The Golden Bell worth 200 billion Baileys!

Luo Qi smacked his tongue and couldn’t help but sigh.

It is really worthy of the reputation of having a gold capital, and the amount of gold reserves is simply amazing.

However, I did not expect that I finally missed the golden bell of the biggest head.

Luo Qi gritted his teeth!

Slammed his fist into the Golden Bell.

“Boom!! Boom!!!! Boom!!!!!! ”

The bell rang suddenly and spread throughout the empty island.

For a moment, the entire empty island residents stopped their work and looked up at the sky.

The Sandian warriors who are defeated by a look in Therasaki, Gan Fore, who struggles to fly through the towns of the island and announce the death of Aniru, and the white Beret troops who tie the four priests to the execution rack!

Everyone’s eyes are full of emotion and faith!

As for Rozaki.

It was a direct depressed twist over.

With a group of people, they came to the final location, where the historical text was located.

Here in addition to the historical text that Robin needs to interpret.

There is also a huge gold nugget comparable to a golden bell, on which is engraved a line of small characters left by Roger one Piece.

Unceremoniously, in front of Robin, he pulled out the flower state that Sauron had given him.

Neatly cut off the small print part of the line and set aside.

In Robin’s frowning look into his eyes, he said in a rare rogue manner.

“I can’t take the golden bell away, how can I move this big gold brick, otherwise it will be too much of a loss!”

Hear this.

Robin smiled helplessly, his eyes were spoiled, and he said softly.

“Luo Qi, promise me, today is the last time you destroy the ruins, and the next time, I will not forgive you.”

“There is no next time, and I will never do this kind of loss-making business again.”

Luo Qiyi put the large gold brick into the system warehouse and complained indignantly.

Seeing that the points rose by more than 15 million and stayed at 51.16 million, Luo Qi eased his mind slightly.

An empty island allowed Rozaki to get 310 billion baileys worth of gold.

This is still not counting the golden bell.

It also greatly exceeded his expectations.


Wait until Nicole Robin finishes reading the history text.

With a wave of his hand, Luo Qi led the crowd towards the Romantic.

Until the crowd boarded the boat.

Seeing the unwilling eyes of Cornish, Rachy, and Aisha.

Luo Qicai began to exhort.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be back soon, because here, and my business dreams to be built!”

That’s right.

Luo Qi refers to the construction of the sky train, of course.

A whole new business model was born in his mind.

The amount of work is enormous, almost equivalent to building a left and right orbit around the Earth’s equator.

However, in this pirate world, there are infinite possibilities.

Even, Luo Qi had already found several demon fruits that could help him quickly complete this huge amount of work.

Just wait for the moment when the system is discounted, and buy it in one go!

As a meticulous businessman, you can enjoy the comfortable conditions of wealth creation materially, but in the points that can bring real benefits to yourself, you must spend every sum on the blade!

It’s like that far away.

More than fifty employees, a huge processed island cloud!


The way back to Qinghai.

Once again, Rozaki used the one-time teleportation card.

Directly near the water capital.

Although some waste.

But Luo Qi didn’t want to experience the heartbeat of falling from a height of 10,000 meters.

His own Romantic was more than ten times larger than merry.

The ghost knows if the octopus balloon can hold up.

I am not afraid, but others may not.

What’s more, the next big event did not allow Luo Qi to sail slowly and leisurely on the sea.


A big speechless event happened that Luo Qi really never dreamed of.

Just after their boat appeared near the Water Capital.

The system actually sent a prompt to open the limited-time promotion….

【Ding! The limited-time discount activity is opened, the price of the system mall is updated, and the following products enter the ranks of this discount. 】

【Formula drawings: architectural design, traffic and driving design drawings limited time 40% off, heavy weapons design drawings limited time 30% discount.] 】

【Props: Special items are limited to 10% discount.】 】

【Class Skills: Cooking and Building Class Skills Card limited time 20% discount.】 】

[Demon Fruit Category: Superman Creation System, Super Power System Demon Fruit, Animal System Bird Fruit Limited Time 10% Discount.] 】

【The duration of this promotion: 12 hours.】 】



Quickly sweep up all the limited-time discount items.

Luo Qi felt depressed to the point of exploding.

Everything you like has entered the ranks of discounted goods.

But it was only after he left the empty island that the news came….

Other words.

I just came down a few seconds later.

You can save two one-time transfer cards….

Now, even if you buy these things, you have to waste a teleport card to return to the empty island, and then deploy it and teleport back.

It’s really ten thousand grass and mud horses galloping inside….

Took a deep breath.

Resisted the urge to scold the system.

After thinking about it for a while, Luo Qi decided to buy all the things he needed, go to the Water Capital, solve the problem there, and then return to the empty island with Iceberg and French to build the Sky City and the Sky Train.

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