Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 40: I promise not to kill you.

Chapter 40, I promise not to kill you.

When I heard the city hospital, Leng Shao’s brow slightly stunned, as if wondering why she was going to the hospital, but he didn’t think much, and didn’t ask much. He said directly to the man in the driver’s seat: “Drive”

"Ah! Oh!" The man apparently was a little distracted. He heard the sound of cold and screaming and reacted suddenly and drove in a hurry.

There are many questions in the mind of the man. While driving, he keeps aiming at the cold and squatting with his eyes, and constantly licking Ning from the rearview mirror.

This female student looks pretty good, it is too small, it should not be the type that cold and young people like!

"Take your car well", the sound of cold and cold, and the sound of the cold voice, scared the man to rush to pay attention to driving, but my heart is still constantly wondering, what is the relationship between this female student and Leng Shaoluo, but he I dare not ask!

At this time, Gu Ning's mobile phone rang, Gu Ning picked up the phone, did not say anything, there was a voice of Mu Ke worried: "Boss, who car you got, safe!"

Mu Ke and others just caught up and saw Gu Ning on a black Masalati.

A few people who knew the value of the car suddenly felt shocked, and could sit on the car, but it was not rich and expensive!

Although knowing that Gu Ning was on the car, he was sure to know each other, but Mu Ke still called Gu Ning uneasy and wanted to confirm.

"It's okay, you can go back to school first!" Gu Ning said.

"No, we have to go see the aunt, or we are not at ease. Well, just like this, we see the hospital." Mu Ke refused to go back to school, fearing that Gu Ning would not let them follow, Mu Ke would not wait for Gu Ning to respond. I just hanged the phone directly.

Gu Ning also knows that they are kind, so they are not insisting.

Leng Shaoluo and the man have excellent ear pressure. Even if they didn't listen to it, they heard the voice on the other side of the phone clearly. They immediately knew that Gu Ning was so anxious because her mother had an accident.

"Is there any need to help?" Cold and Shaoxuan suddenly opened his mouth, but the man was scared to turn the steering wheel and almost hit the car in front. Fortunately, his technique was good and did not cause a major disaster.

But this is no wonder that he, who let the cold and cold, who have always been indifferent, take the initiative to ask for help, which is too shocking for him.

Leng Shao took a look at him and scared the man to concentrate on driving immediately, but he also secretly prayed that Leng Shao did not say anything to scare him.

Gu Ning did not care. For the good intentions of Leng Shaolu, he was polite and refused: "Thank you, no."

Since Gu Ning said this, Leng Shaolu naturally would not ask again. He was not an enthusiastic person, helping her, just to see that she also helped her.

It’s just cold and awkward but neglected. Gu Ning’s help for him is just a transaction. He doesn’t owe her anything.

At the same time, the third high school school forum has been beaten by Gu Ning alone to win the video of Hao Ran.

After Hao Ran went to the book of Gu Ning, many people paid attention to this matter.

Last night, Gu Ning took over Hao Hao’s essays, and the time and place of their duel were slammed into the forum, so many people said that they would go to the football field to watch the game at one o'clock.

But who can think of it, not at all, the matter is over.

It was not the time and place that broke out on the forum, and the results also shocked everyone.

Almost 80% of the people are not optimistic about Gu Ning, I feel that Gu Ning will lose. Ten percent of the people said they were neutral and had half of the winning and losing attitudes on both sides. Another 10% expressed their belief in Gu Ning, because Gu Ning looked at the video of the canteen, Gu Ning really has the true ability, and Gu Ning is very confident.

Because not everyone is self-confident when others are self-confident.

The result was that Gu Ning won, and it turned out that Gu Ning won, and it only took a few minutes, it really made people stunned!

"I rub, say good at the football field! How long has it been until the end?"

"That is, we didn't have to look at it. The person who broke the time and place, you come out, I promise not to kill you."

"Come out, I want to talk to you about life."

"Come out, come out..."

In fact, at the moment, the person who broke the time and place last night was also deeply sad, because he did not see the battle with his own eyes!

His heart, that hate!

"This result is also incredible. Gu Ning alone won the three people of Hao Ran? Who can tell me, is this true?"

"I am going to go there. It must be that the way my computer is turned on is not correct. I will restart it first."


"I have already fallen under the pomegranate skirt of Gu Ning's classmates. It's so handsome, is there wood?"

"There are some! There is only one trick, just throw Zhang Tianping to the ground, too handsome."

"There is still, that one flip, it's so cool."


Of course, some people said that they worshiped Gu Ning, and some people expressed doubts.

"It won't be Hao Ran, they let Gu Ning! I still don't believe that a girl from Gu Ning can win Hao Ran."

"Yes! It is also doubtful."


As soon as the voice of doubt came out, a large wave of worshippers had fallen under the Gu Ning pomegranate skirt.

"The eyes of the suspected people are all stunned. Laozi was there at the time. It was very real. It was a real fight! If you don’t believe it, you have a skill and you have a fight with Gu Ning. Is it true or not? Do you know it?"

"That is, people who don't have the ability to make such a cool flip?"

"Now Hao Ran has already confessed to Ning Wei, you questioned Gu Ning, that is, questioning Hao Ran three people, be careful to get into trouble. At that time, the four classes were Shao Feifei students who expressed doubts and almost got beaten."

It is said that the students who expressed doubts suddenly disappeared. For Hao Ran, they are still afraid.

"No, I am going to confess to the goddess and ask for good luck."

"Good luck, don't be too bad."

"Good luck, actually I want to watch a movie."

"Good luck, sit and wait for the results."

"good luck······"

Although it is good luck, it is a taste of gloating.

For these, Gu Ning has no intention to care about it.

It took half an hour to get the man to arrive in twenty minutes, although it was fast, but it was stable.

After Gu Ning thanked Leng Shaolu, he immediately got off the bus and hurried to the clinic.

The Hummer has not left yet, and the cold and the man have been watching Gu Ning's back.

"Less, who is this female student! I have never seen you take the initiative to help people." The man finally couldn't help but ask for his voice. If he didn't figure it out, he was uncomfortable!

"Let's go!" Cold and less, but nothing to say, just said.

(End of this chapter)

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