Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 39: Gu Man has an accident

Chapter 39 Gu Man has an accident

Chen Ziyao and Zhang Yiming and Fu Mingliang were also unwilling to give birth to a hint of jealousy. Gu Ning not only had a strong skill, but now there is Hao Ran’s support. I don’t know if I will retaliate against them and humiliate her.

Think about it, it makes people feel uneasy.

Qin Qin, the mood is very complicated, seeing Gu Ning become so amazing, he regretted breaking up with her.

However, if he thinks a little more, he doesn't think about it. Because Gu Ning is changing again, she is a poor family girl who has no family life. She does not say that she will not help him get any help, and he will lose face.

When he left, Gu Yu immediately took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Gu Man. It was a photo of several Gu Ning and people fighting.

Visually, they are all played by Gu Ning.

Gu Mangang had a good meal in the cafeteria and went downstairs. When he heard the text message, he took out his mobile phone and looked at it. Although the mobile phone is a cheap old man machine, it still receives photos.

When Gu Man saw the picture on the mobile phone, he was scared to be soft, and when he stood still, he fell off the stairs and hit his head.

On the side of Gu Ning, after moving away from people, Hao Ran opened a comic mode, a boss, like the original Mu Ke, very diligent.

"Boss, since we are all your younger brothers, then do you also teach us a few tricks! In this way, we can be your right assistant in the future!"

"Yeah yeah! Boss, you are really amazing. Usually we can play seven or eight, but before you go, three can't win you, and you can't beat a few strokes."

"Boss ······"

Hao Ran was awkward, and he was very uncomfortable, but he was not unhappy.

And seeing the few people who were just full of ambition and arrogance, they now have to look at the horses and sway the pony, and Mu Ke and Yu Mixi have a sense of honor and disgrace.

However, for these people who were disrespectful to Gu Ning, Mu Ke was still somewhat worried.

"Hey! Some people are not very prestige? How do you become a sneak peek?" Mu Ke said, yin and anger.

Wen Yan, Hao Ran, a few people face a stiff, flashing color, but also know that Mu Ke is dissatisfied with their attitude towards Gu Ning, so they did not care about Mu Ke.

Hao Ran walked to Mu Ke's side, and a buddy sat on Mu Ke's shoulder and said: "The so-called is not to know each other! The past is past, after that we are brothers, use the place to get my Haoran , despite the opening."

"Yes! Yes!" Qin Zixun and Zhang Tianping also echoed.

Mu Keben did not really have their anger. He also knew that since they recognized Gu Ning as the boss, they were their own people and they did not want to get stiff.

And the other party showed it, and he did not have the right and the right to pursue it.

"Mich is a child, there is no military power, and she will take care of her in the future." Gu Ning said.

"Okay, no problem." The words, everyone immediately patted the chest and said no problem.

Although Mi Xi was a little embarrassed, but did not refute.

Gu Ning is not prepared to eat any big meal, it is just a simple hot pot.

However, when I just went outside the store and was planning to go in, Gu Ning’s cell phone rang.

Yu Mixi and Mu Ke saw a slight glimpse of Gu Ning’s mobile phone.

Because they know the conditions of Gu Ning's family, the mobile phone used before was an old man's machine of a few hundred dollars, but now it has changed the mobile phone, and if you look at that brand, you know that it is not cheap.

Hao Ran did not know the conditions of Gu Ning, so there was no idea.

The phone was called by Gu Man, Gu Ning picked up.

However, when I heard the voice at the end of the phone, Gu Ning’s face suddenly changed and became pale. When the voice came, it hanged.

"Boss, what's wrong?" The crowd saw Gu Ning's look and changed, knowing that something bad happened, and asked with concern.

"My mother fell from the stairs and fell into a coma. Now I am sent to the city hospital. I have to go and see, you can eat it yourself!" Gu Ning did not hide it. Just said, he left a few people and flew. Going to the hospital to go to the hospital.

"Boss ······" Several people reacted, Gu Ning has gone far.

"Go, let's look at it." Mu Ke said, and hurriedly chased it. Hao Ran did not hesitate and immediately followed.

The mother of the boss has an accident, how can they not go there!

At this time, one or two black Maserati came and there were two men sitting in the car.

Leng Shaolu sat on the co-pilot and frowned slightly, saying that he felt a little intolerant of someone on the driver's seat, but he did not interrupt.

"Less, this thing will let the fourth child deal with it! Your injury is not good, what if it is good to do something! You are not playing like this!" The driver of the driver complained. In fact, it is also for the sake of cold and low.

The man in the driver's seat was the man who helped the cold and smashed the surveillance video from the old town to the Fenghua Hall.

Today he is still a casual dress, white, very sunny and handsome, elegant and elegant, son.

The man does not care about the indifference of cold and sorrow, and continues to linger: "There is not so much to do in the ordinary, but I also want to find things for myself. I don’t even give myself a holiday. You go on like this, there are girls like it. It’s strange.”

Far away, the cold and stunned eyes fell on the sidewalk of a girl in a school uniform, and was anxiously hitting the car.

At first glance, Leng Shaolu felt that the figure of this girl was somewhat familiar.

After approaching, the cold and the younger recognized the other party, the subconscious voice: "parking"

The man who was still chattering was interrupted by a sudden voice, and he was slightly shocked, and also subconsciously braked, just stopped in front of Gu Ning.

"What's wrong?" the man asked in confusion, but he did not get the answer from Leng Shaohao. He saw that his window had already been shaken and shouted to the outside: "Get on the bus"

Originally, Gu Ning saw the other party's car parked in front of him, blocked his own taxi, was preparing to remove, and heard a slightly familiar male voice came.

When Gu Ning saw it, it was a slight glimpse when he saw the man who was injured that night.

However, she heard the other person's words clearly. Obviously, the other party is going to send herself.

At this time, Gu Ning was in a hurry and did not have any feelings. He opened the door directly and got on the bus.

The man in the driver's seat has been stunned, and the cold and the younger let him park, just to let the female student get on the bus.

However, who is she! Why didn’t he know that this little creature, who is not close to a woman, would know such a beautiful female student.

"City hospital, thank you." Knowing that the other party wants to send her, so Gu Ning is not polite to report the location.

(End of this chapter)

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