Chapter Ninety-Five: Domineering Whitebeard!! Luo Qi debuted!!。

“Marshal of the Warring States! Report! ”

“The Gate of Justice did not receive any instructions and opened automatically!”

“Can’t even contact the power room!”

A lieutenant colonel of the Naval Headquarters hurried to the front of the Sengoku and reported loudly. At this moment, the look of the Warring States became extremely embarrassing.

With the appearance of the Warring States on this side, the appearance changed.

A seaman watching not far away sounded an alarm at the same time!

“Here it comes! Here it comes! The Whitebeard Pirates are coming! ”

In an instant, the alarm of the entire battlefield was sounded, and everyone clenched their weapons in their hands.

“All are ready for battle!”

With a commander giving orders, all the batteries were aimed at the Whitebeard Pirates in the distance. High walls.

Hundreds of Gatlings twisted their guns and aimed them at the Moby Dick! 100,000 naval forces against the Whitebeard Forty-Three Pirates! The clarion call of war has finally sounded all over the world!

Everyone looked nervously at the picture of Marin Fando on the battlefield, and even forgot to breathe!

“I didn’t expect whitebeard to actually rush to Marin Fando with his pirate regiment in order to save Ace!”

“Is this the strongest man in the world?” Just the look in his eyes makes me shudder!! ”

“Damn! That’s the same as One Piece Gol D. Roger, a strong man of the same era, would not hesitate to face the Navy for the sake of One Piece’s descendants!! ”

“I didn’t expect the Whitebeard Pirates to appear in such a way!!”


The figure of Whitebeard spread from the direct phone bug all over the world.

The truly suffocating presence was tantamount to standing at the front of the deck of the Moby Dick, the man holding the cloud in his hand, without any unnecessary movements, just standing in place, it made people feel like a man facing an unbridgeable peak.

Edward Newgate!

Since roger’s time, the world has recognized that after Roger’s time, he is most likely to become the next One Piece candidate! Captain of the Whitebeard Pirates!

At this moment, it has become the focus of everyone’s attention.

This war, which obviously had no chance of winning, was completely pushed to a climax with the appearance of Whitebeard!!!…..

“Kula la la la la!!! Ace, Daddy has come to pick you up and take you home! ”

Zhang’s domineering tone was just a cloud cut in the wave of his hand, and a heavy hammer was on the deck. But in the face of a hundred thousand elite navies and a domineering posture of laughter, everyone was shocked. As Whitebeard’s eyes swept over the crowd, all the elite of the Navy were trembling faintly.

This is the world’s most recognized one or four emperors Edward Newgate with white beards!

“Daddy! You’re leaving! Here’s a trap! Dad! ”

On the execution table, Ace saw the white-bearded pirates appear and shouted with all his might.

“Shut up!”

Sengoku drank coldly, looking at the white beard, a glint of essence flashed in the glasses, today along with the white beard, he wanted to solve it together!

“Ku la la la la!! Since you call me a father, how can a father leave his son alone! ”

Whitebeard laughed loudly again, and the heroic feeling instantly infected the entire whitebeard pirate group!

“Save Ace!!”

“Save Ace!!”

“Save Ace!!”

A shout echoed over Marin Fando!!!

“Whitebeard! This is Marin Fando! Not a new world! ”

At this moment, the Marshal of the Warring States stood next to Ace, looked at the white beard on the Moby Dick, and opened his mouth to warn. But Whitebeard was not afraid at all!

“Ku la la la la la la Little ones! Come with me to get Ace back! ”

Accompanied by a loud roar from Whitebeard.

Countless white-bearded pirate crew members once again let out a stirring shout.

At this moment, Ace bit his lip deadly, silently shedding tears.


Just when Whitebeard raised his fist, intending to shock the Navy with a shock first. Not far away, a dark submarine suddenly appeared on the surface of the sea…

In an instant, it attracted all the eyes of the entire battlefield on the top.

“Whitebeard Pirates?” Why is it here at this time…. ”

In an instant, the thought crossed the mind of the Warring States on the execution table, accompanied by a tight frown, and the eyes slid to the white beard on the Moby Dick.

When he saw Whitebeard frowning in the same way, he immediately realized it. This strangely shaped iron lump is not with Whitebeard! At the same time.

The four direct phone bugs twisted their heads and looked in the direction of the submarine. Under the gaze of all people, the eyes of the whole world.

The door of the Atlantis opened slowly.

Pray for flowers A familiar figure came out of the hatch!

“Rozaki!! Earth! ”

Almost the entire battlefield and the whole world shouted in unison.

The president of the Rashomon Chamber of Commerce, who is also known to everyone in the sea, actually appeared on the battlefield of the war on the top at this moment! Then.

Nami, Nicole Robin, Nocchigao, Magino, Carumon and 20 dead men came out one by one. The pure black cloak is hunting in the wind!

The suit on the body is exquisite and handsome.

With an elegant smile, Rozaki looked at sengoku on the execution table and the white beard on the Moby Dick.


A cry spread throughout the battlefield. And then under the eyes of the whole world… 0 Boya Hancock jumped off the high platform where she was supposed to be standing in the Seven Martial Seas and ran towards Luoqi. This moment.

Countless heartbreak sounds sounded, and men all over the world were eager to directly skin LuoQi’s cramps!!…

“Boom boom I didn’t expect that even this guy Luo Qi came, and it was really surprising!! ”

Doflamingo, who was also in the position of the Seven Martial Seas under the king, held up the red sunglasses on his face at this moment and laughed incredibly. In Hawkeye’s eyes, there was also a glimmer of imperceptible joy.

“He’s not going to stop this war!”

“Hey hee hee hee! LuoQi? Is this person famous? ”

Only Moonlight Moria, a look of doubt on his face at the moment.

In the Triangle of Death, he had not been able to see the live broadcast of the Rashomon Chamber of Commerce, and although he had also been exposed to the clothing of the Rashomon Chamber of Commerce, he had never heard of the number of Rashaki.

As soon as he opened his mouth, he attracted the blank eyes of countless people. And compared to the relaxed environment of the Seven Martial Seas under the king.

The three generals of the Red Dog, the Green Pheasant, and the Yellow Ape are all locked brows, because the appearance of Luo Qi is often accompanied by great trouble. Cap looked at Rozaki, and then at Marcino, who had been looking at Ace behind him.

His heart is extremely complicated, could it be that Luo Qi also came to save Ace? Only the Warring States shouted at Luo Qi.

“Rozaki!!! Didn’t you say that you Rashomon Chamber of Commerce would not be involved in any entanglement between the Navy and the Pirates? Why is it here now? Are you going to make enemies of the Navy?!! Hundred million! ”

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