Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 36: Confidence or conceit

Chapter 36 is self-confident or conceited

"Gu Ning, come out."

When the class teacher came, he called Gu Ning out. Without guessing, Gu Ning knew that it was because of the matter tonight.

When Gu Ning just went out, the class teacher asked, the tone was very bad, and he still angered in his eyes: "What is going on in the cafeteria? Why do you want to hurt people? Why do you have to agree to Hao Ran of the seven classes? The challenges of Qin Zixun and Zhang Tianping, do you know that this matter is now a big problem, not only for you, but also for our class."

For the teacher's questioning and anger, Gu Ning is not angry, but calmly explained: "The teacher, the cafeteria thing, is a class of Gu Yu humiliated me first, not only humiliating me, but also humiliating my mother, this Gas, how can I endure it? As for Hao Ran, if I refuse, will they be willing to give up? I am afraid that the trouble will continue in the future, it would be better to solve it once."

For Gu Ning's situation, Zhang Qiuhua knows, and Gu Ning is often excluded, she also knows, but she has nothing to worry about, she does not care.

Gu Ning will resist, it is forgiven.

Although she felt that she had been there, there was nothing wrong with it, so she could not say anything.

However, Gu Ning promised Hao Ran to challenge this matter, Zhang Qiuhua still could not accept: "Gu Ning, can you win a girl with three boys? And, if you fight, you have to be punished, and our class should be criticized."

Wen Yan, Gu Ning is a bit wrong, she neglected the fight to be subject to the punishment, but also to the class to say criticism.

"But I have already promised, if I repent, Hao Ran will retaliate against me." Gu Ning said in a dilemma.

"You······ I am going to be mad at you." Zhang Qiuhua is mad at me. Although this incident is due to Gu Ning, Hao Ran is still the main reason, so she can’t Blame Gu Ning.

But if Gu Ning repents and is retaliated by Hao Ran, she will also be uneasy, she is not so cold and ruthless.

If Hao Ran really wants revenge, then the school can't stop it.

"Teacher, you see, or else, I am going to the school with Hao Ran, so I won't be punished." Gu Ning said.

"You······" Zhang Qiuhua is still angry: "Gu Ning, why are you so ignorant, you are so sure to win Hao Ran? You are not afraid of your own trouble, your mother worried? You If you are injured, can you get medical expenses based on your family's conditions?"

Although Zhang Qiuhua’s words are sharp, they are not meant to be humiliating, but to Gu Ning.

Gu Ning also knows, so he is not angry, but also confidently said: "Teacher, I am sure to win Hao Ran, really."

Despite this, Zhang Qiuhua really can't believe it, but he also knows that this matter will not be pursued: "Hello you!"

After all, Zhang Qiuhua no longer cares about Gu Ning, leaving with anger.

Gu Ning shrugged helplessly and returned to the classroom.

Although the students in the classroom listened to Zhang Qiuhua’s remarks on Gu Ning, but Zhang Qiuhua’s voice was not loud, they did not hear it. I saw Zhang Qiuhua’s face anger and then left.

What they don't understand is that Gu Ning is very calm from beginning to end, and feels sad and scared without being reprimanded.

When Gu Ning entered the classroom, most of the classmates’ eyes were on her face, trying to show her a flower.

Because the class teacher left, the class was not so quiet. After all, it was not a top class, and most of the students were not conscious.

"Hey, Gu Ning, are you really sure to win Hao Ran?" The male student sitting at the front desk of Gu Ning turned and asked in disbelief.

"Yes, yeah! And one is three, you are too powerful!" Another male student said, look with a bit of worship.

"There is no temper, but I don't know if I have the ability." Some people disdain the cold water.

"Yes, I see! Hanging." Another splash of cold water.


Most of the arguments of the classmates were distrustful of Guan Ning and splashing cold water. Gu Ning did not feel anything, but Mi Mi could not help it. The first time he retorted: "I believe Gu Ning , I will definitely win."

Gu Ning heard the words, the mouth was slightly raised, very good, and Mickey had improved.

"Cut, you believe, you can really win if you believe it!" A classmate dismissed disdainfully.

"Yes! I don't believe it." One classmate said.

"Can you win tomorrow at noon? Do you know it now? Are you negating now, isn't it too early? Be careful to be beaten tomorrow." Yu Mixi said with disappointment.

When the words came out, the negative voice gradually disappeared, but there was still no intention, but at this time the class teacher went back and returned, and the students who wanted to pour cold water did not have the opportunity to pour.

Gu Jia, a princess-like dream room, Gu Yu, a pink nightdress, kneeling on a pink bed, holding a mobile phone, watching the video from Chen Ziyao, sorry that he was not present.

Gu Yu and Chen Ziyao's reaction is almost the same. They feel very uncomfortable about Gu Ning's self-confidence, but they don't believe that Gu Ning is the opponent of Hao Ran. Therefore, she is now gloating in her heart.

At this moment, she couldn't wait until tomorrow at noon to see for her own misery.

Also, she waited for Gu Ning and her apologize, she must be embarrassed to care for Ning. If Gu Ning does not apologize, or does not let her be satisfied, then she must let her grandmother drive their mother and daughter out of the old house.

The next morning, Gu Yu deliberately waited for Gu Ning at the stairway. He wanted to take the opportunity to ridicule her, but after waiting for a long time, she did not see Gu Ning, and she almost polished her patience.

"I am going to read it early, Gu Ning is still not coming, it will not be afraid, I am afraid to come to school today!" Gu Yu guessed.

"Who knows!" Chen Ziyao also said no.

When I read it early in two minutes, Gu Ning appeared, and there were Mu Ke and Yu Mixi.

Seeing Mu Ke, Gu Yu and Chen Ziyao were even more dissatisfied with Gu Ning, because Mu Ke had always been with them all the time, but now he and Gu Ning all the way.

Moreover, Mu Ke's family is better than them, so they still have a good heart for Mu Ke, but Mu Ke turned to face them for Gu Ning.

When I saw Gu Yu and Chen Ziyao, I knew that the visitors were not good, so Mu Ke and Yu Mixi did not look good, but Gu Ning was the most calm.

"Gu Ning, I heard that you have to fight with the seven classes of Taoyuan three at noon, but also a dozen, it seems that the courage is quite big, but also very confident! Just do not know whether it is true self-confidence, or conceited?" Sneer and sarcasm.

(End of this chapter)

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