Chapter Eighty-Six: Accept CP9, the Strongest Spy Agency!.

The queen’s city of spring is the island of San Pobla.

It is a medium-sized island located between the water capital and the Chambord Islands, and the climate on the island is warm as spring all year round. Just like the four islands of spring, summer, autumn and winter, it corresponds to the spring islands among them.

San Pobla is best known for being the queen’s city on the island. But.

This trip to Razaki is not here for sightseeing, but to accept CP9. Therefore, they did not disembark.

Instead, after arranging for the dead to enter the town of Saint Poplar in the town of queen of spring, they stayed on the Romantic in the harbor. Not far away, the sea track connecting the island of justice and the water capital is clearly visible.

Kallifa had also been standing at the bow of the ship, waiting for Rob Luke to figure them. Finally.

About half a day passed.

Several figures appeared in Califa’s line of sight along the track.

Kallifa immediately jumped off the deck and rushed towards them along the track. After some exchanges.

Gabra carried the unconscious Rob Luci on his back and took Kaku with them to the Side of the Romantic. With a smile on his face, Rozaki welcomed them up to deck.


One up to the deck.

Kaku, Bruno, Gabra, the Owl of “Soundless”, the Lion Snuggle even six people including Kalifa. Without hesitation, he knelt down in front of Luo Qi.

“Mr. Rozaki, we know that you have the bottle of potion of the God Forbidden Zone in your hand, and I hope you can save Lu Qi!” ”

Watching you receive six-style training together from childhood, become CP9 together, although they will also quarrel with each other, but the seven-person group with excellent feelings.

Rasa did not speak.

Just walk slowly to their side.

Reach out one by one on their shoulders.

The ability to repair the fruit was activated, instantly healing their injuries.

He then came to Rob Luci and reached out again to heal Rob Luci’s injuries. It didn’t take long.

Rob Luke also opened his eyes. Look at The Roki in front of you.

He suddenly stood up and looked at Kaku, who was kneeling on the ground.


“Get up, don’t think it so bad, although I did do something to Kallifa that you don’t like very much, I didn’t say it, just play with her.”

Talking room.

Rozaki reached out and grabbed Kalifa’s thin waist and looked at Rob Luke.

“Kallifa is my secretary, and of course, now a member of the Rashomon family, and I promised her that she would save you and keep you safe.”

“Although you have now recovered from your injuries, Spandam has put the blame for the destruction of the Isle of Justice on you, and soon a reward order for you will appear.”

Lu qi looked at Kalifa with a complicated look.

After finding that there was no reluctance on the other person’s face, he asked faintly.

“You want us to join your Chamber of Commerce?”

“That’s right!”

Luo Qi opened his mouth without denying it.

“I will let you learn to be domineering, increase your strength, increase your Dao power points, and make you stronger.”

“In addition, the advantage of joining the Rashomon Chamber of Commerce, in addition to enjoying the excellent services provided by the Rashomon Chamber of Commerce, the biggest point is that it allows you to ask the Navy and the world government to encircle and suppress.”

“Even, the world government will let you join the Rashomon Chamber of Commerce and let you enter a higher spy agency, the CPO.”

“Just like Stucy, he holds the core power of the world’s highest spy agency!”

“Even if I don’t join the Rashomon Chamber of Commerce, I can take them to wash off the bounty orders and return to world government.”

Lu Qi did not change his attitude because of Razaki’s words, and even answered confidently.

“I’m sure you can do it.”

Luo Qi nodded, very much in approval, after all, he had indeed done so.

“But do you really want to stand against Kalifa?” Being a member of the Rashomon Chamber of Commerce is beneficial and harmless to you, the Rashomon Chamber of Commerce is not a pirate group, but a chamber of commerce that was born to make money, and I don’t think it’s a matter of justice for the world government to arrange for Kalifa and Stusi to be close to me. ”

“On the contrary, you who have been in CP9 for so many years should be very aware of the ugly face of the world government, instead of fighting for the world government, why not enjoy life well, superficially deal with the world government, can you give up you once, is there no guarantee that you will give up twice? At least the Rashomon Chamber of Commerce cannot do such a thing, no matter what danger you face, the Rashomon Chamber of Commerce will spare no effort to save you back. ”

Have to say.

Luo Qi’s words were very heartwarming to most of them.

Kaku, Bruno, and Gabra had all seen the ugly face of the world government, and even if bruno hadn’t used the fruit of the gate before, they would have been thrown into the city of propulsion.

This is the most chilling time for the world government.

“That’s right”! I also approve of you joining the Rashomon Chamber of Commerce, peace of mind as a double agent, and I will help you explain it to the five old stars. ”

Right now.

Stucci’s voice rang out.

She walked over to Rozaki with a happy smile, took his arm without hesitation, and gracefully opened her mouth to Rob Luci.

“Haven’t you always stressed that you want us to cooperate with you in infiltrating the Rashomon Chamber of Commerce?”

Rob Luke looked at Stucy and asked in puzzlement.

“Women, always have to think about their own happiness, a man who dares to shout head-on with the five old stars, who will not be moved?”

That was indeed what Stucci had in mind.

In fact.

All along, no man has been able to get into Stucy’s eyes, which has allowed this frozen beauty to stay alone. Now that it has fallen into the gentle township of Luoqi, it is natural that everything will be given priority for Luoqi.

“Luke! Join us! You didn’t see it when you were unconscious, but the navy took the weapon and threatened us to surrender. ”

Gabra was the first to speak.

“The old man doesn’t want to fight for the world government anymore.”

Kaku made a second statement.

Followed by 4.3, Bruno, the male lion snuggled, and the owl expressed his thoughts. Seeing that everyone was tired, Lu Qi finally nodded towards Luo Qi.

At this moment, Luo Qi finally smiled satisfactorily in his heart.

This is the strongest spy, with them, their intelligence network will be more comprehensive!

“Rob Luke, from today onwards, you serve as the vice captain of the Twelve Guards of the Rashomon Chamber of Commerce, Kaku, Bruno, Gabra, Lion Snuggle, and Yin Wu Cat each serving as the captains of the thirteenth, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh teams of the Twelve Guards, and are mainly responsible for intelligence gathering!”

“We’ll have dinner together, and you may have to work hard after dinner, and I’ll arrange for someone to go with you, pilot the industrial submarine Atlantis, to your captain, Mr. Sauron, and enter the New World with him, where we have an important matter to do.”

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