"What did you say, you are about to finish digesting the'Hunter' potion?"

   Ai Nilu looked at Sifa in surprise, and she whispered: "Is this true? God, how long have you taken the potion?"

   Xifa had been prepared for this, he caught his hair: "I was also surprised."

   "After I became a hunter, I wanted to know more about the meaning of a hunter, so I went to Mr. Lyon. I learned a lot from him, and I often go hunting with him."

   "I don't know if it's because of this, the potion is digested very quickly."

   Xifa implicitly hinted: "Every time I hunt, I forget my original identity. In that process, I am like a hunter, a real hunter."

   Ainilu’s eyes flashed astonishment again, and then solemnly said: "I understand, you first go to your father and explain this to him, and he will make arrangements for you."

   "After seeing him, come and find me in the house, you know which room it is."

   Xifa nodded, then returned to the villa.

   He saw Byson in the study.


   Xifa directly explained his intention.

   Byson put down the newspaper in his hand and laughed happily: "As expected of my son, he will be promoted so soon. Very good, quite good."

   If it were before, Xifa would probably be happy because of his praise. As for now, there is a smile on his face, but there is no wave in his heart.

   "That's it. Your mother told me that you need to go to Tingen to find the potion for your next stage."

   Byson stopped his smile and said sternly.


   I just want to go there.

   This is really great. It just so happens that seeking potions and contacting fellow villagers can be done together.

   Xifa suppressed the excitement in his heart, and listened to Bison to continue.

   "In Tingen, I have a few friends, and you happen to visit them on my behalf."

   Byson lowered his voice, his pupils slightly enlarged and said, "Son, our business map is about to officially unfold."

"I will remit 5000 pounds to your account in Backlund Bank. This money will be used for your trip to Tingen. You can use it to buy, invest, pave the way, whatever. "

   "You can use it, and give us a way to Backlund!"

   At this moment, Sifa could fully feel the ambition of the man in front of him. He knew that Backlund was just a pronoun.

   The real road in Bison's heart is called politics.

   The end of that road is the power center of the Ruth Kingdom.

"in addition."

   Byson smiled mysteriously: "I have a gift for you."

   "Your annuity."

   "Your original annuity was 3,000 pounds. Now, I will raise it to 5,000 pounds."

   "This is the reward for your outstanding performance in the recent period. And this money will be transferred to your bank account together with the activity funds, and you can completely control the money."

   "And I believe that you will use the money correctly."

   Two funds of 5,000 pounds, that is to say, when I arrive in Tingen, I can control as much as 10,000 pounds!

  Sifah breathed a little, then nodded gently: "Thank you, father."

   Byson leaned back slightly and said with a chuckle: "Go, which friends I want to visit, I'll tell you later."

After Sifa left, the baron's mouth raised: "Behave well, son. 5000 pounds is not a small amount. It is enough to make a low-sequence Extraordinary work for me, and enough for a mid-to-high-sequence powerhouse to take one or two shots. ."

   "I hope that the investment I made in you will not lose money."


   In the occult hut, Xifa met her mother. Ainilu was putting a beautiful metal box on the table. When she saw Xifa, she beckoned and said softly.

"Close the door."

   After the door was closed, Ainilu patted the box lightly and said, "Before I give these gifts to you, I have one thing to tell you."

"Sifa, you are very smart. You understand the meaning of hunters through contact with Lyon. And you are actively engaged in hunter activities. You unintentionally, you play the role of'hunter', over and over again, which makes you quickly digest the current stage. Potion."


  Mother knows how to play.

   Sifah let himself show the right ‘accident’ look: "Play? Mom, why do you say I’m acting."

   Ai Nilu smiled and explained: "Playing, to be precise, is'playing method'. By playing the role represented by the name of the potion, it speeds up the digestion of the potion and combats the risk of losing control."

   "This method, even among the Extraordinary, is rarely known. My original plan was to let you adjust to it for a while before telling you."

   "Unexpectedly, you actually figured it out by yourself."

   "But Xifa, you must remember, you must remember one thing. No matter what role you play, you can only be you, and you must be you."

   "You have to remember, you are just acting. You have to keep your'self' at all times, otherwise, you will get lost and even be assimilated by the residual influence in the potion~www.readwn.com~ eventually leading to loss of control."

   Xifa was shocked in a cold sweat, this time it was not a pretense. He just knows the ‘playing method’, but he doesn’t know, it turns out that there are also problems with the ‘playing method’, and the problem is not small.

   "I see, Mom, I will be careful."

   Ai Nilu sighed slightly: "If you can, how I hope you will always be the little boy who depends on me."

   "But now, my boy has grown up and is about to go to a wider world. Mom can't stop you, and can't stop you."

   "So Sifa, you must always be vigilant and learn to protect yourself. The dangers of the mysterious world are beyond your imagination."

   Looking at this woman's eyes, Sefa could feel her true emotions. Unlike Bison, she loves herself and the original owner purely and from the heart.

   Ainilu shook her head, as if she wanted to use this action to drive away the faint sadness.

   She opened the box and smiled again: "Come on, look at the present I prepared for you."

   The metal box was opened, and there were two rectangular silver pieces lying quietly inside, a round star-pointed crystal, and a triangular white crystal.

   These silver pieces and crystals are engraved with spells written in Hermes, symbols, and corresponding spiritual numbers and magic signs.

   In addition, there is also a revolver with an elegant style, simple patterns and peculiar symbols inscribed.

   Its barrel is slender, and the handle is round and beautiful. The main color of the gun body is scarlet, with different color patterns such as gold, light red and silver.

   "These are spells, the ones that were taught in the last occult course."

   Ai Nilu pointed to the silver piece and began to introduce: "This is the'Slumber Charm'..."

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