Chapter 21 canteen storm

What makes Qin Qin puzzled is that what is the relationship between Chu Peihan and Gu Ning? Listening to Chu Peihan and Gu Ning’s speech is always a mocking and disgusting tone, not like a friend.

However, it has turned to Gu Ning to speak.

In fact, he is also not sure, Chu Peihan is to help Gu Ning to speak, or deliberately targeted him.

If he said that he was against him, he did not know himself. He was offended by Chu Peihan!

However, Gu Yu and Chen Ziyao did not know that Chu Peihan had helped Gu Ning to speak in the morning, so he heard Chu Peihan’s tone and directly concluded that Chu Peihan was looking at Gu Ning’s joke.

Because Gu Yu and Chen Ziyao believe that Gu Ning itself is a joke, destined to be bullied.

As for whether they will be friends or not, Gu Yu and Chen Ziyao do not have this idea directly, because this is simply impossible for them.


Because in the identity of Chu Peihan, will you see Gu Ning, a poor girl? Willing to be friends with her? Do not make jokes.

Although they are not aware of the identity of Chu Peihan, I heard that it has something to do with the principal.

Not only Gu Yu and Chen Ziyao think that Chu Peihan is looking at Gu Ning's jokes. In addition to Qin Yu's doubts, others feel that Chu Peihan is looking at Gu Ning's jokes.

In the heart of Mi Xi, he was worried about Gu Ning, but he did not dare to say anything, and he only secretly worried.

"No way, who makes me look better than them!" Gu Ning said very helplessly, as if she was beautiful, she was troubled.

"噗嗤" When this word came out, someone immediately sneered out, Zhang Yiming.

Zhang Yiming looked at Gu Ning with contempt and said ridiculously: "Gu Ning, you dare to say it! Beautiful? I don't see it. It's very obvious that the poorness is so good."

"That is, if you are a poor woman, the ghost will be embarrassed!"

Gu Yu and Chen Ziyao also immediately agreed. Although they really did not like her because they were more beautiful than them, they could not understand her and bully her, but they would not admit it.

Everyone doesn't know if Gu Yu and Chen Ziyao are not able to go with her because they are more beautiful than them, but Gu Ning is more beautiful than Gu Yu and Chen Ziyao. This is what most people think.

Therefore, everyone did not have much dislike of Gu Ning's words. Of course, there are still a small number of people who are uncomfortable and disgusted.

Gu Ning is not annoyed, but said innocently: "Otherwise, why are you so ignorant of me? I have not done anything that hurts the world, and I have no innocence with you, if it is not because Hey, I look better than them, what is it?"

Gu Ning inadvertently reveals a cute expression, so that everyone who just saw it waited for a while to see it, including Qin Yu.

Gu Ning is the beauty of the embryo, but because of the inferiority of the inferiority, always the look of unassuming, even if it is beautiful, it can not be appreciated.

However, Gu Ning is full of self-confidence, and it has an attractive temperament that people can't help but pay attention to.

This time, let more people think that Gu Yu and Chen Ziyao are because Gu Ning looks better than them, so hey, he and Gu Ning can't go.

After a pause, I seem to think of something, and said: "Oh! Yes, Chen Ziyao said, I am a poor family girl, so I was bullied and not qualified to resist and refute. But I don't understand, I am poor, I am obstructing. What happened to her?"

Gu Ning said calmly, no excitement, no anger, no hatred, as if the person being targeted is not her.

When I heard Gu Ning’s words, everyone’s impressions of Gu Yu and Chen Ziyao were extremely poor, and they also faintly gave birth to the anger of Gu Ning’s injustice.

What Gu Ning said, they all saw it with their own eyes and heard it, so there is no doubt about the authenticity.

All of a sudden, everyone is biased towards Gu Ning.

"That is, people are doing things that hinder her. Even if they are poor, they will not be able to go with others. This is too bullying!"

"Yeah! Ming Ming first grabs people's things, and does not allow others to hide. She thinks who she is!"

"Not only that, but also humiliating people, how is the family, what is it about her?"


"You, you······" Chen Ziyao was vomiting blood by the words of everyone, and wanted to refute, but he did not know how to refute.

Gu Yu did not know what to say at the time.

At this time, Qin Hao and Zhang Yiming Fu Mingliang did not have the meaning for Chen Ziyao.

For Chen Ziyao's loss, so many people blame themselves, if they are in the first place, it is undoubtedly pouring dirty water on themselves.

This kind of unrewarding thing, they will not do it!

"Gu Ning, what was your life in the last generation? You are poor, but it is a hindrance to others." Chu Peihan gave Gu Ning a big white eye, or a look of disgust.

"In this way, I should be rich and wealthy." Gu Ningzhen said that it is not as rich and expensive as it should be.

However, this is really a matter of time.

These words immediately caused Gu Yu’s disdain. He ridiculed: "Oh! Gu Ning, if you are poor, you still want to be rich and rich, you should not dream."

This is to say that Gu Ning can't be rich and rich all his life.

"I think it is very possible." Chu Peihan said with a slap in the face.

Yes, Chu Peihan has a kind of inexplicable feeling, Gu Ning, is not a pool of things.

"·······" Gu Yuyi, I can't think of Chu Peihan actually talking to Gu Ning, she should not taunt Gu Ning only?

"Gu Yu, don't underestimate the potential of a person. Now I am poor, but who can say that I will be poor for a lifetime! If you don't believe it, then wait and see!" Gu Ning said calmly and confidently, everyone from her. Seeing self-confidence, but not feeling conceited.

Gu Yu and Chen Ziyao did not believe, and they wanted to speak ironic, but they did not wait for them to speak. Gu Ning made another noise.

"Gu Yu, Chen Ziyao, I advise you not to provoke me in the future, otherwise, I will let you regret it, absolutely." Gu Ning looked coldly at Gu Yu and Chen Ziyao, the voice of the cold warning.

As for whether Gu Yu and Chen Ziyao can hear her warning, this is not Gu Ning's concern. If they want to die and continue to ask her for trouble, then she does not mind playing with them.

Being threatened, Gu Yu and Chen Ziyao were extremely unhappy and angry, and their self-esteem was deeply attacked: "Gu Ning, who do you think you are! Dare to dare······"

But after they finished speaking, they were stopped by Qin Lan: "Okay, don't make trouble."

Gu Yu is his Qin Qin girlfriend, so he still cares.

(End of this chapter)

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