“Now, it’s my turn.”

Looking at the shocked Kazali, Lin Mo raised his hand and drew the card from the cassette.



The gray-black light lit up from the Dark Emperor Rider, and the next second, he split out of thin air and split one after another, all looking exactly like the main body!

“Lin Mo cracked?”

Izumi Bina’s eyes were spent, and several dark emperor riders appeared in front of him, all of them were so real, and it was impossible to see which ones were doppelgangers and which were the main bodies!

Not to mention Izumi Binai, even Kazali, who has sharp eyes, can’t tell the difference.

Like a great enemy, he subconsciously retreated, his gaze wandering over the Dark Emperor Riders, trying to find out his true body.



“Get on!”

“Let’s get on together!”

“Take him down!”


The Dark Emperor riders rushed forward and swooped towards Kazali!

Facing the Dark Emperor Riders pouring in from all directions, Kazali gritted his teeth, picked the one on the left, and slaughtered it with all his might!


The claws stabbed into the armor with a golden diagonal cross, this is not the body!

However, for Kazali, it didn’t matter if it was the body or not, he took the opportunity to pounce and avoid being surrounded and killed by the Dark Emperor horses.

“It turns out that the doppelganger is so fragile, then it will be easy to do!”

“Watch me pull out your doppelgängers one by one!”

Kazali intends to use his speed advantage to fight fast and slow, breaking the doppelgangers one by one.

But the next second, a voice with a smile sounded behind him:

“It’s a pity that you don’t have this opportunity.”

Lin Mo’s voice made Kazali’s scalp numb, cold sweat broke out, he turned around sharply, and what came into view was the Dark Emperor Rider who completed the card insertion action!



Lin Mo’s sword slashed out from left to right, and with the mechanical sound, gray and black energy cards flashed away.

When the cassette-sword slashed through the gray-black cards, the sword body soared with an inch of black light, emitting terrifying energy fluctuations!

Kazari was frightened in his heart, and subconsciously wanted to retreat, but it was too late!

The cassette-sword swallowed a sharp black light, sweeping away all enemies!


Like a knife cutting butter, the black light easily penetrates Kazali’s waist!

Not only Kazali, but also the lampposts, trees, and guardrails behind him were also affected by black light.


The first to fall were three stout roadside trees, with neatly cut cracks in their trunks and slowly falling

Then there’s the alloy lamp post, and the roadside guardrail.

Kazali clutched his abdomen, his legs were shaking, he looked down at himself, and then looked at the dark emperor riding who calmly collected the sword, and his tone was inexplicable:

“King, the king will avenge me…”

After speaking, he was also like the uncle behind him, lampposts, and guardrails, and the waist was split in two and broken into two!


Countless silver coins burst out of Kazali’s body and fell to the ground with a clanging sound.

Among them, there are several core coins that emit yellow light.

Looking at the silver light spots in the sky, Izumi Bina lost his mind for a while.

Shocked, shocked, puzzled, excited, unbelievable… All kinds of complicated emotions rippled in her heart.

After a few seconds, she came to her senses and gasped for air

“Kazali… Cut off by Lin Mo’s sword?! ”

“He, is he so strong?!”

The combat effectiveness of the Dark Emperor Rider far exceeded Izumi Bina’s expectations!

This is completely one-sided crushing!

A flash of light suddenly flashed in her mind, if Lin Mo was so strong, would he be the opponent of the previous king of Oz?

“Perhaps, he can save us and save this city!”

Thinking of this, Izumi Bina subconsciously hooked her red lips, and her eyes were no longer desperate as before, but full of hope!

“Who the hell is this guy?!”

“No, you have to run away quickly, you have to tell the news to the king!”

“The king will definitely make a move, he will definitely kill this abominable Kamen Rider!”

Kazari did not die, his consciousness was deposited on the lion core coin, ready to take advantage of the chaos to escape, and return to report to the king of Oz

But at this moment, a big foot pressed over


Kazali was trampled under Lin Mo’s feet.

“Think I didn’t know your consciousness was hidden in a lion coin?”

Lin Mo snorted twice, first picking up the lion coins, and then picking up the other cat core coins one by one.

At the same time, two motorcycles came at great speed and stopped.

The two rolled over and got out of the car, took off their helmets, and it was Goto of the Kogami Foundation and Itami Idamei.

When they saw the silver coins all over the ground, the tension and seriousness on the faces of the two instantly froze, and their eyes flashed with puzzlement, dazedness, and surprise….

What happened???

They heard that there were lust eaters and greedy people here, so they hurried over from the base.

But what about the enemy? Where is the enemy?

Why are the ground full of cell coins?

And this guy in black armor, who is it?

The two looked at each other, both saw the puzzlement in each other’s eyes, and looked at each other.

Date was a little more bold, looked at the Dark Emperor Rider, and asked directly:

“Guy in black armor, just now there are lust eaters and greedy people here, where are they?”

Hearing a familiar voice, Izumi Bina came to his senses and noticed the arrival of the two.

But before she could explain, Lin Mo’s voice sounded first:

“Didn’t you see it, I killed them all.”

While speaking, Lin Mo spread out his hand and showed the two of them the yellow cat core coin in his hand.

Seeing the core coin, Idamin was stunned!

Goto is no better, his mouth is slightly open, and he looks incredulous!

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