The multicolored light cluster contains core coins of different colors, shadows and clangs

From appearance to action, the light group was as fast as lightning, and before everyone could react, it flew in front of Goda and crashed into the BirthX belt around his waist!


The belt is unfastened, and the scorpion shrimp and crab core coin used as a transformation flies out of the coin mouth and joins the light cluster incarnated by the king of Oz

Godda immediately lifted the transformation!

“You !!!”

Godda suddenly froze in place, and said in a trembling voice

“What do you want to do?!”

The voice of the king of Oz came from the light cluster:

“You are also a greedy person, since you are a greedy person, then become my power and merge with me!”

“No !!!”

Godda shook his head frantically, he didn’t even have time to pick up the belt that fell on the ground, his body lit up, and three golden core coins immediately flew out of his body, wanting to escape!

The artificial Eiji’s body suddenly fell to the ground.

“Want to escape? It’s too late, finish the link with me! ”

A huge, suction force aimed at the core coin came from the light cluster, and the King of Oz laughed maniacally, watching the golden coin fall backwards little by little and fly towards himself!

“No, no, no, no!”

Goda’s voice trembled, with horror and reluctance, but to no avail.

In the next second, the suction power increased again, and in the blink of an eye, the three golden coins disappeared and were absorbed by the king of Oz!

After absorbing the scorpion, shrimp and crab coins and Goda’s core coins one after another, the light cluster soared, falling into the body of the fallen artificial eiji like a stream of colored water!

All this happened quickly, and before everyone could recover from the big explosion, the King of Oz had successfully completed the plunder and absorption, occupying a new body.

The King of Oz put on the OOO drive again against Eiji’s face.

He looked at Lin Mo and said viciously:

“Lin Mo, let’s continue.”

Three golden coins flew out of his body and fell into the drive, which was the core coin of Goda

High blue centipede,

High Blue Bee,

High blue ants!


As the OOO scanner swept past the core coins, the King of Oz once again put on Kamen Rider armor and gained a new form!

What remains unchanged is the chest armor still printed with colored rings and the horn-like shoulder pads

The arm guards turn yellow and purple, like the tail of a bee

The leg guards are like ant-like hard shells with a metallic luster

Even more striking are the changes in the head, the all-purple face armor, the centipede-like mouthparts, and two purple lines hanging down the sideburns

The King of Oz has become stronger!

In the distance, everyone was amazed!

They thought that this battle was coming to an end, who would have thought that the Jedi of the King of Oz turned over and absorbed his temporary accomplices, and then showed a new form!

In order to become stronger, you can do everything!

Anku gritted his teeth and said, “This guy has actually given birth to a new form!” ”

The stone of the heart that Izumi Bina had just put down rose again.

Shiraishi held Izumi’s hand, she was as nervous as the other

Goto, Itami, Izumi Shingo and others are silently cheering and praying for Eternal Bird and Kamen Rider OOO.

Everyone knows that this time is the real final battle.

The King of Oz shook his fist, felt the new power, and smiled triumphantly:

“Lin Mo, why didn’t you speak? You shouldn’t be scared. ”

Although he had just been defeated once, the King of Oz was not discouraged by this, because now he was stronger again!

The new power gave him a new confidence!

I didn’t expect it….

Lin Mo sighed secretly, according to the original plot, after the king of Oz was defeated, Goda took the opportunity to absorb the ancient king and became a stronger existence, that is, the final big boss,

Therefore, after kicking the King of Oz with one kick, he carefully watches out for Goda’s movements, ready to prevent him from absorbing the power of the King of Oz

But what I never expected was that reality unfolded in complete opposite, it was not Goda who absorbed the king of Oz, but the king of Oz who swallowed Goda!

“But it doesn’t matter anymore,”

he said

At this time, Lin Mo finally spoke, vowed:

“I can defeat you once, naturally I can defeat you a second time.”

Although the unfolding of the plot was completely unexpected by Lin Mo, Lin Mo’s confidence was still the same, and there was no wave in his heart.

In this regard, the king of Oz did not reply, but just let out a sneer.

Yingji stepped forward and stood beside Lin Mo:

“Let’s defeat him together, Lin Mo.”

Saying that, he looked at Anku and stretched out his hand

“Anku, I need your strength.”

Anku snorted, did not refuse, turned into a red coin, and fell into Eiji’s hands.

The coin around his waist switched to an eagle vulture, and Eiji took a deep breath and said:


Mechanical sound starts, Eiji switches from the basic large mop form to the wedding bird form!

The fiery wedding bird and the golden eternal bird stand side by side, like brothers.

Looking at the wedding bird beside him, Lin Mo sighed with emotion:

“Finally I can see you transform into this form with my own eyes.”

He patted Eiji on the shoulder

“Eiji, although the dinosaur group is relatively strong, the marriage bird is my favorite group,” Eiji


“I have no regrets about this journey.”

Marriage Bird???

Eiji looked confused, this is obviously a group of eagle vultures, what the hell is the wedding bird!

Also, what does this journey mean?

Yingji was in a daze, and the cassette, on Lin Mo’s waist, suddenly opened, and a card popped out of it!

“This is?!”

Looking at the new card with content emerging little by little, surprise flashed in Lin Mo’s eyes!

This is an FFR card!

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