After consuming the Navy Six Ability Exchange Card and a bottle of Demon Fruit Optimization Liquid.

A powerful momentum emanated from Luo Qi’s body.

At the same time, a cool chill emanated from the chest, and then a hot breath came from the lower abdomen.

It didn’t take long for this feeling of cold and heat intersecting to disappear, and even the powerful momentum gradually became introverted.

Until calm is restored again.

Luo Qicai silently read it.

Open your own people panel.

[System: 100,000 dead soldiers.] 】

[Host: Luo Qi.] 】

[Dao force value: 4200. 】

[Strength assessment: Rear Admiral class of the Naval Headquarters.] 】

[Gymnastics: Naval Six.] 】

[Demon Fruit Ability: True Copy Fruit (No defects, no curses.] )】

[Domineering: None.] 】

[Recipe: Six Flavor Neptune Pills, Neptune Whitening Cream, AK-47, Shaping Safety Pants.] 】

[Items: Demon Fruit Optimization Liquid, Weather Fruit.] 】

[Assets: 7.5 million Pele. 】

The corners of his mouth couldn’t help but evoke a triumphant smile.

Even if you can’t be domineering now, so what!

With that flawless, unspeakable replica fruit alone, Rozaki could laugh even more wildly than Blackbeard!


Stand up.

Walk out the door.

Came to the navigation room.

The first thing I saw was a short orange hair, and Masaba was looking at Nami on the diving goggles.


Stepping forward is a slap in the face.


The next second, Nami’s furious fist slammed into it.


I felt a sharp pain coming from my head.

Luo Qimeng!

Because Mao himself actually couldn’t hide, was Nami’s furious state really inexplicable?

“You idiot! Don’t do this while I’m working! ”

Turning her head and crossing her waist, Nami stared at Rasa with an angry face.

The next second, however, it was instigated.

In the navigation room, all the dead soldiers of LuoQi stood up, and everyone’s body emitted a terrifying killing aura!


Swallowed the saliva.

Nami hurriedly grabbed Razaki’s arm, pulled out an embarrassed smile, and trembled as she spoke.

“That… I’m not…… Deliberately. ”

Luo Qi slowly stood up, rubbed the head that had been hurt by a punch, reached out and hooked her chin, and smiled evilly.

“Little thief cat, you’re really hot enough, I like it!”

As he spoke, he looked at his own dead men and waved his hand to signal them to sit down.

“She is the chief navigator of the Atlantis and one of the people I care about the most, and in the future we must treat her with the same respect as I do!”


The sonorous and powerful answer made Nami breathe a sigh of relief, but at the same time, she also had a good feeling for the man who appeared inexplicably and opened his mouth to let himself have a huge debt.

Holding Nami’s hand, Rasa led her out of the navigation room.

The episode just now did not affect his mood, on the contrary, what he liked was Nami’s obviously timid, but extremely spicy personality.

If he really pressed her into a non-committal character in the future, Luo Qi would feel bored.


“Where are you going to take me?” Feed! I just didn’t mean it! ”

Looking at The way Luo Qi dragged herself and did not look back, the little good feeling that Nami had just risen was once again extinguished.

At this moment, I have begun to fantasize about what will happen to me next!

But to her surprise.

After coming to the rest area.

Luo Qi stopped.

Out of nowhere, a strange fruit and a bottle of pale blue potion appeared.

After pressing her onto the couch.

He said domineeringly.

“Eat these two things!”

“What is this?”

With a confused look, Nami picked up the Demon Fruit and asked.

“The secret treasure of the sea, each of which is worth at least one hundred million baileys of demon fruits!” Each person can only eat one, eat it, you can get magical powers, of course, the price is to become a dry duck! ”

When Luo Qi finished speaking, he found that at this moment, Nami was not listening to herself at all.

The eyes were already in the shape of Bailey!

Greedily holding the devil fruit murmured.

“I’m going to sell it so I can be a rich woman!”

“I didn’t allow you to sell it!” Now eat it in front of me! ”

A slap on Nami’s head, Rasaki roared unceremoniously.

“Don’t! Didn’t you say that eating it would turn into a dry duck? And it’s a hundred million Baileys, how do I get down to my mouth!!! ”

The pain coming from the door of her head made Nami regain consciousness and cling to the Demon Fruit.

Look at Nami’s unobtrusive look.

Luo Qi didn’t bother to talk nonsense, grabbed the demon fruit, and peeled the skin and stuffed it into her mouth.


The sensation of the unpalatable explosion made Nami almost run away again, but the thought of this unpalatable fruit in her mouth was worth a Bailey.

I could only swallow it with tears in my eyes.


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