Chapter Ninety-Two: War on top! Showdown with Blackbeard!.

War on top.

Since Roger opened the Era of the Great Thieves, the Navy and Pirates have had the largest and most tragic war in history. At this time Marin Fando.

100,000 elites of the Navy are waiting for you!

And Rashomon Chamber of Commerce’s weapons, in addition to that sniper’s favorite, Barrett. All of them can be seen in these 100,000 elites.

On the high walls, one after another Gatling’s racks are neat and dense! Extremely powerful deterrent!

Half of the 100,000 elites in the square were watching AK smoking a big cigarette!

“Whoops, that bastard of the Warring States, I accepted the conscription and transported Gatlin to him by the way, and actually equipped them all, what a luxury!”

On the left side below the execution table, in the position of the Seven Martial Seas, Doflamingo looked up at the Warring States on the execution table, and a strange look flowed from his eyes.

That’s right.

The thousands of Gatlings that are now on the high wall were all shipped by Doflamingo two days ago. Hurry up, just completed the order between the Navy and the world government.

Just sent to the hands of the Warring States, it was arranged to the battlefield of the war on top! Said.

Doflamingo turned his head sideways again and looked at Poya Hancock.

“Oh, Boya Hancock, Rozaki actually made you accept the call- It seems like 17 isn’t his style, right? ”

“The name of the concubine is something you can call directly!”

Coldly glancing at Doflamingo, Han Cook snorted coldly, turned his head and sat down on Salome, closing his eyes and recuperating. Eating the closed door soup, Doflamingo looked a little embarrassed.

Skimming his head again, he looked at Moonlight Moria and teased as if he had deliberately stabbed the other person’s wound.

“Whoosh, Moria, I heard you were defeated by the Straw Hat Boy, is it true or false?” As the King of the Seven Martial Seas, you may be too useless, right? ”

“I repeat, I was led by a guy with three knives to sneak in!”

Moonlight Moria’s face darkened instantly.

He was defeated by Sauron’s men, and not only were all his men dead, but Perona was also taken captive. But it was the day after he was defeated.

The guys who usually hid in the cemetery, after finding their own shadow and returning, all rushed out, just in time to see the straw hat gang that had boarded his turf.

The account was miscalculated to the Straw Hat Boy.

“Sword Lord with three swords?”

The tone was flat, with a look of anticipation in his eyes, Hawkeye Mihawk looked at the calm sea as if he remembered Sauron and muttered to himself.

Except for the four of them the Seven Martial Seas.

On the far side stood a war machine in the shape of a tyrant bear printed with PX-1. Regarding the fact that Bartholome Bear was taken away by the revolutionary army, the Warring States already knew. But at the moment, the main energy is used to deal with the Whitebeard Pirates.

Therefore, this matter was not publicized for the time being, but replaced by a war machine that was exactly the same as the bear’s appearance. Directly below the execution table.

The three admirals of the Naval Headquarters, The Red Dog, the Green Pheasant, and the Yellow Ape, sat steadily in the three chairs, without saying a word. Sengoku and Karp stood on the execution table and waited calmly.

At this point, there were half an hour left before the public execution.


At the same time. Push through the gates of the city.

After Blackbeard and his party solved the guard at the door, they strode into the city.

Marshall M. D. Titch, Giuses Bashas, Van Oka, Rafit, Poison Q and the five people in the group were all particularly excited at the moment.

But they couldn’t have dreamed of it.

They are not greeted by a bright future, but with a dark hell!

“Marshall M. D. Titch! As the King of the Seven Martial Seas, you are not recruited at the Naval Headquarters and run to the Advance City to do something! Huge size, with great coercion. ”

Magellan looked at Blackbeard with a bad look.

“Thief hahahahaha!! Magellan Warden? I really didn’t expect you to block here! ”

Blackbeard laughed and looked at the “Magellan” in front of him, but he secretly felt bad.

Poison Fruit, this is a rather difficult demon fruit ability! I’m fine, but the people at the bottom may not be able to hide from it!

“So! Are you planning to invade Advance City and give up your identity as the Seven Martial Seas under the King? ”

Magellan’s eyes narrowed slightly, making Blackbeard and the others immediately tense.

Hearing this, Blackbeard was vaguely uneasy in his heart, but he could not back down when he planned to go this far. What’s more, his dark fruit was obviously more powerful than the poisonous fruit!

But the next second.

Everyone in the Blackbeard Pirates was stunned.

Only to see the “Magellan” in front of him conjure up the sabre of the rain out of thin air! Slowly pulling out the sheath of his sword, he made a gesture of using swordplay to solve them.

“Thief hahahahaha!”

Blackbeard laughed when he saw this scene.

“Warden Magellan, you wouldn’t be serious, I’ve never heard of you being a swordsman!” Thief hahahahaha! ”

Slowly lower your head.

The corners of Magellan’s mouth curled imperceptibly.

“Time Field!”

It was like the bell of death falling.

In an instant, a spherical time field envelops the Blackbeard 5 and Magellan in it. The moment when the realm of time is formed.

Chishas Bashas, Van Orca, Rafit, Poison · The Q four were directly deprived of consciousness. But Blackbeard was immune!

Dark Fruit!

Can temporarily invalidate any Demon Fruit ability!

That is to say, although Blackbeard is still trapped in the time field, at this moment in the time field, only he and “Magellan” can move freely!

But for “Magellan”, it was enough.

“One knife flow, Aiki swordsman • 750 Upanishads, Draw the sword and slash, Five Stars Drift blood!”


Thunderstorm out of sheath!

The overlord color instantly wrapped around the sword body, and the huge figure of “Magellan” turned into a phantom and disappeared in place.

Then I saw Gishas Bashas, Van Oka, Rafit, Poison A sword flashed from the neck of the Q four. Then.

It’s Marshall B. D. Tich only felt his scalp explode, and in an instant a dog nibbled on the mud and crawled to the ground! Aerial view!

Only to see a shining five-pointed star sword light connected together. Wait until “Magellan” reappears.

Blackbeard had just wanted to unleash the Dark Fruit ability.

The sound of death reaping the harvest resounded again from the mouth of “Magellan.”

“Time Realm, Scatter, Five Stars, Sword And Death Day!!”

An instant! The time realm is lifted.

Chishas Bashas, Van Orca, Rafit, Poison · The Q four regained consciousness again, but only for a moment. Because at this moment, the sword light that crossed their necks burst open in an instant.

Transformed into hundreds of swords, it slashed directly at their bodies.

Even the black beard lying on the ground in a dog-eating posture was torn apart by dozens of swords on his back!


A heart-rending scream came from Blackbeard’s mouth.

It was the most painful injury he had ever suffered in his life!!。

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