Chapter 86 - The Kages Fall One By One

The great battle began again!

This time, the four kages all used their trump cards. Facing Tobirama’s desperate fight, they did not shrink back.

If they could not kill Hokage today, the four countries would continue to live under the shadow of the Senju clan!

For a time, Tobirama’s situation immediately became extremely bad.

Although it added a few new wounds to the enemy, he was also in danger.

However, this was still Konoha!

Under the leadership of a group of Jonin, Konoha Ninjas fearlessly rushed into the center of the most dangerous battlefield, using their lives to delay the rhythm of the four shadows attack, winning Tobirama time and time again to catch his breath.

Especially when the elites of the big families came on the stage, the pressure of the four kages suddenly increased by countless times!

Akamichi clan’s super-magnification technique!

Nara clan’s Shadow ImitationTechnique!

Yamanaka clan’s Heart Turn Technique!

Aburame clan’s Bug Parasitic Secret Technique!

Inuzuka Clan roared as he merged with his beloved dog and turned into a giant beast.

The Juken and Byakugan of the Hyuga Clan, Uchiha’s Fire Escape and Sharingan…

There was also the ordinary Konoha Ninja who rushed to the enemy’s side with red eyes, just to bite the enemy…

The four Kages were like bears that poked a hornet’s nest. They were drowned by countless ninjutsu and secret arts. Every step forward, they had to pay the price of blood!

It was either the enemy’s or his own!

However, under such pressure, the four kages that had completely freed themselves from the restraints in their hearts also erupted with an extremely terrifying killing power!

Because they knew that today was probably not going to be a good day.

Even if they were able to kill Senju Tobirama, someone was bound to die here.

However, it was worth it to use his own life in exchange for several decades of recuperation time in the village behind him!

Kage-level was indeed worthy of being called Kage-level. Every time he made a move, he would take away countless souls.

Especially the Nidaime Tsuchikage, who was once humiliated by Madara and was seriously injured. At this moment, his eyes were already red from killing, and the chakra in his body was constantly transforming into Dust Escape. Under this kind of attack, wanting to leave a corpse was merely an extravagant hope!

But at the same time, the ruthless killing was also targeted by Tobirama!

After paying such a painful price, if he could not kill all four kages, Konoha might not be able to recover in a few decades.

Therefore, these people must die!

“Water Escape – Water Dragon Bite – Explode!”

After Tobirama finished forming the seal, he slammed his hands on the ground.

The huge water began to rush forward fiercely. Streams of water shot up into the sky, and finally gathered into a huge water dragon that opened its huge mouth and bit at Mu who was floating in the air again!

At the same time, three flying dragons followed closely behind.

The Nidaime Tsuchikage, first used Dust Escape to destroy the water dragon. Then, he focused all his attention on the three dragons, ‘left, right, and front’.

It was because of this loss that he was almost beheaded.

And this time, he would never make such a low-level mistake again.

“Come on, Hokage, which direction will you choose?”

My hands once again posed in the position of Dust Escape, waiting for Tobirama to appear…

But just at this time, the water dragon that had been scattered before turned into a rain of water.

Suddenly sensing the chakra fluctuation, Mu did not hesitate to raise his hand to aim at his head!

“The same mistake, I will not make the same mistake again!”

“Die, Hokage!”

The radiance released by Dust Escape instantly enveloped all of Tobirama’s figure.

Although he didn’t know when the other party was hiding among his own Water Escape, but his acute perception of chakra still allowed him to discover something fishy!

Was it over?

Indeed, it was over!

Because Mu turned around and faced the sky,

So the last one, that is, the flying thunder god kunai that flew directly to Mu has quietly come behind him…


Tobirama’s expressionless figure instantly appeared, “Compared to that guy Izuna who almost had no idea where to start, you are simply full of loopholes.”

Puchi —

The long knife directly pierced through Mu’s heart from behind.

And the ‘Tobirama’ who was killed by Mu just now was just a water body that he hid inside and deliberately let Mu go to sense.

In terms of combat experience, it was not that Tobirama looked down on anyone, the few Kages present were not even worthy to carry his shoes!

Although the era of chaos was a memory he did not want to recall in advance, it also brought him precious things that outsiders could not imagine.

Blood splattered in the air!

Without end, he kept spitting out large mouthfuls of blood, while looking at the katana that pierced through his body with a complicated expression.

In the end, everything returned to peace.

“As expected of Senju Tobirama. It is not shameful to be defeated by you, but today you must die. I will wait for you down there, Hokage…”

After wasting the last of his life, he split into a split body, and then hugged Tobirama from behind.

At the same time, a clone in the shape of a child, wearing the same clothes as the Nidaime Mizukage, had flown nearby at some point in time.

It was the ultimate killing move created by Gengetsu Hōzuki using the oil and water in his body. Even Mu felt that it was tricky and terrifying!

“Fuming danger, explosive power!”


The oil on the surface was rapidly heated up, and the water inside quickly evaporated. The huge explosion caused by the water vapor instantly exploded in the sky!

The Nidaime Mizukage, Gengetsu Hōzuki, had intended to kill Tobirama and Mu from the very beginning!

“Lord Tobirama!”

The countless ninjas below all revealed shocked expressions. They were very worried about whether Lord Tobirama could survive the explosion.

However, when the explosion finally ended, that figure once again appeared on the battlefield. It did not disappoint those who trusted him!

The situation of Tobirama, who appeared once again, was not good. Because of the splitting of his body, the time it took to use Flying thunder god was delayed a little, causing the entire left arm to be torn open and bloody. It was extremely terrifying.

However, it was not a loss for Tobirama to kill Tsuchikage at such a price!

At this moment, some people noticed that Lord Tobirama was holding a glowing sword in his right hand.

“That is… The Sword of the Thunder God?!”

One of the Senju clansmen who had been fighting alongside Tobirama the earliest exclaimed.

“The Sword of the Thunder God? What a domineering name. Is that Lord Tobirama’s weapon? Why have I never seen Lord Tobirama use it before?”

Hearing someone ask, the aged Senju clansman explained with a complicated expression, “This The Sword of the Thunder God was once Lord Tobirama’s personal sword. It was incomparably sharp and contained an infinite amount of lightning power”

“It was only because of a certain battle that the lightning power that erupted from it accidentally killed innocent people. Lord Tobirama was blaming himself, which was why he sealed this personal sword.”

“I never thought that I would be able to see Lord Tobirama kill the enemy with The Sword of the Thunder God today. I no longer have any regrets in my life!”

As this Senju clansman narrated the story tirelessly, the morale that had already declined rose once more!

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