Chapter Ninety-Nine: Luffy Appears! Karp Shot!.

“Lao Tzu is a white-bearded!!!”

A loud roar resounded throughout the battlefield.

Whitebeard jumped violently to Oz’s side, and the cloud in his hand slammed into it!

The hundreds of elite naval personnel who surrounded them were directly slashed to the ground, and the powerful impact force even shook everyone within a range of tens of meters around them.

Pull out a bottle of “God Forbidden Zone” and pour it into the mouth of the dying Oz.

Whitebeard threw another punch and slammed into the high wall of the naval headquarters! The four emperors are angry, the heavens and the earth change color, and the sea shakes!


Along with cracks in the air spread.

Suddenly, the whole Oflin Fando began to shake violently, the high wall collapsed, and the tall Gatling that was originally on the high wall fell to the battlefield.

The crew of the Whitebeard Pirates rushed forward, targeting the powerful weapons that had turned Oz into a sieve.

As countless navies fell into the battlefield, the war between the two sides became more and more anxious, and above Marin Fando, the number of dead and wounded soared! Originally, there were still many people paying attention to the Rozaki people sitting in the corner.

But at the moment, I couldn’t take care of it at all.

The direct phone bug constantly switches the screen, transmitting the fierceness of the battlefield to people all over the world. Just an opening.

It made countless people shudder, unable to believe all this that they saw in their eyes.


“Ace!! 5!!!!! ”

At this moment, a roar resounded throughout the heavens and the earth.

A thin figure rushed over from far and near.

Those familiar with the sound immediately recognized it, and it was the voice of Munch d. Luffy, the straw hat boy. Luo Qi raised his head and looked high into the sky.

Sure enough, Luffy took Shi Ping and his gang and landed on the ground on the navy’s warship.

SeaMan Shihei, Shemale King Ivankov, Joker Bucky, Mr.2 Von Kleet and hundreds of criminals imprisoned in Advance City!

“Luffy”! Why are you here!!! ”

Ace sat on his knees on the execution table, his face full of disbelief, his brother who was not an instrument, would actually desperately appear here!

“Talk less nonsense!! You’re my brother!! How can I leave you alone!!! ”

With boundless momentum, although it was extremely thin, it shocked everyone present! The moment of opening.

It also makes people all over the world suffocate again! Fire Fist Ace’s younger brother!!

Could it be that One Piece Gol D. Roger has two sons!

For a moment, the sound of fragmented discussion sounded on the battlefield and around the world.

Countless people wondered what the relationship between a pirate who had just beaten up Draco and become a supernova, and the captain of the Whitebeard Second Fan Team who was being publicly executed, Fire Fist Ace, was being executed publicly!

Of course.

Compared to the two brothers meeting again, Karp at this time.

Sitting quietly at the execution table, watching Luffy fall in the air. Holding the “God Forbidden Zone” in his hand, his face was gloomy and terrible!

“Karp! Still not making up your mind? Do you have to watch Marin Fando being wiped out by the Whitebeard Pirates before you are willing? 2。 ”

The Warring States on the side asked solemnly.

As he spoke, he looked at the straw hat boy who had fallen to the battlefield, sighed, and continued helplessly.

“Straw Hat Kid…….. If I reveal his identity, can I help you make up your mind?! ”

Raising his head, he looked at the Warring States complexly.

Speechless, Karp stood up violently, unscrewed the cap of the medicine bottle, poured it into his mouth, and finally jumped off the execution table without turning his head, indifferently returning to the road.

“Whatever, it doesn’t matter if you say it or not!”

Looking at the back of this long-time friend, a trace of intolerance flashed in the eyes of the Warring States.

Then he raised the voice-transmitting telephone worm in his hand and opened his mouth again to announce to the whole world.

“Straw Hat Kid! Munch · D. Luffy! That’s right, on this battlefield, there is another pirate who should be executed! ”

“He was in a relationship with Gol Berger. D. Ace grew up together, one is One Piece Gol D. Roger’s son, one was the leader of the revolutionary army, Munch. D. Son of the Dragon! ”

“Both of them should be executed in Marin Fando!”

Clench your fists.

Hearing the words of the Warring States, Capp paused and then jumped high.

One punch smashed the undead bird Marko to the ground, then turned his head and rushed towards Whitebeard!

“As a navy, you saw a bed bug bouncing on the field, and you didn’t shoot!”

Look at the battlefield, regardless of the rush to Ace and get closer and closer Tou!

The Red Dog finally couldn’t help but stand up, clenching his fists with both hands, crackling and scolding angrily.

“Where has justice gone as a navy?”

One hundred thousand elites of the Navy were awakened by the roar of the Red Dogs.

The previous attacks of the Whitebeard Pirates made them dare not go forward to face the strongest man in the world for a while! However, this cry was accompanied by the red dog.

They were finally awakened, for the sake of justice, for the glory of the Navy, one by one, they rushed to their opponents again!

“Whitebeard! As the remnants of this world’s evil era, you should also end the curtain! ”

The Red Dog also jumped down and rushed towards Whitebeard.

“Gollum La La” does not know the sky is thick little devil, want to take the old man’s life, the old man’s head is here, have the ability to take it! ”

Seeing a red dog in a red suit let out a harsh word, more than half of his body turned into black smoke and dark red lava striding forward, and The white beard released the domineering momentum on his body again.

“Whitebeard! Don’t be too arrogant! The strength of the old man’s peak period, you should have witnessed it with your own eyes! If you want to save Ace, then knock the old man down! ”

A roar. Tekken Karp reappears!

Armed color wrapped around his fist and slammed into Whitebeard. Face Karp’s blow.

Whitebeard was also a heavy punch in response!



Two fists slammed into each other.

Suddenly, the entire ground sank, and countless navies and pirates around them were simultaneously shocked and flew into the air. Dark clouds cover the sun!

The ground cracked.

“Whitebeard! Go to hell! Pluto!!! ”

Right now.

Behind the white beard, the voice of the red dog sounded.

Scorching lava instantly hit Whitebeard’s back!!

Penetrated the back of Whitebeard and left a huge wound on his waist!


Accompanied by a shout from Ace!

All eyes were on the direction of Cap’s teaming up with the Red Dog against Whitebeard.


Sitting in the corner, Rasaki finally started his own action. Only to see Roqi reach out and pat Han Cook.

Han Cook immediately obediently took a key from his chest and handed it to Rozaki. It was the key that unlocked the chain of the Stone of the Ace Sea Tower.

Holding it in my hand, I felt the shape of the key.

Luo Qi looked at the execution table, and now he only had to find a way to support the Warring States, even if it was only for a second. Of course.

Saving Ace didn’t matter to him.

The important thing is that there are benefits to be gained from this!

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