Chapter 82 Kamen Rider arrives and leaps out of thin air to the dimensional wall!!

“Oh my God.”

“This, how is this done?!”

“The gymnasium is floating in the air? And those red mist, what the hell is going on?! ”

“This True Saint Sect looks very powerful. Would you like to, try to join? ”

“Join? Are you crazy! The Metropolitan Police Department says it’s a terrorist organization! ”

“What about terrorist organizations? I get up early and work in the dark, but my life is not as good as the dogs of rich people, if I can get a new life by joining the fear cloth organization, I think I can consider it. ”

Surprise, shock, shock, after the shock, there is wave after wave of discussion and heated discussion.

Some people think that this terrorist organization is too against the sky and outrageous,…

Some people think that this is just a trick, the Sky Stadium is just an illusion, it is a projection of someone who unswervingly believes in the Metropolitan Police Department, believes in AIMS, and looks forward to the scene of the terrorist organization being cursed, “I am the outdoor reporter of this station, Inoue Fako, just when the time came to twelve o’clock at noon, to everyone’s surprise, a large red fog suddenly floated in the sky, no one knew what these red fogs were, but what was surprising was that the red fog stayed over Ginza Square, and in less than a minute, a group of gymnasiums was formed!” ”

“This is a stadium floating in the air that is larger than Ginza Square!”

The beautiful reporter Inoue Fako talked to the camera, her eyes full of excitement and excitement.

It’s big news, super big news!

If you seize the opportunity to perform well, you may be able to soar into the sky!

In the crowd, a person wearing a close-fitting black lining, a blood-colored robe on the outside, and a headscarf to cover his ears looked out of place.

He was not as excited as the melon-eating masses, did not join the discussion of the people around him, and did not have the slightest expectation in his eyes, so he stood there quietly, like a sculpture, raised his head, and watched quietly.

From time to time, curious glances came and fell on him, but Yak didn’t care.

For him, these people around him are as weak as ants and can easily be pinched to death.

What he could see in his eyes was only Is, Feidian or Human, Blade Weia, Lin Mo, these Kamen Riders, and only these people were worthy of being looked at by him.

But being looked at by Yakgao is not a good thing, Yak, who is full of malice towards humans and Kamen Rider, will kill all the people and things he cares about!

“Let me see which side the temporary winner will be, hehe.”

There were also familiar faces in the crowd, and the leading police department responsible for the intelligent hijacking of time also came to the scene, looking at the giant stadium that covered the sky in the air, his eyes were full of disbelief when he was more than half a hundred years old.

“This battle is far more than the Thunder Station of Perdition.”

He lamented in his heart that there is also a huge gap between terrorist organizations and terrorist organizations.

The lead police department looked at Isis, who was calm and calm on the screen, and sighed: “I don’t know, Kamen Riders can block this arrogant man.” ”

Say knights, and knights will arrive.

A car with the AIMS logo slowly approached from a distance and stopped at the periphery of the sea of people.

The car door opened, and people with familiar faces to the audience got out of the car with serious expressions, and it was the two Kamen Riders from AIMS, Blade Weia, Unbreakable.

There is also Kamen Rider from Hiden Intelligence, the president of Hiden Intelligence, Hiden or Human!

After a morning of catch-up sleep, the mental state of the three recovered a lot.

Looking at the sea of people in front of him, Fei Electric or people took a deep breath, and their faces were full of surprise: “Why are so many people here?” ”

He couldn’t understand that the True Saint Sect was a terrorist organization! Is it really good to come and watch the excitement?

Blade Wei’a was worried and sighed, “If these people are here to join the True Saint Sect, it will be troublesome. ”

“I guess it’s to come to see the excitement, don’t think too much,”

Bu Dashi’s eyes were slightly cold, and he said while lining up the crowd in front of him and walking forward.

With the strength of his ride, it is not a matter of breaking a path out of the crowd.

Flying electricity or people’s eyes swept around, wanting to find Lin Mo, but there were too many people around, scattering thousands of people, and it was simply impossible to find someone.

“Brother Lin, shouldn’t he be there yet?”

Hearing or someone muttering, Blade Wei gave her a white look: “Lin Mo has the ability to teleport, if he really comes, he won’t be here, and he will directly teleport to it.” ”

Blade Weia pointed to the Sky Stadium above his head.

When Fei Electric or people hear it, they think it makes sense.

At this moment, a new change appeared in the Sky Stadium, and Isis seemed to have noticed the arrival of the three people of Fei Electric or Ren, and said to the camera: “In order to make this trial more exciting, I have prepared a Kamen Rider battle for all spectators!” ”

“Now, my opponent is here! Welcome to Captain Blade Weia from AIMS, Captain Unbreakable, and President Feidian or people from Feidian Intelligence! ”

With a wave of Is’s big hand, a large red mist appeared in the Sky Stadium, spreading to the ground, condensing a staircase and landing in front of Fei Electric or the three people.

Seeing this scene, the surrounding audience once again showed surprised expressions, and many people noticed that Kamen Riders had come to the scene!

Is this going to be Armageddon?!

Is Kamen Rider working together to annihilate the terrorists, or is it the terrorists who are pressing justice and defeating the Kamen Rider who maintains the city?

Someone suddenly realized that this battle is likely to determine the future of the city!

Kamen Rider wins, the terrorists do not attack themselves, the True Holy Sect will become the second Thunder Station of Perdition, be eliminated, and be recruited, but if Isis wins, who else in the city can resist Isis and his army of cult knights?

At that time, this peaceful city will be wrapped up in the fire and scourge of war!

The leading police department watched the three of them step up the stairs, step by step to the Sky Stadium, and clenched their fists: “Definitely, you must defeat Isis…”

He is a man who knows the inside story, and knows the horror of Isis and the true holy religion!

If this battle is won, his True Saint Sect, his army of nanorobot knights, will step on the city!

The beautiful reporter Inoue retracted her gaze, looked at the camera, and said excitedly: “Kamen Riders are stepping on the stairs to the battlefield, they are brave, they are warriors, they are about to slay the dragon, I hope that the audience in front of the TV can cheer for the righteous Kamen Rider!” ”

In the crowd, Yak hugged his chest with both hands, looked at the three people who were climbing the steps, and sneered: “Did Lin Mo escape?” It seems that Isis won the battle. ”

Without Lin Mo, with the two of AIMS and the president of Feidian, he couldn’t think of how Isis could lose.

“But it doesn’t matter, anyway, the final victor will only be me, Great Yak!”

Under the gaze of countless eyes, the flying electric or human trio walked forward quickly, and soon came to the halfway point of the stairs.

At this moment, an unexpected scene appeared.

A gray-black murky wall appeared out of thin air in front of the trio, as well as thousands of live viewers on the ground, as well as countless remote viewers watching the live broadcast in front of the TV, computer, and mobile phone!

“What’s that?!”

The murky wall was mysterious and weird, born out of thin air, making everyone who saw this scene startled and their eyes rounded!

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