I got out of bed and stood in front of a mirror on one side of the room.

Of course, it was not “Yu Hana” in the mirror, nor was it “Ruel” who I was possessed in the first place.

In the mirror stood a strange woman, with soft platinum blonde hair down to her waist and bright amber eyes.

Elsez Rohain.

It was the name of this body that I found out by calling a maid a while ago.

Elsez quickly grasped the current situation by inciting the maid to talk.

In 294 years of the Elision calendar, three years after the death of Ruel and Masin Lezantia. I mean, it’s been three years since the ending, just like the real world.’

And the environment of the owner of this body, Elsez Rohain.

22 years old, the only daughter of the Viscount Rohain. The only family member, Viscount Rohain who died a month ago when a cargo ship on board sank…’

The maid seemed to think of Elsez’s telling as if she was talking about someone else. That strange act seemed to be caused by her father’s death.

“Well, that doesn’t matter.”

What’s really important is that Elsez is the the resurrection of the Gods.

Why did “this body” become a resurrection of the demon?

Elsez put her face close to the mirror and examined her face carefully.

Well, it’s pretty, but… I don’t think she’s a hero for sure.’

Among the countless heroes of “Last Heroes” a game that devoted its life, there was no character with this appearance and name.

At first glance, the owner of the body was an ordinary person who seemed to have nothing to do with Lezantia.

“Status window.”

Elsez called the status window, but the status window did not appear.

A while ago, the reason why I called the maid and found out the name of this body and the current situation was because the status window did not appear.

I called it again just in case, but it was the same.

“Is the status window not showing because I’m the final boss, not a player?”

The final boss, who plays the role of being hunted by the player, doesn’t have to know this or that.

It’s just a matter of dealing with players, faithful to her roles.

Realizing the reality, Elsez sighed to the ground.

“What the hell is going on here?”

I don’t know why or why this is happening, but I know one thing for sure.

“It’s X.”

It’s also very hard.

Just as Ruel died and I went back to the original world, can I go back to the original world if I die?

Elsez grabbed her head and recalled the situation on the verge of being possessed.

‘But I was hit by a car just before I was possessed….’

The next memory began when I opened my eyes here.

The first time I was possessed, I woke up one day when I was playing games, but this time I felt like I was dead.

So it was reckless to die prematurely.

So what now?’

I don’t want to be a villain, but I couldn’t just let go. The heroes will come to punish myself one day in pursuit of the power of the devil.

And what’s the ending of the final boss in the game?

It’s near a hundred percent chance of death.’

Elsez vented her anger at her scheduled bad ending.

“No, the more I think about it, the more I feel unfair! Do you want me to be killed by the heroes I raised?”

If I had known the heroes I raised would have come to kill me, I wouldn’t have raised them like that!

“What kind of mafia game is this? In this game I was an innocent citizen, and in the next game I was a mafia, what is this?”

The creator of this game, or the ‘God’ who attracted himself to this world, must have a pervading tendency.

“If I meet that bastard creator. Just watch it, I’m behind you, really…”

At the time when I was angry at the producer or god who made the game, I heard a knock.

“Miss, I brought you a meal.”

Elsez quickly calmed the confusion and her anger, then replied in a calm voice.

“Come on in.”

A maid named Lenny, who entered the room, laid down the meal on the table where Elsez was sitting. 

When Elsez looked at her with a quizzical eye, Lenny carefully brought it up.

“Well, by the way, miss. Do you really mind if I don’t call a doctor?”

Lenny was wondering about Elsez’s unusual condition.

“Well, I forgot my father’s existence overnight, and I forgot my age, so it may seem strange.”’

Elsez replied in a strange voice.

“I’m fine.”

It was because I’m really okay, but there was a more important reason.

Now that the Viscount of Rohain died, Elsez, the only daughter, was the de facto patriarch of the family.

‘When rumors spread that the condition of the Rohain only heir is not good, then a bugs will get tangled everywhere.’

It is not yet known whether Lenny is reliable or not. Then it was good to hide the weaknesses as much as possible.

“Get out of here. I want to be alone.”

I’m looking at the tableware thinking that I could eat comfortably alone now.

However, Lenny, who had a white face for some reason, shook and bowed her head with an expression that seemed to cry at any moment.

“Sorry, I’m sorry. Miss! I dared to say something out of concern. I won’t do that next time, so please don’t kick me out…”

“Huh? Why I have to kick you out.”

