The atmosphere in the president’s office was tense, but everyone focused on the surveillance footage and did not immediately clash.

Isis wanted to see how the combat effectiveness of the Dark Emperor Rider compared to Ark-One, and Fei Electric or Human, Blade Weia and others also wanted to see if Lin Mo could defeat the Kamen Rider who guarded the hostages and save the hostages.

As for death, while looking at the surveillance, he was watching the tiger and being wary of Isis on the side

Even his men can transform into Kamen Rider Ark-One, and to say that Isis is not Kamen Rider, death is not believed.

She is alert to Isis’s movements and ready to transform!



Facing the oncoming Kamen Rider Abaddon, Lin Mo did not think about fighting with them, holding the idea of a quick battle, calmly drew the card, read the card, and raised his hand to cut out the card box sword.

The gray-black sword light cut out, and the three people in front of them were immediately chopped away!

Bang bang!

The three flew upside down several meters away, fell heavily to the ground, and dissolved their transformation on the spot.

A large amount of red mist floated out of the armor and dissipated out of thin air.

Obviously, these people are not real people, but “characters” simulated by nanorobots.

“You’re no match for me.”

Lin Mo retracted his gaze, switched the cassette sword to a cassette gun, and aimed the four people who aimed the muzzle at him not far away.


The muzzle of the gun spewed fire, and the brass bullets that rotated at high speed burst out, hitting the Dark Emperor Horse armor in the blink of an eye.

Mars burst, but the bullets failed to break through the armor, and they were bounced off, some fell to the ground, cracking the floor, and some catapulted into the wall, leaving a deep pit.

And on Lin Mo’s armor, there was not even a single white mark.

“There is also a big gap between Kamen Rider and Kamen Rider.”

Lin Mo said while raising his hand and drawing the card.



The phantoms of the cassette-gun jumped out of thin air and froze in the air.

But as Lin Mo pulled the trigger, the phantom came into reality, and fire burst out from the muzzle!

Gray-black lasers shot out one after another, intertwining into a network of firepower, covering the four people in front of him!

When the four of them fell to the ground, lifted their transformations, and dissipated into red mist, Ark-One’s eyes were greeted, his calmness was no longer there.

He could guess that Lin Mo was very strong, otherwise he would not have come here alone, nor would he dare to attack head-on when he was at an absolute disadvantage in numbers.

So he didn’t rush to do it, he wanted to let his companion go one step ahead and test it.

Anyway, the companion, like himself, is not an ontology, the body is composed of nanorobots, and he dies when he dies, and he doesn’t feel sorry at all.

But he never expected that Lin Mo’s strength was so strong, two moves! Just two moves to kill all seven companions!

“You guy…”

Kamen Rider dressed in black and white armor strode forward, turning over bursts of red and black light on his body, revealing strong malice!

The light contracted little by little, and then condensed on the fist, and the red and black light condensed into a word, exuding possible energy:


Rage of rage, fury of rage!

“Go die!”

Looking at the oncoming “angry” fist of the other party, Lin Mo had no intention of dodging, and also clenched his fist and greeted it head-on!


The two Kamen Riders faced each other head-on very manly, and their fists clashed violently in the air, and the sound was heard throughout the audience!

The gray-black light exploded with the red-black light, Lin Mo “pedaled” back three steps, while Kamen Rider Ark-One took a step back.

Both of their fists were smoking white, and the afterglow was faint.

Although Lin Mo was at a disadvantage, as an opponent, Ark-One did not look down on the Dark Emperor Riding because of this, and the solemnity in his eyes became even thicker!

Because he could clearly feel that the other party was far from exerting his full strength!

This punch just now was a temptation of Ming Huanghuang, not an all-out attack!

Lin Mo glanced at his fist and laughed out loud:

“It made me take three steps back, which is very good,”


He paused slightly, raised his head, looked at Ark-One in front of him, and continued

“If that’s what you hit with all your might, then you’re disappointing me too much,”

he said

“Compared to Ark-ONe of flying electricity or people, you are far worse.”

Hearing this through monitoring, the flying electricity or person in the president’s office was suddenly stunned!

Doubts arose in his mind, I obviously didn’t know him, and during the transformation into Ark-One, I hadn’t fought with him, but why…

This man named Lin Mo seemed to know me well???

This illusion made Fei Dian or people more curious about Lin Mo’s background and his origin.

The man who transformed into ARK-One felt the thick contempt and ridicule in Lin Mo’s words, and suddenly became angry, and a large area of red and black light lit up again!

He yelled at Lin Mo:

“Full force? Don’t underestimate me! ”

“I’ll let you see my full strength!”

Looking at the enemy who entered a state of anger in front of him, Lin Mo didn’t care, shook the white smoke on his hand, and after slashing the card and blasting the card, he pulled out the third card from the card box:

“Then I will also let you see, my full strength.”


Insert card, read!

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