Chapter 18 Gu Yu

For Gu Ning’s warnings and commitments, Mickey accepted it frankly: “Gu Ning, I will not insult the word friend.”

Yes, although Mi Xi is inferior, she is very sympathetic. Therefore, once she identifies her friend, she will not betray.

"Okay, I believe in you." Gu Ning's mouth raised a smile, this time, Gu Ning really accepted Yu Mi.

Gu Ning does not easily believe in a person, but since he believes, he will not doubt the true heart of the other party.

Of course, she will not have no reservations about her friends, but at least she will not be unfavorable to the other party. On the contrary, if the other party needs it, she can help.

Throughout the morning, Gu Ning has always felt that a few sinful eyes have fallen on her from time to time. Without guessing, Gu Ning also knows that these sinful eyes are from Shao Feifei and Yang Yulu, Wu Qingya and Yang Chengjun. .

Gu Ning also knows that Shao Feifei will not forget this thing today, but Gu Ning is not afraid, the soldiers will block, the water will cover the earth.

When I was out of school in the morning, Gu Ning and Yu Mixi went out of the classroom and went to the cafeteria to eat. Shao Feifei did not come to find it.

However, when I just walked out of the teaching building, Gu Ning was blocked by a girl.

This girl is not someone else, but one of the chief culprits who killed ‘Gu Ning’, Gu Ning’s cousin, Gu Yu.

Although Gu Yu said that there is no beautiful Gu Ning, but the five senses are still good, or else how can Qin Yu look at Gu Yu!

Of course, half of it is because Gu Yu has money at home.

Although Qin has the right and no shortage of money, but wants to do big things, that money is not enough.

For example, if you want to be promoted, you have to have money to bribe.

"Gu Ning, you are really okay." Gu Yu was filled with unwillingness and resentment. Although he saw Gu Ning being hit by a car, he was scared. He had a nightmare for two days, and she was mentally weak for two days. .

However, when Qin Qin said that Gu Ning was fine, and when he came to class, Gu Yu was relieved and felt very unwilling.

She was tortured by two days of nightmares, but Gu Ning had nothing at all, which made her feel unwilling.

I have to say that Gu Yu is really not selfish. She was tortured by nightmares. Isn't she looking for herself? If it wasn’t for her to count Gu Ning, would Gu Ning have a car accident?

"If I really have an accident, you are not afraid that I will become a ghost to come to you?" Gu Ning looked at Gu Yu with a smile and said meaningfully.

From the slightest look of Gu Yu, Gu Ning can see that Gu Yu was sure to be scared by this incident, and the two days have been uneasy.

Of course, not because of jealousy, but because of fear.

"You······" heard the words, Gu Yu changed his face, apparently being said by Gu Ning.

Although I was annoyed, I didn’t know whether it was because of the face problem or because of my guilty conscience. Gu Yu did not intend to mention this matter again, so I opened the topic: “Gu Ning, anyway, Qin Hao has never been from beginning to end. I liked you, and you are no longer a Qin Qin girlfriend. I don’t want to have any illusions about him in the future, let alone find him. In this way, you will only take your own insults."

Gu Yuyi, the victor's gesture, said this is a deliberate stimulus to Gu Ning, want to see her sad and sad look.

Unfortunately, the current Gu Ning is not the previous Gu Ning, it will not be stimulated, and there will be no sadness, but it will be disgusting.

And Gu Yu’s act is like a jumping clown in the eyes of Gu Ning.

"Oh! Such a scum man, you are rare, I feel sick when I put it down!" Gu Ningman said it was disgusting.

"What?" Gu Yu was shocked, but he did not hear clearly, but could not believe that Gu Ning would say so.

She said that she is not rare? Also said that the stickers are disgusting?

She does not believe it!

Yes, Gu Ning must be installed.

Think of it, Gu Yu feels that Gu Ning is loaded, so ironically: "Gu Ning, you deceive yourself! Do you think I will believe you?"

"Love does not believe, what do you do with me?" Gu Ning said that Gu Yu's self-perception is speechless, but there is no such thing as a leisurely carelessness.

After that, I walked directly from Gu Yu.


Gu Yuqi knot, want to chase the past and Gu Ning to fight for a result, but think that he is still waiting for Qin Yu, they can only give up to chase Ning.

After knowing it, Gu Yucai found that Gu Ning seems to be different.

Before, she was a singular look, but just now, she did not see the previous appearance from her.

Didn't the temper change after a car accident?

After walking away, Yu Mi’s time looked at Gu Ning from time to time.

"If you have anything, let's talk about it!" Gu Ning said helplessly.

In fact, Mi Xi did not say that Gu Ning also knew what she wanted to ask, but she still asked her to ask for her own export.

Yu Mixi hesitated for a few seconds, still said: "That, Gu Ning, just said that you have been in contact with Qin Hao, is it true!"

She couldn't think of it. Qin Yu and Gu Ning, two of the two great family members, would have been together.

It is not that I look down on Gu Ning. I feel that she does not deserve to have a good object. She just feels curious.

"Yes, it is not, because this is just Gu Yu in order to humiliate me, deliberately let Qin Xi to chase me, and then after two months of contact, then break up and see my jokes. So, this is not really a social interaction. "Gu Ning did not conceal, directly said.

"What?" Hearing, Yumi was shocked. Immediately, his face turned red because of anger. He said with indignation: "They are too much, how can they bully people like this."

In my heart, I felt distressed for Gu Ning, but I was embarrassed because I couldn’t take Gu Ning’s head.

"Nothing, it’s gone, I didn't feel sad." Gu Ning said, the look is really not sad.

After Mi Mi looked at it and determined that Gu Ning was really not upset, the anger was slightly relieved, but when he thought of something, he suddenly asked nervously: "That, he didn't take advantage of you!"

"No, not even holding hands." Gu Ning said.

Yes, they don't even have a hand, let alone a more intimate and excessive move than holding hands.

Qin Lan did not like Gu Ning, and their relationship was just a game, so Qin Hao was even close to Gu Ning and felt sick.

"Nothing is good," I heard that it was a sigh of relief for Mihi. If it was taken up cheaply, it would be a dead end.

Gu Ning but laughed and thought that Mi Xi was quite cute.

When she arrived at the cafeteria, Mi Mi asked her to take up her position and go to dinner.

Gu Ning knows that Yu Mixi is worried that Gu Ning will save money and eat hoes, so I would like to invite Gu Ning to eat.

However, Gu Ning refused.

(End of this chapter)

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