Chapter 41, Amson Assistance

"Cut, don't even say it." The man said disdainfully, but the flames of the gossip in his heart did not disappear, but the more powerful.

It’s just that since he is cold, he doesn’t say anything, he’s still asking why, so since he’s good, he’s investigating himself! If this little thing can't be found by Xu Jingwei, then he is really mixed.

Gu Ning ran while taking out his mobile phone and dialing Gu Man’s phone.

Just using Gu Man’s mobile phone to call Gu Ning is a female colleague of Gu Man, and Gu Man’s relationship is not bad, Gu Ning also knows, called Wang Sufen. After Gu Man’s accident, she and the factory’s driver drove Gu Man to the hospital.

When Wang Sufen asked Gu Ning to go to the hospital, she called Gu Man’s phone and she told them where they were.

Because they were just on the road just now.

After the call was dialed, the one was picked up very quickly. Before waiting for Gu Ning to ask questions, the other party said: "Gu Ning, have you arrived? Your mother has registered this number, but because there is no money. So I was unable to arrange for hospitalization and examination, and I am now placed in a hospital bed on the first floor of the inpatient department."

Gu Ning heard the words, his face was so heavy, it was not an angry hospital. Because there was no money, he would not arrange hospitalization and examination. After all, this is the normal state. The hospital is not a relief office, so Gu Ning expressed understanding.

However, my heart was still uncomfortable because Gu Man did not receive treatment in time, and hurriedly rushed over.

At the same time, in order to get Gu Man to get the fastest and best treatment, Gu Ning got through the phone of Anzhen.

"Hello, who?" An Zhen did not call Gu Ning, but forgot to ask for it. For this reason, she was annoyed these two days!

When the phone is connected, Gu Ning will directly enter the theme: "Miss Ann, I am Gu Ning, I have something to do with your help, my mom has an accident, I have not seen her yet, I don’t know how it is, but I need it. After hospitalization and examination, can you arrange a VIP ward for me, arrange another check, and I will pay later."

Gu Ning did not know the true identity of An Zhen. He just thought that since An Zhen was a doctor in the hospital, she had a guarantee and everything was going to be faster.

Regarding the safety of Gu Man, Gu Ningxuan could not wait.

When An Zhen heard that it was Gu Ning, he was happy and wanted to complain that he had not contacted her for a few days. But when she heard that her mother had an accident, she was anxious. For Gu Ning’s request, it was Do not hesitate to be down.

"Well, where are you now?" Anzhen asked anxiously.

"I am going to the first floor of the inpatient department right now, my mother is now in the first floor aisle there." Gu Ning said.

"Okay, I will arrange it immediately, you wait a moment." After that, don't wait for Gu Ning to respond, Anzhen immediately hangs up and immediately arranges.

Soon, Gu Ning also came to the aisle on the first floor of the inpatient department and found Gu Man. She was accompanied by a woman who was similar to her age, that is, Wang Sufen.

Together with Wang Sufen, there is also a man in his early twenties who is driving with Wang Sufen to drive Gu Manlai.

"Wang Ayi" Gu Ning politely screamed, and hurriedly looked at the man.

At this time, Gu Man was still in a coma. Gu Ning couldn’t care too much. He immediately looked at Gu Man’s head with jade, except that the back of the head was swollen, and there was no other injury. Gu Ning was a little relieved. Some.

However, her current jade has a limited aura. Looking at Gu Man’s brain, she has already consumed most of her aura, and her face is also pale. Therefore, Gu Ning now has no aura to regain Gu Man’s anger.

From the rebirth to the present, Gu Ning is not as eager as this moment to hope that there is a lot of aura in her jade, so that she can save the vine.

However, at this time she can only do nothing.

However, in two or three minutes, An Zhen has already found Gu Ning, and also brought a few male doctors.

"Gu Ning, the ward has been arranged, there is an inspection device in the VIP ward, go directly to the ward!" An Zhen said, and then immediately signaled the male doctor to push the bed of Man.

Wang Sufen heard the words and was shocked and wide-eyed.

Gu Manjia's conditions, she knows best, is hospitalization, afraid that even the cost can not afford to pay, this time, actually want to live in the VIP ward?

But even if you are curious, it is not easy to ask.

"Aunt Wang, thank you for sending my mother to the hospital. I am not good at hosting you now. If you want to go to work, go back first! Go back and wait for my mother to wake up. Let us thank you again." Gu Ning looks at Wang Sufen and Said the man.

The so-called good thank you, nothing more than to ask them to have dinner and give a gift.

"Gu Ning, you don't have to be too polite. Now your mother's body is important. If you take good care of her, then we will go back first." Wang Sufen said, he left with the driver.

Gu Ning and others just entered the ward, the phone rang, it was Mu Ke.

The taxis that Mu Ke took a few people did not catch up with Gu Ning, so he was late for ten minutes.

"Boss, where are you, we went to the hospital." Mu Ke asked anxiously.

"The seventh floor of the inpatient department, V08 ward." Gu Ning said, she hang up the phone, she is anxious to look at Gu Man, there is no extra time to say other.

When I heard the V08 ward, Mu Ke stunned and subconsciously suspected that he was wrong. It turned out to be a VIP ward.

However, he was sure that he had not heard the mistake. No matter what question he had in his mind, it was not a time of doubt. So when he learned the ward number, he hurried away.

Gu An’s personal inspection of Gu Man, Gu Ning stood and watched, although worried, but quiet, did not bother.

Soon, Mu Ke and others came, but they saw that Gu Man was being examined and did not go in immediately, afraid to disturb.

"Mu Ke, what's the matter? How is Gu Ning's mother in the VIP ward?" Before coming to the ward, Mi Chi knew that Gu Ning's mother lived in the VIP ward, and she was very surprised when she knew the Gu Ning family. .

"I don't know!" Muko is also very confused.

"Why the boss's mother can't be in the VIP ward!" Hao Ran did not know Gu Ning's family situation, so he heard Muko and Yu Mixi's words, and said that they were puzzled.

Mu Ke immediately told Gu Ran's family about a few people, so that Hao Ran was very sympathetic.

As for why Gu Ning’s conditions are not good, why should I live in a VIP ward? They only want Gu Ning to let her mother get better treatment.

However, the medical expenses incurred in this way are very expensive.

"We can't let the boss carry so much medical expenses, so the medical expenses of the boss's mother, I am out." Hao Ran said very derogatory.

"Add me one"

Mu Ke and Qin Zixun and Zhang Tianping heard the words and said very derogatoryly.

Although Zhang Tianping is an orphan, but after mixing with Mu Ke and Qin Zixun, they started a bar with them! Business is very prosperous, so he is now a rich man.

(End of this chapter)

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