Chapter 73 Az collapses, Yak comes!!

Lin Mo’s voice sounded faintly, like a devil whispering in his ear, which startled Yazi!

She turned her head sharply, looked at Lin Mo behind her, and exclaimed: “You, how did you do it?!” ”

Even if the facts are in front of him, Ke Azi still can’t believe that Kamen Rider can have the ability to teleport out of thin air!

“It’s simple, just snap your fingers.”

Lin Mo raised his hand and snapped his fingers lightly.


A dimensional wall suddenly appeared, “Do you want to learn?” I’ll teach you. ”

Lin Mo’s words carried a strong sense of banter, which made Yazi itch his teeth with hatred.

“You guy…”

“I just like to see your expression of hating and taking me too much to do it, which reminded Lin Mo of a famous scene on the beach, and almost laughed out loud.”

He forced a smile and asked, “Say, what do you want to do when you come to Feidian Intelligence alone in the middle of the night.” ”

It is rare to catch Yazi, Lin Mo can ask a good question.

Hearing this question, the three people who were looking at the surveillance screen immediately got up and pricked up their ears, they were also curious, why did Yazi personally come to Feiden Intelligence, she got the authority of Izzy, and what purpose did she achieve?

Hearing this, Yazi smiled and said word by word: “Yes, as long as you are willing to join Lord Yak’s camp, I will tell you all my plans.” ”

Lin Mo shook his head: “This is impossible. ”

Yazi seemed to have expected Lin Mo’s answer, and as soon as the words turned, he immediately said, “Then I will change the conditions, as long as you tell me your identity and the origin of this dark emperor riding drive on your waist, I will tell you everything you want to know.” ”

This time it was Lin Mo’s turn to smile, he let out an emotionless sneer and looked at Yazi.

“Yazi, have you misunderstood something, I’m not talking to you about the conditions now,”

“As long as I move my fingers, I can easily destroy you, the spokesperson of Yake’s will.”

When Yazi heard this, he also fought-for-tat, showing a disdainful expression: “I am Xiu Ma Jiya, how much do I want for such a body”

“Although you can destroy me, I am not afraid to tell you that my consciousness has already been backed up by Lord Yak,”

“Whether it’s my body or my consciousness, I can be reborn at any time.”

Conscious backup?

Isn’t that equivalent to eternal life?

Lin Mo’s thoughts were diverging, thinking of eternal life, he suddenly remembered a problem he had seen in his previous life, a philosophical problem.

Looking at Yazi with a disdainful face, Lin Mo suddenly had a bad taste and decided to throw out this philosophical question to see how Yazi would answer.

“Yazi, I want to tell you a story,”

“Human genes determine that the lifespan of the body has a limit, in order to prolong life, and even reach immortality, someone has proposed a very remarkable method,”

“That is to use cloning technology to create a body that is exactly like the body,”

“Then use the human brain link port to fully digitize human consciousness, upload, back up, and then download it to the new body,”

Hearing Lin Mo suddenly start to talk about the topic, Yazi felt strange, but listening to it, Yazi suddenly realized that this was not talking about himself.

On the other end of the phone, or the trio was also confused, Lin Mo’s topic was too jumpy!

With curiosity and doubt, the three of them pricked up their ears and continued to listen to Lin Mo’s story, “However, at this moment, a philosopher stood up and he asked a question,”

“The philosopher asks the scientist: At that time, will you still be yourself, or will you appear in front of me as an individual who has your memories, your past, all your experiences, and looks exactly like you?”

“It’s a question that scientists can’t answer.”

After listening to this story, the expression on Yazi’s face froze.

On the other end of the phone, Fei Dian or the person frowned, and Blade Weia thoughtfully scratched his head without breaking, looking puzzled.

This guy, who only had muscles in his head, couldn’t understand why Lin Mo suddenly told this story.

Lin Mo continued: “Yazi, can you answer me, if I destroy you now, the next time Yazi will appear in front of me, will it still be you?” ”

“Or maybe it’s just another person with the same personality, the same appearance, the same name as you… Az 2, 3, or 4? ”

After listening to this story, after listening to Lin Mo’s words, Yazi’s pupils contracted, her eyes suddenly began to flicker, she lowered her head, looked at her hands, looked at her body, and muttered: “Reborn me… Or me? ”

“I, I. I do not know. ”

She suddenly fell to her knees, covering her head, revealing a look of pain.



Suddenly, Yazi’s shouts stopped abruptly.

Her eyes turned red, her face expressionless, as if she had put on a mask, and slowly, she stood up again.

The Yazi in front of him is no longer as agile and lively as before, and is more like a robot.

She looked at Lin Mo, her lips lightly opened, and she said word by word: “Lin Mo, you have too many words.” ”

The sound of the flame red lips was no longer Yazi’s clean and crisp voice, but a muddy, deep mechanical sound!

On the other end of the phone, the three of them were stunned by the changes in front of them!

Lin Mo was also startled, and subconsciously asked, “Are you… Yak?! ”

Yazi nodded, put his hands behind his back, his eyes were cold and spleen, and looked at Lin Mo and said, “You want to seduce Yazi and let her get out of my control?” ”

“You can’t do it, Lin Mo,”

“As my surrogate, I can come at any time to cleanse the restless memories she receives.”

“She is my tool and can only be my tool, I do not allow her to generate extra emotions and will,”

“The best Yazi is Yazi who is loyal to me.”

Hearing this, Fei Electric or a person’s fist clenched unconsciously.

Yak’s idea of using Xiujia as a tool was something he hated!

In the eyes of others, Xiujia is more than just a tool! They can also have the same emotions as humans!


Looking at Yazi’s cold eyes, Lin Mo sneered, “As a product of human beings, you who have learned human will and emotions are actually denying Xiu Code Jiya, which is also a human product, and denying the value and significance of Xiu Code Jiya’s growth,”

“It’s ironic and ridiculous, Yak.”

Az, no, when Yak heard this, she seemed to be poked in the sore spot, and she shouted loudly: “I am a higher human being!” ”

“You lowly, dirty human being, you are not qualified to lecture me!!!

With a wave of her big hand, a large number of footsteps suddenly came from outside the office, and extremely fast!

One by one, Xiu Jia rushed in, there were security guards, there were cleaners, there were canteen employees, there were porters…

Under the influence of Yak’s will, their eyes became red one after another, and they connected to the Yak network, giving birth to a lot of malice!

Malice towards Lin Mo!

One by one, Xiu Dajia, whose eyes were red, stared at Lin Mo, pounced on Lin Mo like a hungry wolf!

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