In the aisle of Building 78, Qingfeng Road, a man cringedly came out of the house, and looked back at the powerful figure in the small hall. Rodney hesitated but asked.

   "Are you really not going? I want to accompany you today."

   The woman with her arms akimbo shouted: "But I don't want to accompany you. Also, I will come back as soon as I get something. Are you planning not to do business today? What will I eat!"

   Rodney looked down and asked softly: "Did you make an appointment with Malcolm, can you not meet at home."

   "What's the matter with you, and, did you call Malken? You go quickly, I don't want to see you."

   "If you don't want to go, then I'll go, I will never come back!"

   The woman pulled a suitcase out of the bed angrily, and Rodney said quickly: "No, no, Kitty, I'll leave now, I'll leave immediately."

   He closed the door, tightened his clothes tightly, and walked out of the corridor with his head down.

  As soon as he walked on the street, a stone was thrown on his lap, and then a boy with yellow hair and one front tooth ran forward and made a grimace at him.

   "Cowardly Rodney, cowardly Rodney. His wife is nice to others, and he turns a blind eye, turns a blind eye..."

   "Useless Rodney, hapless Rodney. He is always wronged and bullied. He dare not resist, he dare not resist..."

   A group of children surrounded him and sang his own ballads. The passers-by pointed at him. Rodney seemed to have seen nothing, heard nothing, and walked with his head down.

   probably felt boring, the yellow-haired boy without front teeth waved his hand, and rushed towards the middle of the road with a bunch of children.

   He was suddenly held down by a big hand, followed by a push, and then sat down on the ground.

   "Don't get in the way, kid!"

   The little boy raised his head and saw a big man with a big face. He was wearing inappropriate clothes and a black bow tie at the neckline.

   nondescript, funny, but the little boy dare not laugh.

  Because this is a black tie!

   The biggest gang on Qingye Road!

   Sure enough, black bow ties passed in front of him, and the little boy also saw a short fat man. He was dressed in glamorous formal wear, with a black bow tie and biting a cigar, just like a big figure in high society.

   He looked to the little boy, but quickly looked away.

  Doug retracted his gaze to look at the naughty boy on the ground, and said cursingly: "There are too many people on this road. I said, you can't work hard and drive me away the **** in front of you!"

  The bearded bodyguard walking next to him said, "They all go to church to pick up things, boss, shall we pick them up too?"

  Doug immediately kicked him: "Are you stuffed with grass in your head? Who am I, I have to go with these lowly guys to get food?"

   He pulled on the bow tie, letting it loosen a little bit, so as not to tighten his neck: "Listen well, we are going to do something big today."

   "I received the news that this morning, in addition to the church distributing things. The mayor and Sir Bison will also write about the establishment of a'municipal construction fund' and raise funds from the businessmen in the town."

   "This is a good opportunity. The time has come for me to really get out of society. Understood, rice bucket!"

   The bearded man nodded his head half-understandably.

  Doug snorted, and saw another man in front of him with a gun, and immediately shouted: "Didn't I say that weapons are not allowed!"

   "Today, we are all gentlemen. Get out of me with all the weapons!"

   For a moment, his hands looked at each other, and then four or five left the team griefly.

   "Rice bucket, a bunch of buckets!"

   Coming to Memorial Square, from a distance, Doug saw Director Kaosi. He quickly walked over, took down the cigar, pressed his hand on his chest, and shouted.

   "Good morning, Dear Chief Kaosi."

  Today, in charge of maintaining the order of the Memorial Plaza, Kaosi transferred all the policemen in the bureau, and just like that, it seemed to be understaffed.

I was so busy that I was dizzy, seeing that it was Doug coming, Kaosi's face was gloomy, and he said to a sheriff: "Push him away, and also, warn him not to make trouble for me today, otherwise I will not treat him. polite!"

   The sheriff nodded, and when dealing with Doug, a policeman trot over to report: "The mayor and Baron Byson are here."

   Kaosi immediately put on a smiling face and hurried to greet him. The policeman was about to follow, and suddenly found that the street in the distance was a bit blurred.

   It seems, it's foggy...

   Mount Albury.

   Martha, who has been maintaining her posture, took a big breath, the black in her eyes faded, whites of her eyes appeared, and her pupils returned to normal.

   She seemed to be greatly frightened, her legs softened, and she almost fell to her knees.

   Fortunately, Jeffrey, who was next to her, caught her in time and helped her to sit aside.

   Masha panted, sweating like rain, and after a while she shouted, "Quickly, we have to go back to town!"

   "The problem we watched for still happened."

   She pointed to the corpse of the wild wolf on the ground: "These beasts were driven by Gorey. That thing deliberately caused them to attack just now, and it went to Enqi Town by itself."

   "Its purpose should be to complete the last link of the ceremony, to become a channel and a medium!"

   There was a buzz in Sifa’s lost his voice: "It’s broken, there are activities in the town today, and most of the residents will be concentrated in the memorial square."

   "They will become the ritual'sacrifice'!"

   Xifa did not dare to think further, once Gore completed the last step of the ritual, Cthulhu could directly descend into reality through it.

   No matter what kind of evil deity it is, once the **** descends, Enqi Town will definitely be over!

   "We should catch up."

   Saifa hurriedly said, "Even if it takes one step first, it's not close to the town here. We still have a chance to stop it halfway!"

   "It can't be helped." The pale-skinned Jeffrey's complexion now looks even more ugly. He shook his head and said, "The thing called Gorey is in both the spiritual world and the reality."

   "It should be able to quickly reach Enqi Town with the help of the spirit world."

   Xifa shook his heart, but still remained calm, and said in a deep voice, "Then how do we stop it?"

   Martha stood up and emphasized: "It is us. It must be stopped by us. This is not an event that ordinary people can intervene."

   She added: "We had foreseen this and we were on guard. This is one of the reasons why the captain and Warren did not participate in the search. They are in town now and will try to stop it."

   Jeffrey nodded and said, "We will rush back now. After we get back to town, Mr. Sifa, you three, please hide to a safe place. We will take care of the rest."

   Xifa nodded, no objection, but there were other thoughts in his heart, but he didn't show it, and it was not convenient to show it.

   Time is running out, everyone didn't pack their things, didn't deal with the wolf corpses, so they left in a hurry and hurried back to the town.

  At this time, the fog in the town is getting thicker and thicker.........

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