Hao Ran is not what she can provoke."

"You······" Shao Feifei heard the words, his face was distorted, but their words really caught her, Hao Ran really is not what she can provoke.

If not, how can she dare to arrange behind her, instead of questioning it face to face!

She did not forget what Hao Ran said to her at noon!

In fact, Shao Feifei's several people in the class are unpopular. How many of them are people, they can't be clear. It’s just that people are good at life, they just don’t want to say anything, they just don’t dare to say anything.

Now most of them have already been convinced by Gu Ning, so when they heard that Shao Feifei had so arranged Gu Ning, they could not help but refute and defend Gu Ning.


After Anzhen got off work, he took a look at Gu Man.

"Doctor An, I am going to be discharged from the hospital!" Gu Man asked.

Because Gu Ning had already explained it, An Zhen said in accordance with Gu Ning: "You have to hit the head, you have to observe it for a day or two, or you will relapse, but it is very serious."

Wen Yan, Gu Man is really a little scared, if it is really serious, it will cost more money! So, it’s hard to say anything.

It’s my heart, I’m still worried about the money.

(End of this chapter)

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