Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 2: Reborn female student

Chapter 2 Reborn Female Student

The news said that yesterday afternoon, in a sea area of ​​the sea, a female body was found, about twenty-five years old. According to the investigation, the woman was the commercial spy killer pursued by the police today.

Seeing this news, the girl's face is still very heavy.

No one knows that the soul of the girl's body at the moment has been replaced, and it is unfortunate that it is the soul of the only female body in the news.

Yes, Tang Aining is born again.

Is it incredible? But things have happened. Even Tang Aining, who has always had a good ability, has used it for a morning to fully digest and accept.

Since God makes her reborn, she naturally can't live up to the vows before her death. If she can live, she must let Qi Ziyue and Tang Yaxin not die.

So, Qi Ziyue, Tang Yaxin, wait! Waiting for her to come to revenge, and the Tang family who killed her mother and used her for so many years.

The body name reborn by Tang Aining is Gu Ning, 18 years old, born in an ordinary single-parent family, and the mother is born out of wedlock.

For this reason, the mother and daughter have always suffered from the cold eyes and humiliation of relatives, and Gu Ning is also bear the nickname of wild species.

Not only that, in school, Gu Ning was also rejected and isolated by classmates, as well as bullying. Therefore, Gu Ning has been very inferior, timid, and ill-intentioned since he was a child.

Gu Ning’s mother, Gu Man, is only a working class. Because there is no university diploma, she can only work in a factory. It is only about three or four thousand yuan a month. Life is very tight.

Gu Ning is currently attending the third year of high school in F City, and there is a multi-semester college entrance examination.

It’s just that Gu Ning’s performance is not good. It’s still a bit difficult to get to college.

To this end, relatives have a lot of ridicule, but also a good heart to persuade the Ning college entrance examination to simply find someone to marry, so as not to increase the burden of Gu Man.

However, the reason for Gu Ning's hospitalization, thinking of this incident, Tang Aining's face gradually cooled down, and the scorpion still faintly angered.

Perhaps, it is because of the same illness!

Prior to this, Gu Ning had a boyfriend who had been in contact for two months. He was a student of the top class, called Qin Wei.

Qin Lan has a handsome sunshine and learns some of the best results. His family is also good. His father is the director of the Tourism Bureau and his mother is the director of the hospital's obstetrics and gynaecology department.

Gu Ning dreams, but such a good boy will pursue himself. The most important thing is that Qin Hao is a boy who has been in love for a year. Although she felt that she could not match it, she was reluctant to refuse. After a few days of entanglement, she still agreed.

It was just yesterday that all this was a full stop.

Yesterday was Friday, and when I was out of school in the afternoon, Qin Yu met with Gu Ning. Gu Ning thought it was a date, but he didn't want it. Qin Lan appeared with Gu Yu, and when he met, Qin Yu and Gu Ning said that they broke up.

Gu Yu, Gu Ning's daughter, is only half a year older than Gu Ning, because she was instilled by her parents as a wild seed, and Gu Ning is more beautiful than her, so from childhood to age, Gu Yu has been To bully Gu Ning for fun.

"Gu Ning, Qin Hao does not like you at all. He is with you because he is betting with me. If he can catch up with you and break up after two months of communication, I promise to associate with him. Therefore, from now on, Qin Hao is my boyfriend of Gu Yu." Gu Yu said to Gu Ning proudly.

Gu Ning heard the words, shocked for a while before reacting, asked Qin: "Is it true?"

Qin Lan looked at her with a disdainful look, and the tone was full of disapproval: "That is, of course, Gu Ning, you don't really think that I will like you like a poor girl with no background in life." If you don’t want to catch up with it, I don’t even want to look at you, disgusting."

Wen Yan, Gu Ning almost could not stand.

I thought Cinderella had met Prince Charming, but I couldn’t think of it. It was just a ridiculous joke.

Gu Ning couldn't accept this fact and fled, but because he didn't pay attention to seeing the road, he had a car accident, his brain was seriously injured, his blood flowed, he was fainting on the spot, and the driver was escaping.

After waking up, she became her Tang Aining.

Just then, Tang Aining’s thoughts were interrupted by two low female voices outside the door.

"The fourth child, this is 30,000 yuan. I have saved all of my brother-in-law, but the 30,000 yuan is not enough for Ningning to do surgery." This is Gu Ning's voice of Gu Qing, the tone of concern is nothing. If you don't make a vacation, you paused and said: "If you don't, you can borrow it with your older brother!"

Although Gu Qing proposed this, but there is no hope in my heart.

"I have already called my eldest brother, but my eldest brother said that the money is a scorpion, and he has no money on him. You don't know that you are a big man. Money is her life. I want to borrow money from him. It is for her life."

Gu Man is very helpless. Several sisters in the family belong to the eldest brother Gu Qingxiang, the most wealthy, but also the most tricky, saying that it is the scorpion to manage the money, she does not know this is an excuse!

"Also, what about the three brothers?"

"The third brother said that he just bought a new house and has no deposits. So it is not good for me. It hurts Ningning to follow me. If Ningning has something to say, I don't want to." Live." Gu Manman is pain and despair.

Although Tang Ai Ning is no longer the former Tang Aining, her professionalism is still there, so even though the sound outside the door is very small, Gu Ning in the house can still hear clearly.

When I heard this, Tang Aining could not help but move.

Because she had been digesting the facts of rebirth when she woke up this morning, she did not let Gu Man know that she was waking up, but she was worried. Tang Aining had a small embarrassment in her heart.

"Oh," the door was pushed open and walked into two middle-aged women of similar age, all wearing ordinary clothes. Needless to guess, those are all dozens of goods, and they are still very old, but they are very clean and tidy.

Because of the bad conditions, they have not been maintained for many years, so their looks seem to be a few years older than the actual age, saying that they will not be suspected at the age of fifty.

"Mom, two."

Tang Aining took the lead and did not feel uncomfortable because she had completely digested the fact of rebirth.

She can accept Gu Man's mother so soon, in addition to accepting Gu Ning's memory, so that the original deep love of the mother is deeply rooted in the heart, more because of his desire for the mother, and regret.

Seeing Gu Man, she reminded her of her mother in the past, two women who were abandoned by men, but Gu Man was a little more fortunate than Tang Aining’s mother.

Although I have had a hard time, I can at least live well.

(End of this chapter)

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