With his hands behind his back, his gaze passed through everyone and fell on the Dark Emperor Rider.

The corners of his mouth hooked up a smile, and his voice was loud:

“You are the Dark Emperor Rider? This look is really different. ”

Only Izumi Bina didn’t know Tianjin Mo present, she blinked her eyes, looked at the man in front of her who blurred his age, looked at his posture, the tone of his speech, and secretly guessed that this was a big man.

However, Lin Mo said with a smile:

“Should I call you President Zaiya, or should I call you Tianjin Yu?”

Tianjin Yu was poked into the sore spot, and the hand behind his back suddenly clenched into a fist, and the smile on his face froze.

Seeing Tianjin Mo’s reaction, Fei Electric or the person “poofed” out laughing, and the corners of the dead mouth couldn’t help but hook up a smile.

Tianjin Yu’s current position in Zaiya was very embarrassing, and he was resigned from the position of president and demoted to the section chief of the “Thousand Horses Section”

But this Thousand Horse Section is actually just an empty shell, and the section chief and employees are only himself.

The ZAIA thousand-bit drive produced by Zaiya Company is naturally not qualified to use it.

Izumi Hina’s guess cannot be said to be completely wrong, Tianjin Yu used to be beautiful, but now he is a drowning dog who has lost the struggle, no longer the president, no longer Kamen Rider, just a marginal person in the company.

Blade Weia withdrew his gaze and said lightly:

“Leave him alone, let’s continue.”

She looked back at her opponent, Kamen Rider Dark Emperor.

Lin Mo smiled, not caring about the arrival of Tianjin Mo.

He drew his cassette sword, raised his hand and wiped the sharp blade:

“Then I’m welcome, Captain Blade Weia.”

As soon as the words fell, Lin Mo followed the wind like a shadow, and pasted towards Blade Wei’a like a ghost, extremely fast!

The long sword in his hand dragged out the afterimage and slashed towards the neck of the lightning wasp from the bottom up, the tip of the sword faintly revealing the edge.

So fast!

Everyone was shocked in their hearts, and they were taken aback by the speed of Lin Mo’s sudden explosion.

Blade Weia is very calm, she has seen Lin Mo’s battle, she knows a little about his style, while retreating, the weather muzzle, aiming at Lin Mo!

Bang bang!

Three bullets are fired in the shape of a “product”, extremely fast!

Lin Mo’s footsteps paused abruptly, and the long sword he handed out retracted, slashing at the bullets flying at high speed.


Two bullets were split by a sword, and the last bullet hit the Dark Emperor Armor.

Mars flashed, leaving an almost invisible white mark on the armor.

Seeing this, Blade Weia said lightly:

“I originally thought that you were a knight of the speed system, but I didn’t expect that your defense ability was not weak.”

Lin Mo smiled and sneered again:

“There’s so much more you don’t know.”

Blade Weia raised her hand again, since ordinary bullets could not help the Dark Emperor Ride, she decisively slapped the key to grab the tail and activate stronger power!


When Blade Ah pulled the trigger, golden wires flashed at the muzzle, and a golden bullet carried lightning and flew out of the muzzle quickly!

At the same time, Lin Mo withdrew the cassetter sword, and under the shocked gazes of everyone, he switched the cassette sword into a cassette gun and pulled the trigger!


The golden bullet tore apart the laser shot by the cassette, and a shattering light suddenly burst out of the air!

Although he failed to block Blade Wei’a’s attack, Lin Mo’s purpose had been achieved, and while pulling the trigger, he turned slightly sideways and used the cartridge bullet to block the lightning bullet for a moment, and completed the evasion action.

Seeing this, Blade Weia couldn’t help but ask:

“Is that one in your hand a sword or a gun?”

Lin Mo smiled:

“I haven’t seen it, it’s called sword and gun unity.”

Everyone listened and was speechless.

“It doesn’t really matter if it’s a sword or a gun, the important thing is that now it’s my turn.”

At the same time as Lin Mo’s voice sounded, he had already completed the action of drawing cards and reading.

The mechanical sound suddenly sounded:



A scene that everyone expected appeared again!

I saw the phantom of the cassette-gun appear out of thin air and freeze in the air.

As Lin Mo pulled the trigger, the cassette gun in his hand, together with the surrounding cassette gun ghost, simultaneously swallowed out a tongue of fire, spraying out a hot laser!


The sound of the air being torn sounded, and one after another lasers formed a network of fire, pounced on Blade Weia!

In the face of crossfire, Blade Wei’a had no time to dodge, so he could only raise his hand, bend over, and resist Lin Mo’s attack hard!

On the side, Fei Electric or the person was directly dumbfounded and exclaimed:

“It turns out that this is not a pistol, but a machine gun ?!”

Izzy’s big eyes flashed with great doubt, and he frowned:

“How is this done?”

As a product of technology, she could not understand Lin Mo’s attack control.

Tianjin Yu’s eyes were slightly dull, although he seemed calm, but the provocative brows still betrayed his mood at the moment.

Death rubbed his chin and muttered:

“Very interesting must kill…”

When the laser dispersed, although the lightning wasp did not fall, a large number of white marks appeared on its body, and white smoke continued to rise where it was hit.

Obviously, Lin Mo’s attack caused a lot of output to her and gave her great pressure.

Seeing this, Lin Mo opened his mouth and said:

“The Lightning Wasp’s defense is beyond my expectations,”

he said

“However, it’s just a warm-up, and I’m going to get serious next.”

Lin Mo said as he raised his hand to draw the card.

But in the next second, a burst of mobile phone ringtones suddenly rang, echoing in the battle field!

Dead, flying electricity or people, not broken, blade only a, the mobile phones of the four people rang almost at the same time!

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