Chapter 10 leaks

If there is aura, it means that it is the real thing. Gu Ning’s heart is dark and happy, but the face is not moving.

Gu Ning walked to the front of the stall and the stall owner saw that Gu Ning was wearing a normal, and still a little girl, that she did not have money, so she did not mean to take care of it.

And Gu Ning did not care, pointing directly to the string of bracelets and asked: "Boss, how much is this bracelet."

As soon as the stall owner saw the string of bracelets, his brow wrinkled, apparently a look of disgust.

why? Because in his opinion, this bracelet is fake, and he has already lost his plans, just do not know how to put it here.

However, since someone asked, no matter whether people want him or not, he also screamed: "50 pieces"

50 is not a lot of money, but for the current conditions of Gu Ning's family, it is definitely big money. However, this is a business that is not profitable, and Gu Ning will let it go!

Gu Ning is afraid that he is too refreshing and causes the suspicion of the stall owner. It is not good to repent, so it is difficult to say: "Boss, can you be less! I am just a student, there is no money."

"That's forty! It can't be less." Because looking at Gu Ning is not like having money, so the stall owner feels that he can let it go. Anyway, for him, it is a steady profit.

Gu Ning hesitated for a moment, and said: "Okay! Then I want it."

Said, took out two twenty-dollar notes from the pocket and handed them to the stall owner.

The stall owner took the money and took the bracelet to Gu Ning.

After taking the bracelet, Gu Ning turned and left, and went directly to the appraisal center.

She went to the appraisal center naturally not to identify the true and false, but to sell the money, and only to have more money to do more things.

The antiques market has a large trade fair every month, and there are a lot of people, but there are many people in peacetime, and some people trade, but there are fewer people, and the price can't be lifted.

Gu Ning came to the appraisal center, and some people were appraising antiques, but there were also a lot of people on the scene. Some were purely watching the fun, some were waiting for the results, and if they were true, they bid and took pictures.

The appraisal experts are all senior experts. The appraisal center also has its own rules. If the appraisal result is false, it will not charge any fees, but if the appraisal is true, it will charge a certain fee. If it is directly auctioned out, There will be more fees.

But with the big head, there is no one paying attention to the cost.

Gu Ning walked into the appraisal station and looked at the appraisers' upright identification. It was a snuff bottle with fine workmanship, colorful colors and beautiful materials. It seemed to be enough to be fake.

However, Gu Ning used a jade, and did not see the fog from above, so this thing is fake.

The "This is a fake" appraiser took about ten minutes to complete the results.

"What? False?" In the crowd, a shocked male voice was very convinced. I saw that person was unbelievable: "Are you wrong, how could it be fake!"

"Don't you question me?" The appraiser was questioned, naturally unhappy, and his beard trembled.

As soon as the man heard it, he immediately explained: "No, it is just because this is the treasure of my family's family. It was passed from my grandfather to my father and then to me, so some people can't accept it. This is fake."

When I heard the man’s explanation, everyone also expressed understanding.

"Brothers, the treasure of the family is not necessarily the real thing!"

"That's right!"

"It must have been seen by your ancestors. This kind of thing is very much."


The man looked bitter and sneaked away with something. He thought that this thing was true, and he used it to buy a money, but he couldn’t think of it, it turned out to be fake.

Then several of them are fakes, but these people are all on the market, and they don’t spend much money. Although they are discouraged, they are not so sad.

"Master, you help me to identify whether this bracelet is true." To Gu Ning, she took the bracelet she just scoured and walked over.

Everyone saw that it was a little girl, and she was still holding a gray bracelet in her hand, and she was not optimistic about the ugly bracelet.

"This is where the garbage is coming from! It's so ugly."

"This little girl wants to make a fortune and wants to go crazy! This thing is also used for identification. If you look at it, you know it is fake."


Gu Ning doesn't care too much. It's good to speak with facts.

Although the appraisers do not think it will be true, but because of the professional quality, naturally will not refuse the identification of each antique.

The appraiser took the bracelet and looked at it. He looked at the gray and did not look at the autumn. Some of his heart was disgusted. However, when he took out the pill to wipe the stain on the bracelet, the bracelet that was not slipping in autumn suddenly showed color.

The colors are white and blue, and irregular squares are strung together. However, this thing turned out to be porcelain.

The appraisers' brows can't help but wrinkle. I think this is a modern handicraft. If it is ancient, who would use porcelain to make bracelets!

However, he actually took the appraisal, and it must start and end.

So the appraiser continued to wipe the bracelet, but when he was halfway through it, he found something wrong and couldn't help but make a "squeaky" sound.

Everyone heard the sound and immediately asked eagerly.

"what happened?"

"Is this really true?"

The appraiser did not speak and continued to wipe the bracelet. Soon, the entire bracelet was wiped clean.

Everyone also saw that the material was porcelain, frowning, and some disappointment, because they had never seen it, and had never heard of a bracelet made of porcelain in ancient times, so they all felt that this is definitely a modern handicraft.

Only they did not find the change of the appraisers' looks. At this time, the appraisers' face was not careless, but they were still surprised and then showed joy.

Daddy, the appraiser said: "This porcelain is the blue and white porcelain of the Ming and Qing Dynasties."


"real or fake?"

It was heard that everyone was surprised.

Blue and white porcelain in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, does this mean that this thing is true?

Although the blue and white porcelain of the Ming and Qing Dynasties is not expensive, it is not cheap!

Suddenly, everyone looked at Gu Ning's eyes full of envy and envy, but Gu Ning was very calm, which made everyone feel that she had already known.

In fact, Gu Ning does not know, only know that this is the real thing.

"It is a good blue and white flower in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It should be that the original object has been broken, and it has been made into a bracelet." Otherwise, who will use a good blue and white porcelain to make a bracelet!

"Little girl, where did you get this blue-and-white bracelet!" someone asked.

Gu Ning, who was on the ground, did not hide.

"What? The leak, this little girl is too lucky!"

Everyone envied and sighed.

"Little girl, do you sell this blue-and-white bracelet? I am out of 30,000." A middle-aged man in a suit and a squat with a paper bag under his arm, eagerly asking for a price.

(End of this chapter)

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