Elsez waved her hand with a panicked look.

‘Worrying about the owner isn’t something to do with kicking her out, is it? The original Elsez must have been a very harsh owner.’

Elsez somehow felt sorry for Lenny, who had been suffering from the original Elsez, so she tried to soothe her with a smile.

“Thank you for your concern.”

This word will not change Elsez’s image.

Lenny looked at Elsez with puzzled eyes.

‘Have she changed…?’

The original Elsez was a great mood maker.

When she was in a good mood, she showed generosity, and when she was in a bad mood, she nitpicked at even the smallest things and used a whip.

In particular, since the death of the Viscount Rohain, she felt like she was walking on thin ice every day.

But today, she even said, “Thank you for your concern.”

Lenny rose from her seat, repeating ‘thank you’ with a puzzled expression.

“You must be hungry, too, so go eat.”

The maid who was about to leave, suddenly Elsez called her out to the thought that came to her mind.

“Lenny, I need to ask you a question.”

“Yes, yes! Ask me anything.”

“The heroes who saved this world from Masin three years ago, remember?”

It was a hero who saved the world, so I thought that some people would know their news.

I wondered how they were doing, who had been living together for a decade, and there were expectations that they might be able to get help with the situation they are in.

However, Lenny trembled as soon as the word “heroes” came out.

“Oh, they…”

She looked like I was talking about a villain, not a hero.

Elsez asked, wondering.

“They… No, have you heard anything recently?”

When Lenny suddenly saw Elsez asking for news of the heroes, she was puzzled and timid.

“As you know, Astaire was a cardinal and recently came to the Temple of the Empire, right? Everyone is going crazy to meet him these days.”

Astaire became a cardinal?’

Elsez never saw the story after the ending, so she didn’t know the stories of the heroes after the ending.

That’s right, because the purpose of the game disappears after defeating the final boss.

For continuous billing of users, mobile games were originally designed to prevent users from seeing the ending.

However, new scenarios continue to emerge.

Even that, Ruel disappeared from this world and there was no way to know.

‘Astaire, you grew up well. You really became a cardinal.’

Elsez waited for the next news, feeling proud inside.

However, Lenny’s expression, which had been loosened a little, hardened again when she delivered Astaire’s news.

“And Rashiel… He became the owner of the magic tower three years ago, but he hasn’t come out of the tower since then. There’s a rumor that he’s studying black magic, and I don’t know the details…….”

Elsez, who was listening to the story silently, opened my eyes wide in surprise.

Black magic is forbidden by law.

Studying black magic meant turning your back on the entire continent as well as the empire.

‘Oh my, it’s a rumor. Since you said he wouldn’t come out of the tower, the uncertain rumors must have been misrepresented. Don’t tell me Rashiel would do that.’

Elsez said, ‘My child is not the one who would do that.’ She tried to deny it and heard the following news.

“I’m not sure about Cassian, and I think you’ll know better about Tezzete…”

I know better? Are we two related?’

Elsez was curious, but if I asked more about him, I thought she would be suspicious, so I decided to move on.

If we were so close, we would know slowly without trying to find out.

“Well, yes.”

When Elsez nodded and agreed, Lenny, who thought the matter was over, approached the door again.

“Then call me if you need anything.”

After Lenny left, Elsez was left alone and decided to organize her thoughts by eating first.

“But was there originally six cookies?”’

I think Lenny had more than this when she put the plate down.

Elsez tilted her head, but she turned it over and picked up the tableware because she was in a bad feeling.

After thinking and eating without knowing whether the meal was going into the nose or mouth, Elsez reached out for dessert cookies for mouthwash.


But this time, the cookies were reduced to four.

Elsez was startled.

‘I’m the only one in the room’

I have not been afraid of ghosts since I graduated from elementary school. Because humans are always scarier.

However, in front of the current phenomenon, which has no other way to explain it, I felt goosebumps after a long time.

Elsez, who was looking at the cookie with a puzzled expression for a moment, slipped the fork down, pretended to bend down to pick it up, and quickly raised her head again.

At that moment, I made eye contact with a rabbit doll who was holding a cookie plate and putting it in her mouth.

The rabbit doll with a black haze around it froze as it made eye contact with Elsez.

With a rattling sound

Silence came with the sound of an empty plate falling on the table.

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