Under the kerosene street lamp, two men walking out of the evil dragon bar watched from a distance as Xifa got into the alley. They were all dressed in blue-gray docker uniforms. They were drunk, their eyes were red, and the corners of their eyes were bloodshot.

   After winking at each other, they quickly followed, but when they got into the alley, they found that there was not even a ghost in the alley.

   "Damn, the fat sheep ran away!" One of the shorter men took off his hat and slammed to the ground.

   "Fortunately for him, otherwise, there will be more water ghosts in Tingen City tonight." Another companion snorted, with his hands in his trouser pockets, he slightly bent over and walked out of the alley.

   After the two men left for a while, a figure jumped from the warehouse next to him. When he walked out of the alley, the street light re-illuminated Sifa’s face.

   Just as the bartender said before, there are people here who want money and don't die. The two dockers just now must have been eyeing him in the bar.

   According to Xifa's idea, people who dare to hit their own wallets and sink their bodies under the water will not see the sun tomorrow.

   But considering that Tingen is now lurking in unknown dangers, he didn't want to attract attention, so he finally dispelled this idea.

   returned to the hotel with a bag of materials. After Xifa carefully hid it, he went to bed comfortably.

   There is no dream all night.

   When he woke up the next day, Xifa couldn't wait to summon the "Book of Mystery", hoping to get a cure for Lan Qi. Kyle’s wife’s condition is very serious. If you delay it for a day, the danger will increase.

   Probably because of her mother's relationship, Sifa didn't want to see Ainilu's friend lose her loved one.

   He has tasted the pain of loss.

   As soon as he got the ‘Book of Mystery’, Sifa opened the page of the message board and saw that there was a reply below. He was overjoyed.

  ‘Bushen is No. 1 in the world: Lawson’s Folk Herbal Shop, 18 Flade Street, East District. The boss is an extraordinary person in the life school pharmacist approach. ’

  ‘Please call me, Banxian: Let Ah Meng steal her liver disease, it’s fine, I’m so stupid. ’

  ‘The Faceless Man: This problem is not difficult to solve, as long as you go to the eastern part of Tingen, there is a herbal shop on Vlad Street, which was opened by a pharmacist. Go to him and take a few packets of herbs to heal him. In addition, you can also buy a few packs of special medicines formulated with mummy powder. Trust me, it will make you have a pleasant experience. ’


   There is really a way!

   is worthy of being a watcher, they know so many things, they didn't expect to know even the information about the treatment.

  Sifah hastily jotted down a few key words without going to other comments, ending the call.

   After breakfast, the servant Matthew went out with a gift and began to visit those friends named by Bisen. Xifa called Gru and asked him to go to Vlad Street in the eastern district of Tingen, look for the herbal shop with the word Rosen, and buy medicines that can treat liver diseases.

   At noon, the sweaty bodyguard returned, and Gru put a pack of herbs on the table.

"Sir, according to your instructions, I went to Lad Street, Zhangjiakou. There is indeed a drug store called'Rosen Folk Herbal Shop'. I told the boss to treat liver diseases, so he gave me this package. "

   "This package of herbs is not cheap, so a small package cost us 10 pounds, a full 10 pounds!"

   "The money I spent on seeing a doctor from childhood to adulthood is added together, and it is not as much as this package of herbs. Oh, yes, he also ordered to use enough water to add this package of things, and cook them together into medicine."

   "After cooking, add ten drops of fresh rooster blood, and then drink it immediately. He said that this package of herbs can be boiled three times, and there should be no problem after three times."

  Sifah immediately picked up the package of herbs and did not eat lunch, so he took a rented carriage to Chris Private Hospital.

   Outside the single ward, Sifa met Kyle. The former hunter's spirit became more haggard, he hugged his head and shrank in the corner.

   Hearing the sound of footsteps, he raised his head, then quickly wiped his face and stood up.

  Sifah strode forward carrying the package of herbs: "There is good news, Mr. Kyle, I should have found a way to treat Ms. Lanqi."

At this time, the door of the ward opened, and a doctor and two nurses walked out and said to Kyle solemnly: "Ms. Lanqi's situation is not optimistic. You have to consider whether to perform surgery. If you are sure, then you must hurry. I’m afraid the operation will not make much sense any longer.”

   He nodded to Xifa again, and then left with the two nurses.

   Kyle said hoarsely: "Lanqi became ill last night and she was in pain. I almost thought she was leaving me."

   "What did you just say, did you find a way to treat Lan Qi?"

  Sifah handed him the package of herbs and told him how to make the potion. Kyle said dubiously: "This package can heal Lanqi?"

   "We can try, if it still doesn't work, we will consider surgery."

   Kyle nodded and took the herbs down.

   When a cup of black-green, boiling liquid appeared in front of Xifa's eyes, Xifa's confidence in this thing began to shake.

   Especially the weird smell, like socks that have not been washed for many days, makes people nauseous. It really makes people suspect that this is not a cup of poison.

   "The last step is left."

   Kyle put a drop of rooster blood into the potion~www.readwn.com~ and gritted his teeth, helped his wife on the hospital bed, and fed the potion to her.

   gurgle gurgle.

   Not long after the medicine was drunk, the patient's stomach rang. In the end, Lan Qi went to the toilet three times in one afternoon.

   This made Kyle even more suspicious of the herbs that Xifa brought, but seeing that every time he went to the toilet, his wife's spirit improved significantly, Kyle did not give up.

   On the second day, when Kyle was lying on the hospital bed and sleeping deep, he felt that someone was rubbing his hair, and he opened his eyes.

   In the soft morning light, he saw his wife sitting up, although his face was still pale, but the corners of his mouth were smiling, and the whole person's spirit seemed particularly good.

   Kyle thought he was dreaming, and rubbed his eyes vigorously to confirm that Lan Qi was looking at him with a smile.

   "How are you?" Kyle asked hurriedly.

   Lanqi moved her arm: "In so many days, this is the first time I feel that I am recovering and becoming healthy."


   Kyle rushed out of the ward excitedly and called the doctor. After an examination, the doctor looked surprised.

   "This is simply a miracle. Ms. Lan Qi's condition is improving, which is incredible. According to her current situation, it may not be long before you can go home."

   Kyle's eyes lit up, and it was the first time he saw hope since his wife's illness.

   He thought of Sifa and of his eagerness to run for his wife's illness, Kyle said softly: "Lanny really taught a good son."

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