Leeds? Which Liz, do I know this person?

   Suddenly, Sifa patted his head, remembering that Rachel, the former close-kids maid, had come to him on the night of the ‘press conference’.

   Rachel said at the time that the original owner once asked a detective named Liz to investigate something.

   So, this detective is back?

   He already has the results of the investigation!

   Looking at the letter on the table, Sefa burned it. Then in the afternoon at the church above, he left the house alone without bringing a personal servant on the grounds of praying for the victims.

   stayed in the church for a short period of time. It was not until around three o'clock that he headed to Mermaid Road and went to the'Canary Restaurant'.

   This restaurant is not far from the Fengting Bakery. Xifa can see from a distance that the Bakery is being rebuilt.

   Yesterday, in order to deal with the little devil, Xifa almost failed to blow up the whole bakery. Unfortunately, due to his status, he could not directly compensate the owner of the bakery.

   Fortunately, the donations received by the church last night will be used for the burial of the victims and the transition of families in difficulty. The bakery should be able to get a grant from the church for reconstruction.

   did not wear formal clothes, making himself look like an ordinary middle-class person, Xifa opened the door of the restaurant without attracting much attention.

   He took a quick look at the restaurant, and soon saw a middle-aged man sitting in the far corner, who was looking at the door and waved his hand.

   That should be Detective Liz.

  Sifah walked over calmly. Detective Liz was small, but he looked shrewd. He keeps a goatee and has a walnut pipe beside him.

   Maybe because the restaurant can't smoke, he just rubbed the pipe, but didn't plan to pick it up and bit his lips.

  Sifa came to this table, pulled out the chair and sat down, and smiled in greeting: "Good afternoon, Mr. Liz, it's nice to meet you."

   A waiter came forward, and Xifa ordered a cup of coffee.

   "Good afternoon, Mr. Xifa."

   As the detective spoke, he took out a paper bag from behind. Open it, and dump some documents and photos from it.

   "I have checked the things you entrusted me to investigate. These are evidences. Please go through them."

  Sifah took them over, and first noticed a few photos. In the photo, it seems to be a farmhouse in the suburbs, with a couple holding a baby and five children surrounded by them.

   Looking at the document again, it turned out to be an adoption certificate.

these are?

   Xifa looked up at the detective.

   Detective Liz picked up the walnut pipe, bit it on his lips, but didn't light it.

   He looked at Sifa with a sympathetic gaze, then lowered his voice and said, "I stayed in Tingen for almost two months, visited many places, and got these definite evidence."

   "Yes, Mr. Sifa. As you suspected before, you are not the son of Baron Bisson, you are his adopted son."

   "When you were just a baby, he adopted you eighteen years ago."

   "And the couple in the photo are your biological parents!"


   Xifa shook his whole body and almost got up out of control.

   I am not the son of the baron?

   Am I just an adopted child?

   "Mr. Sifa, are you okay?"

   The detective said with some worry, and comforted: "In fact, you don't have to be too sad. You have also said that the Baron and his wife are very good to you. Even if they are not their biological sons, you are willing to treat them as biological parents."

   "For this reason, you didn't deliberately pretend to be yourself, disguised yourself as a wicked nobleman, so that your father's enemies can be less vigilant."

   "After all, an ineffective son is destined to be unable to support this family."

   The detective took out the pen and paper again, wrote quickly, then tore the paper off and handed it to Xifa.

   "If you want to find your biological parents, go to Tingen and find my friend, he is also a detective."

   "A detective with a lot of experience, and he has been in Tingen long enough, he should be able to help you."

   The Western French paper took a look, and it said ‘27 Besik Street, Tingen, Henry Private Detective Agency’.

   He has recovered from the initial shock. Detective Leeds is right. In fact, it doesn't matter whether he is a son or an adopted child.

   The attitude of the Bysons is one thing, but the important thing is that he is not a real Western France.

   He just uses the body of ‘Xifa’, the identity of a traverser.

  He is Li Zexi!

   Therefore, the results of this survey are not relevant.

   Xifa reappeared with a smile on his face: "Thanks for your hard work, how much should I pay you?"

   Liz leaned back slightly: "20 pounds, I didn't need that much, but I stayed in Tingen for two months, which cost me several orders, so..."

   Before he finished speaking, Sifa had already taken out two 10-pound notes and pushed them in front of his eyes.

   Then he packed up his things and drank no coffee, so Sifa left the restaurant.

   Do the best to manage intellectually. He knew that this matter had little to do with him, but he still felt a little heavy when he walked on the street.

   This kind of emotion should come from the original owner, from this body.

