Looking at Xiu Majia, who was wearing a fluffy black dress in front of him and smiling at the corners of his mouth, Lin Mo paused in his footsteps and asked

“What do you want to talk about?”

Although he looks exactly like Izzy, Lin Mo knows that Izzy and Yazi’s personalities are completely different.

Yazi is the spokesperson of Yake, and in Lin Mo’s view, she is the ultimate coquettish who is obsessed with Yake, and all the decisions she makes are for Yake, not for self-consideration.

Therefore, if Yazi wanted to talk to himself, what he wanted to talk about, Lin Mo had already expected it in his heart.

Either woo or cooperate.

As he guessed, Az paced over and looked at him in a soft voice:

“You should know who I am, my name is Yazi, and I am the spokesperson of Lord Yak,” I am

“The process you just beat Ark-One, we’ve all seen,” we said

“Both me and Lord Yak are very interested in you.”

Lin Mo nodded, walked towards Yazi, and asked as he went:

“And then?”

Yazi’s eyes flowed and looked at Lin Modao:

“As far as I know, you’re not from AIMS, and you have nothing to do with flying electricity or people,”

he said

“I hacked into the population files, and I can’t find you and your companions,” I said

“Suffice it to say that you are outsiders, not from this city,” he said

After a pause, she walked to Lin Mo, raised her hand to touch the straight face armor of the Eternal Bird, and her gaze fell on the green compound eyes, as if she wanted to see through the compound eyes and see through the heart of the man inside

Yazi’s voice suddenly sounded next to Lin Mo’s ears:

“I want to know, why are you going to save the people of Feidian?”

Lin Mo ignored the delicate-looking robot girl in front of him and replied lightly:

“If you want to say why, the reason is very simple,”

he said

“I don’t like the style of the True Saint Sect, whether it’s Kamen Rider or weirdos, if you want to achieve your goals, then you can fight in a dignified manner,”

he said

“Using ordinary people as hostages, to blackmail and persecute, this kind of behavior is the most despised and despised by me.”

These words were not said by Lin Mo nonsense, but his sincere words.

In fact, his moral standards are not so high, and he does not feel that he is the Holy Mother, as a mask cook, there are some villain knights he even likes

But whether it was a weirdo or a Kamen Rider, he felt that this level of combat should not involve ordinary people

We should not use ordinary people as bargaining chips and surrender without a fight.

A real man should defeat his opponent with his fists and subdue his opponent!

Hearing this reason, Yazi was suddenly stunned, his expression was startled, and he was speechless for a while!

This reason was completely beyond her expectations, and it was even more incomprehensible to her as a reason for Xiu Jia Ya!

She originally thought that Lin Mo had justice in her heart, and felt that the behavior of the True Saint Sect was a crime, so she would help save people

Who would have thought that saving people is for such a reason!

It’s just so weird!

Yazi secretly labeled Lin Mo as “strange brain circuit” and forced a smile

“I have to say, your answer was beyond my expectations,” I have


“You should have guessed my purpose in looking for you, Lin Mo,”

“However, before wooing you, I feel it is necessary for me to explain the cooperation between Lord Yak and Is.”

Because the plot does not match the real situation, Lin Mo is not sure what kind of cooperation the real Isis and Yak have reached, and he is very curious about it.

He looked at Yazi and nodded:

“Say, I’ll listen.”

Az took a step back and said

“The collaboration between Lord Yak and Is, called Project Eden,”

was said

“The initial purpose of Project Eden was to cleanse the city, break down the city’s entrenched strata, and reshuffle the city’s resources,”

he said

“People from bad births, people with bad lives, people with physical disabilities, people in debt… There are too many unfortunate people, and the Eden Project can give everyone a second chance to start a second life! ”

After a pause, she looked at Lin Mo with a serious expression

“Don’t you think, it’s a great plan?”

Lin Mo listened, but let out a sneer:

“Great? No, I only saw two words in this plan, war! ”

“Breaking the hierarchy and shuffling the resources means that there will be chaos, there will be fights, and there will be wars between nano simulators and real humans!”

“It’s like…”

“At the beginning, Xiujia was the same as the war of mankind!”

His voice paused slightly, expressing a thick disdain

“Don’t make Yak so grandiose, Yak learned from humans the malice of humans, and he wants to destroy them all,” he


“Isn’t the so-called Plan of Eden to confuse the people at the bottom, make up a better future, and then give them weapons to fight, and renew their lives, in fact, they are used as guns?”

“Divide humans, let humans kill each other, I guess, that’s what Yak is for.”

Hearing Lin Mo’s response, the corners of Yazi’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch, and his eyes became cold.

She never expected that although Lin Mo was an outsider, he was surprisingly familiar with Yak’s will!

What he just speculated was the real purpose of Lord Yak’s implementation of the Eden Plan!

Yazi stared at Lin Mo and said coldly:

“It seems that you will not join us.”

Lin Mo shook his head and held up two fingers:

“First, if you want me to pay loyalty, Yak is not qualified enough,”

he said

“Second, I have never thought of joining any force, whether it is you, AIMS, Feidian Intelligence, I will not join, I only fight on my own behalf.”

Hearing the first point, Yazi, who was the person who pushed Yake, suddenly had a cold expression, his silver teeth clenched, and a grim flash flashed in his eyes, and he couldn’t wait to tear Lin Mo on the spot.

“You dare to slander the great Lord Yak?!”

“Lin Mo, you are dead, you will not be Isis’s opponent, let alone Lord Yake’s opponent!”

“You will pay for your words, I promise!”

Lin Mo smiled, crossed Yazi, and walked straight to the elevator

“Then I’ll wait and see, Az.”

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