Chapter 34 Forum Storm

Being as smart as Gu Ning, naturally I heard that there was something in Gu Man’s words, and it’s true that Gu Yu said something that should not be said.

"Mom, I know that Gu Yu must have said a lot of words that slandered me, but Mom, please believe me, I am not the kind of person who is not self-love." Gu Ning solemnly said.

"Well, Mom believes in you." Although Gu Man still has some concerns, she finally chose to believe Gu Ning.

After talking with Gu Man for a few words, he ended the conversation, and then several people went directly to the grove's more partial place, because in order to avoid some people bothering.

It is not a matter of time to practice martial arts. Even if Mu Ke has learned a few moves and techniques yesterday, he needs to be steady and steady. So, today Mu Ke and Gu Ning are repeating this move yesterday.

In Mi Xi, because there is no foundation, it is impossible to play directly. Gu Ning will let her step forward.

The three people who are practicing martial arts, Gu Ning, do not know that this time the campus forum caused a small sensation about her post. It was just happened in the cafeteria. It was photographed and uploaded.

"I rub, this is not true! This plate is too cool to throw."

"There is still a table, there are a few dozens of pounds, even if it is very hard to move, this female classmate even pulled it gently, and moved."

"There is the plate, it is broken with a punch."

"This is not something that ordinary people can do, so I decided that this female student may be a master of martial arts."

"Wulin master? You got it, martial arts novels have seen more! But I have to say that this female classmate has absolutely real effort."

"I wiped, this female classmate I have seen. Yesterday in the woods, I was fighting with a male student. The male student was tall and tall, but there was no room for the female classmate to fight back. I originally wanted to shoot. I went down to the forum, but I was discovered by the female classmate. I was scared by a word and almost ran away, fleeing and fleeing."

"Upstairs, ask for advice, what the other party said!"

"Yes, yeah! Wait online, urgent."


"The other party said: "No, you and I fight. Mom, I am a small body, and fight with her, isn't it looking for abuse? I am scared to escape."

When this was said, it caused a laugh and a ridicule.

There is praise, and nature is also smashed.

"Cut, what's great! Show it."

"That is, people are now! Want to be famous and want to be crazy."

"Isn't it? I have the ability to ask her to go to Chu Peihan in the third and second class to see who is amazing!"


Being smashed, those who truly worship Gu Ning are unhappy and immediately fight back.

"The eyes of the people who say the show are all stunned. If you have the ability to throw a plate and watch it turn, you can't be allowed. If you have the ability, you can pull the table and watch it move?"

"Yes, don't know, don't worry, be careful."

"I don't think they don't know, but they envy and hate. They don't want others to be good, so they go to smash people."

"The same feeling, some women's heart is really strong, all day in the palace. The brothers shine their eyes, how many girls are far away from this kind of girl, or bitter is still their own."

"Yes, yes, I would rather play bachelor, and don't want green tea."

"plus 1"


"Plus 10086"

The male compatriots were poisoned, and some of the smashed female compatriots soon disappeared, but they secretly moved their anger to Gu Ning.

However, at this time, a comment caught everyone's attention.

"Is it very powerful? Well, my Hao San, who is in the third and seventh classes, is here to give the female classmate a post, knowing the information of the female classmate."

Suddenly, a stone stirred up a thousand waves.

Hao Ran of the High School and the Seventh Class, that is the man of the school! However, it is notorious.

Fighting, making troubles, compared with Chu Peihan, it is almost beyond it. If there is also a strong background, it has already been expelled from school.

This time, Gu Ning stalled.

Those who had just smashed Gu Ning immediately started to squat.

Soon, Gu Ning’s identity was also revealed.

Ming knows that Gu Ning is in trouble and needs to burst out. Obviously, this person who broke the identity of Gu Ning is extremely annoyed by Gu Ning and can’t wait for Gu Ning to have an accident.

For Hao Ran to go to Gu Ning's post, some people worry about Gu Ning, some people expect, some people are gloating.

Soon, many people gathered outside the high school and four classes, including Qin Yu, Zhang Yiming, Fu Mingliang and Chen Ziyao, all of whom came to Gu Ning. No, it should be directed at Hao Ran and Gu Ning.

This incident, the most proud of it, belongs to Qin Yu and his party and Shao Feifei and his party.

If Gu Yu knows it, he will be very sorry. Because he went home, he could not see the things that Gu Ning was found.

In the corridor, the three boys who are leaning against the fence are most obvious, not because they look good, but because there are no people close to them, so they are most conspicuous.

Although these three male growth phases are not outstanding, they are not bad, but their manners are arrogant and arrogant. At first glance, they know that they are bad teenagers.

"Haul, you said, is this Gu Ning afraid, so I dare not come?" The person who spoke came from the three prominent boys, the boys standing on the right.

Seeing that I had been in the self-study time for a few minutes, I haven’t seen Gu Ning’s figure yet. I’m afraid of it!

"Oh! Even if you have escaped the first day, you can't hide from fifteen, unless she doesn't come to school later." The boy in the middle, that is, Hao Ran said disdainfully.

"Then we still have to wait? There are still a few minutes to study in the evening." The boy standing on the left said.

"Wait, why don't you wait, maybe she just waited until the evening to study, thinking that we are not here!" Hao Ran said.

When Gu Ning just got out of the stairs, he saw many people outside the four classes.

In this case, what is going on is definitely happening.

But no matter what happened, I was going to study at night, and Gu Ning and Yu Mixi naturally passed.

Mu Ke and Gu Ning's class is not a direction, but because of curiosity, they followed Gu Ning.

When Gu Ning entered, he was immediately discovered.

The person who knows Gu Ning is Chen Ziyao’s eye. When he sees Gu Ning, he can’t wait to speak: “Yeah! Gu Ning, isn’t this coming back? Who said she was afraid! She can be amazing!”

It seems to be touting Gu Ning's words, but it is actually pushing her to the wind and the waves. The more she said that Gu Ning is so powerful, it makes Hao Ran unhappy. At that time, Gu Ning will suffer more.

When Gu Ning appeared, Chen Ziyao would open the phone directly, take this video, and pass it to Gu Yu.

Upon listening to this, Gu Ning knew that the visitor was not good, but Gu Ning thought that it was Chen Ziyao and others who came to her trouble.

(End of this chapter)

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