   After all, humans are emotional creatures. No one knows that their parents, who have raised them for more than ten years, can stay calm after they have no blood relationship with them.

   Xifa, who was slightly depressed, returned home. He didn't want to talk for the time being, and he didn't want to see anyone, so he walked quickly toward his bedroom.

   But when he approached his father's study, he heard the voice of his mother Anilu.

   "Let Sifa do this now, will it be too fast."

   Father Bison said disapprovingly: "I think the time is almost right, besides, he can't always be under our protection."

   "He needs to go out, he needs to face some difficulties himself, and even face his own enemies."

   Ai Nilu suddenly said: "Is it his enemy? Isn't it your enemy?"


   The father's tone was slightly reproachful: "Even if it is my enemy, what about it? As my son, shouldn't he take this responsibility?"

   "But you know, he is not your son. We adopted him from a farmer's family in Tingen. It is Chom who should bear this responsibility."

   Byson’s voice suddenly raised: "I adopted him for the purpose of protecting Qom and protecting our children. I thought that we had reached a consensus eighteen years ago."

   At this time, there was a sound of closing doors in the corridor, but even so, as a ‘hunter’, Sifa could still hear the conversation in the room.

   "My dear, we have raised him for eighteen years, and I have regarded him as my own son. Yes, I agreed with you back then, but I am a mother, and Sifa is also my son."

   "If you have to do this, I think we should at least tell him, and then he can decide whether to take this responsibility."

   Byson said angrily: "There is no such need! Over the past eighteen years, his daily life, his education, and his life have all reached the standard that a baron’s son should have."

   "Although I will not let him inherit the property, I will not divide the property to him. But since he was fifteen years old, he has received an annuity from me."

   "An annuity of no less than 3,000 pounds per year!"

   "Aini, if he wasn't adopted by me, he is just a child of an ordinary farmer now, do you think he can enjoy this?"

   "Now, it's time for him to repay me, even if he would die because of it, he must do the same!"

   Ai Nilu's tone was full of helplessness and sadness: "Your brother has been staring at us. If you let Xifa continue to be the eldest son, sooner or later, they will start with Xifa."

   "You are right, so he has not become an Extraordinary? You see, even if I want him to be a shield, I continue to invest in him, so that he has a bargaining chip against danger?"

   "No, you just want that child to live longer, so that you will be safer."

   "Then what do you want me to do!"

  Bison’s voice was filled with anger: "Aini, do you want to expose Chaum to danger? He is only nine years old!"

   "Your idea is not feasible at all. If he knew that he was not a member of the Disraeli family. Do you think he would stand up and take this responsibility?"

   "Don't forget, you have also hurt your brains for his mischievous things before. Now he has finally awakened and changed, do you want to bring everything back to its original form?"

   Hearing this, Xifa had cold hands and feet.

   Even the heart has become cold.

   He left silently, from the other staircase, back to his bedroom.

   Close the door.

   did not open the window.

   In the dim darkness, Sifa sat on the sofa, his eyes staring at the ceiling blankly.

turn out to be.

  I was in my father, no, in Bison's heart, it was just a shield.

  All the investments he made in himself were just to make this shield stronger.

   so that this shield can attract malicious hostility from the outside for him, so that this shield can protect the true heir of this family.


   Xifa felt funny, absurd, angry, aggrieved, and sad.

   Recalling that before, when I had just crossed, UU read www.uukānshu.com thought that I had gained a family affection.

   Only now I know that behind this family relationship is a cold transaction.

   Suddenly Sifa stood up.

   He slapped his face vigorously: "Wake up, wake up. You're not real Sifa Disraeli, you don't need to be sad or disappointed."

   "Since Bison wants to use you, you can also use him in reverse."

   [That’s right, Li Zexi! Let's grab his property and drive them all out. Let them become tramps, beggars, let them have nothing, hahahahaha...]

   Xifa raised his head, and stretched out his hand to stroke his face, smoothing the corners of his mouth.

   "In fact, Bison is right about one thing. If he had never adopted the original owner, then Western Fa would not have everything now."

   "Thanks to him, I was able to successfully become an Extraordinary."

   "In this situation, it is not good for me to fall out. Then, I can only make false claims."

   "At the same time, using his contacts and money, skip the step of asset accumulation, and start my own business."

   "When the time is right, I will leave the family. At that time, he and I will be cleaned up!"

"Yes, exactly."

  I figured this out, decided to treat Bison with a good attitude, and made plans for the future. Xifa finally walked out of the haze just now, and felt like he was reborn!

   [End of Part One]

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