Chapter 114 Coincidence? Chance encounter with Sonozaki Tsutoko!!

Lin Mo went to the Wind Capital Tower, climbed the Wind Capital Tower, and came to the top floor.

Here, there is nothing.

For this result, Lin Mo was not surprised, it is best to touch the avenue self-denial, it doesn’t matter if you can’t touch it, when you collect enough T2 memory, the avenue self-denial will naturally come to the door.

He stood on the top of the Wind Capital Tower and looked into the distance, the prosperous city scenery, the cool breeze blowing under his eyes, brushing Lin Mo’s face, like a gentle hand caressing, very comfortable, he sighed: “It is worthy of the wind of the wind capital.” ”

Suddenly, a clean woman’s voice came from behind Lin Mo: “The wind in the wind capital is indeed very comfortable, but the city has solidified and begun to decay. ”

Before Lin Mo could turn around, the crisp sound of high heels stepping on the floor approached with a “click”.

A fragrant wind drifted by, Lin Mo turned his head and saw a familiar face coming into his eyes.

Abruptly yes. Sonozaki Yako!

Yuan Yazi has long wine red hair, flowing long hair exudes the fragrance of mature women, three-dimensional facial features, high nose, eyes with a coldness that cannot be approached, rich red lips like peaches, very tempting, people can’t help but feel the urge to taste it, even Lin Mo is no exception.

However, compared to starting his heart, he was more surprised at this time, surprised, and incomprehensible!

Why is Yuan Yazi here?

Why did she come to the top of the Wind Tower?

Didn’t Philip say that the Garden family didn’t move?

Looking at Yuan Saki’s side face, Lin Mo was puzzled!

Although Lin Mo was surprised, his expression was well managed, and there was not the slightest fluctuation on his face, and after lightly warning Yuan Guanyazi, he withdrew his gaze.

His brain was running at high speed, thinking about the purpose of Sonosaki Yako’s appearance at the top of the Wind Tower!

Yuan Yazi on the side suddenly spoke: “Are you waiting for me here?” ”

Lin Mo raised his eyebrows and couldn’t help asking, “We don’t seem to know each other, right?” ”

Lin Mo felt something strange, he had the impression that Yuan Lian Yazi was not such an active person, Yuan Saki Yazi was from a prominent family, she was both the eldest daughter in the family and the person who spoke to the museum, but she was not such an approachable person.

Yuan Saki Yazi leaned on the railing, looked sideways at Lin Mo, and narrowed his eyes slightly: “No, you know me.” ”

“When you see me, surprise and bewilderment flashes across your face, it’s not a reaction to seeing a stranger,”

“You know me, but I don’t know you, I made an appointment here to meet an important person, but you appeared in front of me,”

“Do you want to tell me that this is just a coincidence?”

Lin Mo was speechless, this was really a coincidence.

He just wanted to try his luck and see if he could run into the avenue to deny himself, who would have thought that Yuan Guanyazi had made an appointment to meet here?

Well… Wrong!

Now that the outside is full of doped bodies, who will meet with Sonofumiko at this time, in this place?

Lin Mo’s eyes lit up, and a flash of light suddenly flashed in his mind, Yuan Yazi was likely to make an appointment to meet with Dao Keji!

But the question is, why do they meet?

A bold idea appeared in Lin Mo’s mind, could it be that they developed a forbidden love?

Thinking of the personalities of these two people, a haughty and cold, proper iceberg beauty, and a lonely and alternative monster who thinks he is an undead monster, Lin Mo feels that it seems impossible for the two of them to get together.

Out of curiosity, he said tentatively: I am not waiting for you, and I did not know that the eldest daughter of the Tang Sonosaki family, the museum speaker Sonosaki Yako, would come here, “I am waiting for another person.” ”

This time it was the turn of Yuan Lian Yazi to be surprised, the museum speaker is her secret identity, not many people know, why would this man in front of him know?

Also, he said he was waiting for someone else… Who would come to the top of the Wind Capital Tower at such a time?

Yuan Yazi silently took out the forbidden memory, with scrutiny and vigilance, looked at the handsome man in front of him again, and asked: “Is it possible, are you waiting… Avenue self-denial? ”


A glimmer flashed in Lin Mo’s eyes, he really guessed correctly!

Yuan Lian Yazi made an appointment with the avenue to deny, and met at the top of the Wind Capital Tower!

Now the question arises, what is the purpose of their meeting?

Lin Mo nodded while thinking: “That’s right,”

“I didn’t expect that he not only made an appointment with me, but also invited you to meet here at the same time.”

Lin Mo said as if he had made an appointment with Daodao Denji, no, Yuan Yazi was really deceived, frowned, and said: “I told him that no one else should be present at the meeting, but why…”

“Let’s not talk about this matter first, let’s ask him after the Dao Dao self-denial arrives,”

Lin Mo interrupted Sonosaki Yako’s contemplation, pretending that he was familiar with Daodao Keji, and said tentatively again, “If I’m not mistaken, the Sonosaki family and the Never. team don’t deal with each other,”

“You once became competitors in the investment of the consortium, and the last investment was made by your Yuanguan family’s Gaia memory plan, and the undead plan presided over by Dao Keji’s mother failed,”

Speaking of this, Lin Mo noticed that Yuan Saki’s teeth were constricted, his mouth opened slightly, revealing a shocked expression, as if he was frightened, seeing Yuan Lian Yazi’s expression, Lin Mo almost couldn’t hold back his laughter, and continued, “Taking people’s money is equivalent to killing parents, this grudge is difficult to eliminate, I can’t help but wonder, when you meet with Dao Dao Keji, do you represent the Garden Union family, or just yourself?” ”

Hearing Lin Mo’s last words, Yuan Yazi was stunned!

Because, her appointment to meet Daodao Denji this time is indeed not on behalf of the Sonosaki family, but on behalf of herself!

Hearing Lin Mo easily say one secret after another, Yuan Lian Yazi completely lost doubts about Lin Mo’s identity, and she mistakenly thought that Lin Mo was a friend of Daodao Keji, and these secrets were told to him by Daodao Keji.

After a slight silence for a while, Yuan Lianyazi spoke: “You guessed right, I didn’t come here on behalf of the Yuan family, but on behalf of myself, secretly meeting the avenue to deny myself,”

A fierceness flashed in the eyes of this mature woman, and she said very much, “My father has been sitting in the position of head of the family for too long, too long, I want to pull him down, but I am not his opponent,”

“Daodao Katsuji got the T2 Eternal Memory, this memory is the nemesis of all T1 memories, if he is willing to help me, I can become the new head of the Sonosaki family!”

Hearing this, Lin Mo’s pupils tightened, it turned out that Yuan Saki Yazi wanted to borrow a knife to kill his father?!

It’s really filial piety, father and daughter!

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