A sword… Solved?

Looking at the armor parts all over the ground, Blade Weia’s pupils contracted into needles, and he was directly stunned in place.

The scene of Lin Mo transforming into a Kamen Rider was enough to surprise her, and what was even more amazing was the combat power he displayed!

Although it is a standard Kamen Rider, the strength of these people after transformation is not weak, stronger than ordinary magic puppets.

In the face of their siege, even Blade Wei’a had to be cautious and not dare to be careless.

But she didn’t expect that this Kamen Rider who suddenly appeared was so powerful that he swept away all the enemies with one sword!

Watching Lin Mo collect the sword and lift the transformation, Blade Weia couldn’t help but ask:

“You, who the hell?”

Blade Weia is not stupid, how can a private detective master such a powerful drive!

In her opinion, the drives are all produced by large companies, such as Feidian Intelligence, Zaiya Enterprise, and Yake Satellite, and so on.

Ordinary people don’t talk about transforming into Kamen Riders, they don’t have a chance to connect to the Touch Knight Drive!

Just like Hiden or people, if he hadn’t inherited Hiden’s intelligence, he would still be just a funny artist in the park, not Kamen Rider 01.

Therefore, Lin Mo must have another background, he is the spokesperson of a large company!

But what Jian Wei’a didn’t know was that Lin Mo was not from this world at all, he came from other worlds!

Therefore, she guessed Lin Mo with her own experience, which was naturally inaccurate.

Looking at Jian Wei’a’s sharp eyes, Lin Mo smiled and said

“I’m just a Kamen Rider who happened to be passing by.”

Ji Weia still wanted to ask, but suddenly, a large number of footsteps came from outside the house, and people in AIMS uniforms rushed in with meteors.

“Captain, are you all right?”

The Lightning Wasp key has satellite positioning capabilities, and each time it is activated, it will transmit back positioning to the base

Therefore, when Blade Weia transformed, the subordinates of the base immediately received feedback and immediately dispatched to rush out.

“I’m okay.”

Blade Weia nodded at his subordinates and lifted the transformation.

Looking at the armor parts all over the ground, the subordinates thought that it was Blade Wei’a who had taken it out, and they all showed surprise.

Jian Wei’a did not explain, and instructed his subordinates to bring back all the people who came to listen to the lecture for interrogation, and he walked to Lin Mo and said in a low voice:

“I want to talk to you, no, to you.”

The corners of Lin Mo’s mouth hooked:

“That’s what I thought too.”


AIMS base, canteen.

Looking at the dazzling food in front of Lin Mo, Jian Wei’a was speechless

She thought to herself, this guy can’t come to rub rice on purpose, right?

Lin Mo ignored the white eyes of Jian Wei’a, and asked while tasting the food of another world


“What do you plan to do with the True Saint Sect in the future? Defining this sect as a terrorist organization is wanted throughout the city? ”

On the side, Izumi Bina also raised his head and looked at Yua Blade.

After Lin Mo explained, she has fully understood the function and position of the AIMS institution, and also understands how powerful this woman of her age is in front of her.

In a word, Blade is the only female captain of AIMS, and the only female knight!

Looking at the drive with the blue pistol pinned to the other party’s waist, Izumi Bina felt more or less envious in her heart

Although she had a mediocre interest in fighting, she missed the matter of fighting side by side with Lin Mo.

At least if you become a Kamen Rider, you will no longer be Lin Mo’s drag oil bottle, and you can have a certain degree of self-preservation.

Blade Weia nodded and explained:

“Yes, if it is defined as a terrorist organization, it can at least curb the strength of the True Holy Religion to continue to absorb followers,”

he said

After a pause, she sighed softly

“I care more about what they call the Garden of Eden than about it,”

he said

“Unfortunately, we can’t interrogate the nanobots, and we can’t get more information.”

Lin Mo said his opinion:

“The Garden of Eden is the paradise of the Old Testament, and combining the teachings of the true holy religion with their absorption of believers who are desperate for life makes me think of a bold guess,” I think of.”

After Izumi Bina and Blade Weia both looked over, Lin Mo continued

“They may want to use the power of Kamen Rider Abaddon and nanobots remotely to cleanse the city, this country, reshuffle the cards, and then create the Garden of Eden!”

When Jian Weia listened, his pupils suddenly shook!

She subconsciously felt that Lin Mo’s statement was unrealistic, and she wanted to subvert a city or a country? How much power does this need to be?!

Izumi Bina rubbed his chin, thought for a few seconds, and said:

“To be honest, if I were also someone who was desperate for life, or dissatisfied with my current life, I might have joined the True Religion as well,” I would have been

“Although I don’t agree with their behavior, I think there will be many people who will be excited by the move of using nanorobots to create new bodies.”

Lin Mo nodded and agreed with Izumi Bina’s opinion.

He looked at Blade Weia and said:

“A city, a country, whose economic results are pyramidal, the higher the presence, the fewer the number,”

“Conversely, there are far more people who are dissatisfied with life than you think.”

“If only the capacity of nanorobots and that kind of knight drive could keep up…”

Lin Mo didn’t say the whole thing, and the point was over.

But when Jian Wei’a heard this, he already understood what Lin Mo wanted to express, and a great panic rose in his heart!

She thought of what she said to her after returning from Feidian Intelligent in the afternoon:

“Don’t underestimate this matter, this is likely to develop into a war!”

At first, Ji Weia still felt that he was not making a fuss, and he was alarmist

But after listening to Lin Mo’s words, she felt that she was small!

The True Sect threatens this city and this country far more than the Thunder Station of Perdition!

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