Lin Mo took the lead in transforming, flicked his wrist, inserted the Dark Emperor Riding transformation card into the card slot in the middle of the drive, and pushed it with one hand

If Wang Xiaoming is here, he has to say: Good fellow, the transformation posture is more arrogant than me.

Under the gaze of the three greedy people, gray-black shadows appeared out of thin air, standing around Lin Mo

These ghosts are not the same, like they are wearing different armor, but they can’t see the details

In the next second, all the ghosts teleported at the same time, overlapping Lin Mo’s body, condensing into a gray-black armor!



The golden diagonal cross was shining, and the black vertical pattern was embedded in the face armor, revealing mystery and weirdness, and the appearance of the Dark Emperor riding completely exceeded Yingji’s expectations!

Watching Lin Mo transform into a Kamen Rider, the three greedy people were completely shocked.

Metzel’s eyes were round:

“New Kamen Rider?!”

Ufan couldn’t believe the scene in front of him:

“Kazali was defeated by him?”

The tenacious Gamel tilted his head, only feeling that the newly appeared Kamen Rider was mysterious.

Eiji withdrew his gaze, took a deep breath, picked up the scanner on his waist, and shouted:


The red, yellow and green light lit up, and at the same time, a passionate mechanical sound entered everyone’s ears:

Taka! Tora! Batta!

Ta· To· Ba、TaToBa、Ta· To· Ba!

Listening to the familiar “big mop” and watching the transformation of Eiji Huno close at hand, Lin Mo’s heart rose with emotion:

Once I was just an outsider, an audience, but now, I’m already a partner who fights side by side with Eiji….

The weirdos and knights have completed their transformations, needless to say, the big war is about to start!

“Lin Mo, Eiji, come on !!!”

Izumi Hina’s cry became a clarion call to battle.

Lin Mo held the cassette sword and slashed towards the oncoming weight greedy person!

Carmel raised his hands and crossed them in front of him, like a real shield.


A metal symphony sounded, and a series of sparks exploded from the collision!

As soon as the two touched, Gamel looked down, only to see an obvious sword mark appear on his arm, and he was suddenly furious:

“I’m going to slaughter you!”

Ke Lin Mo turned on his feet, did not continue to attack, but turned to Mezir on the other side!

Metzl originally wanted to join forces with Ufan, first take Yingji, and then deal with the strange Lin Mo.

But she didn’t expect that she didn’t go to trouble him, but he took the initiative to kill him!

As a last resort, Mezir could only stop and turn around to block Lin Mo’s attack.

“Get out!”

Mezier raised his hand and waved, and the moisture in the air rioted, condensed into a stream of water, and crashed towards Lin Mo.

Lin Mo’s footsteps slammed, did not continue to press, blinked and switched the cassel sword in his hand to gun mode, aimed the muzzle at the water lady, and pulled the trigger!


Gray-black lasers shot out, passed through the current, hit Mezier, and drifted bursts of white smoke.

“Your opponent is me, Metzl.”

Lin Mo dragged the two greedy people with a sword and a shot, and turned to look at Ying Si Dao

“Eiji, Ufan handed it over to you!”

When Eiji heard this, his heart rose with emotion.

Such teammates are also too reliable!

Metzl felt that he was looked down upon, and stared at Lin Mo and gritted his teeth:

“You guy…”

She decided to teach this guy who didn’t know the height of the sky first!

“Do you think it’s great to take out Kazali? Kazali is only in a crippled state, while I am in full physical form! ”

As soon as her voice fell, a large stream of water jumped out of thin air, condensed into a long strip, and then the form changed again, turning into solid ice!


Metzil waved his hand angrily, and one after another ice spikes burst towards Lin Mo like an arrow off the string!

“I didn’t underestimate you, and it was precisely because you were complete that I wanted to keep you.”

Lin Mo smiled, while explaining, while raising his hand to draw the card, reading,



With the mechanical sound, a mirror cassette gun appeared beside him!

He raised his hand, aimed his muzzle at the incoming ice spike, and pulled the trigger.

All cartridge guns fire at the same time!


Gray-black lasers form a network of fire, strangling the oncoming ice spikes!

When Metzl saw this scene, her eyes were sharp.

Although Lin Mo defused Metzel’s attack, he had more than one opponent, and at the same time that he and Metzil were fighting, Gamer took heavy steps and launched a charge!

Watching the weight greedy person crashing behind Lin Mo, Izumi Bina, who was watching the battle, couldn’t help but shout:

“Lin Mo be careful!”

Lin Mo calmly turned around, faced Gamel, who rushed over like a mad bull, and threw the second card in his hand into the card slot of the drive:

“I haven’t forgotten you.”

The mechanical sound sounded again:



In the next second, the figure of the Dark Emperor Rider disappeared out of thin air, as if erased by an invisible eraser!

Gamel pushed forward hard, but he crashed into loneliness!

Mezleton was stunned!

Izumi Shingo’s eyes were full of shock.

Izumi Bina covered her small mouth and exclaimed:


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