Chapter 1 jumped into the sea

Away from the shore of the sea, a luxurious private cruise ship is slowly driving.

At this moment, the sea is like a roaring tiger, surging and screaming, like Tang Aining’s mood at the moment, like a tiger.

Tang Aining has a casual white t-shirt, and the jeans are below. At the moment, he is standing on the edge of the deck of the cruise ship. As soon as he takes a step back, he will fall into the deep sea.

Of course, this is not the point. The point is that at the moment, her right shoulder and left thigh are shot, blood flow is not enough, making her trembling, crumbling, but strong support does not fall.

It can be imagined how much discouragement and strength it takes!

Of course, if it was only because of these two shots, for Tang Aining, it was not so trembling and crumbling, but because she had already been prescribed medicine before, she lost a lot of strength.

Otherwise, how can she let them catch it easily!

Opposite Tang Aining, confronting her, headed by a man and a woman.

A woman's white tube top short dress, a big wave of dark red long hair, heavy makeup, extremely charming, full of smiles.

And the man, a white suit, about thirty years old, handsome and extraordinary.

The two are close to each other, with a sloppy posture and a slutty taste.

Behind the men and women, there are seven or eight men in black suits, like a bodyguard.

However, the man in a white suit exudes coldness, and the eagle-like eyes are staring at Tang Aining in front of him. The raised hand is holding a pistol at her, and the trigger is ready to move.

The one shot in Tang Aining was also opened by him.

"Why?" The sound that almost squeezed out of the teeth, Tang Aining's bloodshot eyes, with endless anger, pain, remorse and unwillingness, stared at the intimate men and women in front of the eyes.

"Why? Hehe······" The woman, that is, Tang Yaxin is like a ridiculous joke. He smiled and said: "Tang Aining, Tang Aining, can you still not see the facts? Actually, from beginning to end The more people you love, the more you are, the ones you are with, just use them. Otherwise, you think that the more you and your son are together for two years, the more you don’t touch you!"

"You······" Tang Ai Ning sighed, if the eyes can kill, I am afraid that Tang Yaxin and Qi Zi, who are standing in front of her eyes, have already broken their bones.

Tang Yaxin, Tang Aining's half-sister, Xiao Tang Aining is two years old.

Ten years ago, the appearance of Tang Ya’s mother became angry with her mother’s mental breakdown and became a vegetative person. And Tang Yaxin and her little three mothers came into the room.

On the other hand, he was thrown away by his father to the dark killer organization training, and then secretly made something unspeakable to the Tang family.

She was unwilling, but her mother was in the hands of her father, and she killed her mother as long as she did not want to.

Qi Ziyue, a man with a plain background and a very good self, just wants her Tang Aining to be smart, but she is planted in the hands of men with different watches.

Tang Yaxin did not mind the anger of Tang Aining and continued: "Dad knows that as long as your mother dies, you can no longer control you. Therefore, you can only arrange a man to chase you, let you fall in love, and willingly do things for him. However, so many men you can't look at it, but because of an accident, you have taken a fancy to my man. For the Tang family, I can only endure my man to accompany you to act!"

Tang Yaxin said, while showing the appearance of grievances, although it was only pretending to be a model, it still made people feel that I saw pity, and the Qizi who was next to him was very comfortable with the comfort: "Baby, rest assured, from now on, I Will always be by your side, will not let you be so lonely in the middle of the night."

"That is, you belong to me alone, whether it is your body or your heart." Tang Ya said with a sigh of relief, his fingers were drawn on the chest, a circle of teasing, a look of teasing That makes Qizi more and more stunned and heart-wrenching.

If there is still something to do in front of him, he really wants to press Tang Yaxin under his body and ask for it.

The scene of "disgusting" stung the heart of Tang Aining, but more made her feel sick.

If she was not being shot at the gun, she would never allow these people to be guilty in front of her own eyes.

"You······" Tang Aining’s words changed Tang Ya’s face and wanted to refute it. But the words were not spoken yet, and they were interrupted by Qi Ziyue: “Baby, don’t be angry, she’s just a dying People, let her take a slap in the face, what's the matter?"

Listening to Qizi, the more he said, the face of Tang Yaxin is better: "Also, I didn't want to deal with her so early, but who told her that her mother had died! I have to say that their mother and daughter are still It’s really affectionate, even for her mother and Tang’s family, even your account won’t buy.”

After a pause, he said: "Tang Aining, I am thinking that you have contributed a lot to the Tang family. I will give you two roads. First, I will jump on myself. As for the second thing..." Saying, Tang Yaxin’s face showed a meaningful smile: “Second, it’s just playing with me, and enjoying the feeling of changing from girl to woman before death, how?”

Tang Aining clenched his fists in both hands, and his face was ugly and distorted.

However, anyway, it is a dead end, and she no longer says any struggle.

Although she could have hurt Tang Yaxin before she died, she also knew that once she was caught, she would suffer the abuse of these men, which she could not bear.

and so······

Tang Aining smiled coldly at Tang Yaxin and Qi Zi, and said coldly: "If I don't die, I will definitely not let you die."

Tang Ai Ning's words are like a curse, and suddenly Tang Yaxin and Qi Zi are more and more chilly. It seems that this curse will be realized in general, but they are not waiting for them to react. I saw that Tang Aining jumped into the raging sea.

Tang Aining's body continued to sink, and her consciousness became more and more blurred. However, during the day, she saw the jade pendant on her chest flashing red, and then she completely lost consciousness.


F City, China's third-tier cities.

In a general ward in the city center hospital, there are four beds in the ward, but only the bed on the far right against the wall.

On the hospital bed, half a year, a girl of about seventeen or eight years old, with gauze on her head and exquisite facial features, is considered a beauty. However, at the moment, it is a deep face, staring at the central news broadcast on the TV.

(End of this chapter)

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