Chapter 22 Bad Girls

He is seeing it, Chu Peihan is on the side of Gu Ning, and then he will only make things big, and Gu Yu and Chen Ziyao will never get any benefit.

"But, Gu Ning hit the son Yao······" Gu Yu is not willing.

When Qin Hao wanted to speak, he was robbed by Gu Ning: "That is because she should fight. If there is another time, it is not as simple as a slap."

Said, a pair of cold eyes looked toward Chen Ziyao, shocked Chen Ziyao trembled, and felt the feeling of being placed on the neck by the knife, always piercing her body, so that Chen Ziyao was jealous of Gu Ning. It is.

"Gu Ning, we are walking." Fear, but did not want to bow, Chen Ziyao forced to calm down, Gu Ning put down the words, and then took Gu Yu left.

To say that it is to leave, it is more like a flee.

A few people in Qinhuang looked at Gu Ning in a complicated look, and then followed.

I thought in my heart, Gu Ning, it’s really different.

When Gu Ning saw it, he just sneered and didn't care, sitting back in his seat.

When everyone saw that the parties were gone, they naturally dispersed.

However, some people did not mean to disperse. Instead, they sat down directly to Gu Ning: "Hungry, how have you not served yet!"

Of course, the tone is not at all polite.

Of course, Gu Ning does not care.

However, because Mi Xi was afraid of Chu Peihan, she became uneasy after she sat down.

At the same time, I am also puzzled. Has Chu Peihan not only been targeting Gu Ning? Now it seems that it seems that it is not the same thing!

"Let's let them go, it's too cheap for them. I want to say it! You should just slap the beats of them, so you don't remember the lesson. Next time you come to find the cockroaches." Uncomfortable to say, for the thing that Gu Ning easily let go of them, Chu Peihan felt that he was not relieved at all, and even Gu Ning could not see it.

Gu Ning's mouth couldn't help but pumped it. This Chu Peihan was really unscrupulous and often beaten the bad girl who was making troubles.

However, Gu Ning does not reject Chu Peihan's statement, or practice, but she is not 17 or eight years old, and is easily impulsive. Her soul is a twenty-five-year-old adult woman, and her heart is naturally more stable.

Of course, it would not be impossible to beat her up and beat this kind of thing.

After all, she is not a Virgin.

"I have to pay for medical expenses when I am beaten! My family can't allow me to lose like this." Gu Ning said.


Wen Yan, Chu Pei Han a glimpse, this only remembered, Gu Ning's conditions are very poor, is to allow her not to defeat the family, could not help but flash.

However, how to listen to this way makes her feel interested in it! Is she saying that she is defeated by Chu Peihan? Because she has to pay for medical expenses every time she hits someone.

Ok! She is indeed losing, but who makes someone always look so long, come to her.

At this time, the meal came, Chu Peihan no longer mentioned this topic, and directly ate it.

Three dishes and one soup, three people to eat, is enough.

And Qin Hao and others, because Chen Ziyao was beaten, the face is red and swollen, need to go to the infirmary to see, so this meal can not eat.

After eating a good meal, there is still a long time to go to the afternoon class.

Because of the academic shortage in the third year of high school, many high school students went back to the classroom to read books as soon as they had time.

However, Gu Ning does not have to use free time to read books, so he does not intend to return to the classroom.

"You are going back to the classroom to read a book, or go and sway with me." Gu Ning asked.

"Don't read books with me, I have a headache. I still have time to sway and sway!" When he mentioned reading, Chu Peihan immediately expressed his disapproval.

Yes! When she has no time, she will skip class and play. If she doesn't play when she has time, it is simply a violent thing.

I have to say that Chu Peihan is really a wonderful thing, so I hate learning, but the results are still very good.

Some people learn to study and study all day long, but the results are not satisfactory.

In fact, reading such things requires a flexible mind and a flexible understanding, rather than memorizing and reading dead books.

And Chu Peihan is the kind of flexible and knowable.

Of course, when Chu Peihan also has the ulterior motive to learn, it is not possible to rely on the flexibility of the mind and know how to work.

"I am going to sway with you too!"

Although Mi Mi is very hard to learn, he will not be able to soak in books as soon as he has time.

And Mickey's performance is not bad, in the class is also the top ten. If you follow the normal play, there is still a lot of hope for a college.

Therefore, Mi Xi will also combine the appropriate work and rest.

So the three went to the woods and swayed.

Although Chu Peihan was there, Yu Mixi felt very uncomfortable, but because he did not feel the evil of Chu Peihan, he gradually became less afraid.

In fact, for the fear of Mi Xi to Chu Peihan, Gu Ning felt it, but she did not say anything.

Because she wants Mickey to try to feel, judge and fit in person.

Although Chen Ziyao went to the infirmary and wiped the swelling drug, it did not work so quickly. Chen Ziyao looks like a faceless person, as long as he takes a leave to go home.

The rest time at noon soon passed, and when it was time for class, the three went back.

Every time Gu Ning enters the classroom, he will feel a lot of disdainful eyes, but this time, the disdainful eyes are less.

They were not only threatened by the actions of Gu Ning to Shao Feifei this morning, but also the things in the cafeteria. They also heard about it, so it was confirmed that Gu Ning was really changed.

Of course, some people still think that Gu Ning has changed, but he has continuously offended people who should not be offended. The consequences are afraid of trouble.

Gu Ning doesn't care what others think of her, as long as she doesn't provoke her.

Get rid of her, then don't blame him for being unkind.

Shao Feifei's eyes of a few people are still so red fruits, but they are hiding when Gu Ning looks away.

The afternoon class also passed quickly. After school, Gu Ning still went to eat with Ximi.

This time, I did not meet Qin Hao and others, but I met Mu Ke.

When Mu Ke saw Gu Ning, his eyes brightened and he was so excited that he ran towards her.

"Gu Ning, it’s so good! I invite you to dinner." Mu Ke said diligently.

“Why should I ask for dinner?” Gu Ning asked, she could not be familiar with Mu Ke!

However, seeing Mu Ke’s diligent appearance, Gu Ning knew that there must be something.

Mu Ke was embarrassed to grab the head, but he did not hide it. He said directly: "Actually, I saw you with a hand yesterday and I feel that you are hidden. So, I would like to ask you to teach me a few tricks."

Although Mu Ke does not like to fight, but it is a martial art, especially in the martial arts drama, those martial arts styles, simply handsome.

(End of this chapter)

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