"Its function, just like its literal meaning, will make people fall asleep."

   Ai Nilu picked up the round star point crystal again: "This is the'location charm', which allows you to track and lock the target. It needs the other party's common items as a medium, preferably blood."

"at last."

  Sifah followed his mother's sight and fell on the triangle-shaped white crystal, and listened to her mother.

   "This is a'flash spell'. It has no attack effect, but it can create a strong light and make the surrounding area white."

   "They must be turned on in ancient Hermes, and then infused with your spirituality, and thrown at the target within about 3 seconds, then they can have an effect."

   "And for these three types of spells, the mantras that are activated are ‘Night Night’, ‘Tracking’ and ‘Blinking’.”

   Xifa wrote it down. He had already learned the ancient Hermes language, and the opening spell was just a word, which was easy to remember.

   Ai Nilu smiled and said: "It should be noted that the charm is a one-time consumable, so you can use it when you need it. Although it is not comparable to a magical item, the advantage is that it has no negative effects."

   "Then next..."

She held up the elegant scarlet revolver: "This is a magical item, the name is'Blood Praise'. It can add random extraordinary effects to the bullet, including but not limited to blood boiling, blood disappearing, poisoning, weakness, Slow, etc." (Note 1)

   "Pay attention to its hammer..."

   At the reminder of his mother, Sifa looked carefully at the hammer of the revolver and found that there were two sharp points on the hammer, like the teeth of some kind of poisonous snake.

   "When you pull the hammer, this revolver will absorb your blood. It will strengthen the extraordinary effect of your next bullet, and will add additional effects depending on the characteristics of the user."

   After a short pause, Ainilu narrowed her smile and looked serious: "The last thing to note is that all magical items will have negative effects."

"This pistol is no exception, and its negative effects must be taken seriously. Every time it is used, in battle, it will make a strange sound with a very low probability, the sound is like the singing of a church choir. ."

   "Singing will cause a trance regardless of the enemy and us. The singing is difficult to be immune to. The higher the sequence, the easier it is to resist. Moreover, it has a certain unknown effect."

   "It will strengthen the surrounding spiritual creatures, spiritual creatures, and restore vitality, etc."

   "In addition, on Sundays, the extraordinary effect will occasionally fail, and after each use, it needs to be fed with the blood of its carrier, only about one to ten milliliters."

   After finishing speaking, Ainilu glanced at Xifa: "Remember?"


   Ai Nilu nodded slightly and smiled: "There is only so much I can do for you. In short, you must be more careful."

   "I will, mother."

   Ai Nilu put the revolver back into the box, and closed the metal box: "So, when are you going to say goodbye to your brothers and sisters?"

   Xifa Shen said: "Tomorrow night, what do you think?"

   Ai Nilu looked at him tenderly: "I respect all your decisions."

   Then, she took out an envelope and handed it to Xifa: "Your father should have told you that the clue to the'Hunter' Sequence 8 potion is in Tingen."

   Xifa took the envelope and nodded.

"After you arrive in Tingen, go find a man named'Kyle Garden'. He is a friend of my previous adventures. He is the'Provocateur' of Hunter Path Sequence 8. He knows the provocateur's potion. formula."

   "If he didn't move out, then he should still live at No. 5 Narcissus Street, and even if he moved away, he should still live in Tingen."

   "Because his wife is a local resident of Tingen, they should not leave Tingen."

   "He owes me a favor, so when he sees this letter, he should tell you the recipe. You can learn from him how to play the role of ‘provider’. I remember he was very good at it before."

   Ai Nilu sighed softly: "I only know so much about the'Hunter' potion. In the future, you have to go on your own."

   "Don't worry." Sifa raised the envelope in his hand, "The solution is better than the difficulty. I will go on this road and go far enough."

   Hearing what Xifa said, Ainilu didn't mean to be happy at all: "This road, in fact, it's better not to go too far."

   "Why, mother?" Sifa looked at the woman in front of her curiously.

   Mother shook her head: "It's nothing, it's just some old people's emotions, you don't have to take it to heart."

   Xifa sternly said: "Mom, you are not old at all."

   Ai Nilu laughed: "Your mouth is so sweet, go to Tingen, don't harm too many girls."

   West Pharaoh blushed: "Mom, I'm not that kind of person."


   With his mother’s ‘gift’, Sifa returned to his room and opened the personal servant. He closed the curtains and began to summon the ‘Book of Mystery’.

   After the ceremony was held, the illusory and heavy classics fell into the hands of Xifa.

   The cover and the pages inside opened on their own, and came to the page of ‘Mystery Craftsman’.

   Xifa saw that the number of dimensional crystals had changed again.

   It has 171 now!


  ‘The salted fish hanging on the head of the bed thinks you are very good, and has rewarded 100 dimensional coins, which have been automatically exchanged for 1 dimensional crystal. ’

  ‘The Lord of Youlan said to you to cheer, and rewarded 100 dimensional coins, which have been automatically exchanged for 1 dimensional crystal. ’

  ‘My World’s 12th Week Jinyan said to hurry up and rewarded 100 dimensional coins...’

  ‘I’m just a little napkin who thinks you are great, and rewarded 200 dimensional coins...’

  ‘544455AF thinks you are awesome~www.readwn.com~ and rewarded 100 dimensional coins...’

  ‘Yun Sheng is very optimistic about you, and once again rewarded 400 dimensional coins...’

  ‘Floating Cloud Ruomu told you Lao Tie 666 and rewarded him with 100 dimensional coins...’

  Praise the watchers, they have helped me again. With so many meta-crystals, I have to make good use of it.

   Xifa looked down.

   The ‘tag ‘Master of the Trap’ has received more than 50 likes, and your ability in traps has been increased by 1%. ’

  ‘You get a new label: National Husband. ’

  ’This tag has been praised more than once, your attraction to the opposite **** has increased, and your charm has been slightly improved. ’


   National husband?

   Which watcher puts this on the label, is this for me to mess around with flowers? No, no, I am not such a person.

  Sifah can’t laugh or cry, but it’s not bad to increase the charm, and it will play an unexpected role in social situations.

   So, I still have to thank those who watched. I didn't expect that they could even do this kind of thing.

   Calming a little, Sefa opened the metal box next to him and took out the scarlet revolver from inside. He held the revolver tightly, communicated with the mysterious book with his consciousness, and followed the instructions of ‘strengthening’.

   At this time, a line of information appeared on the page of the book.

  ‘It takes 38 dimensional crystals to strengthen this item. Do you want to continue? ’

   Note 1: The idea of ​​this magical item was provided by book friend 20191117152521520, and it was modified on this basis. Thank you to all those who have provided creative ideas, praise you!

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