Almost at the same time Xifa noticed that the wolves were approaching, Martha rushed out of her tent in a panic: "It's dangerous! It's dangerous!"

   Is she divination? It's not like it. It looks more like a sequence. The fortuneteller has a foreboding of danger?

   Xifa restrained the divergent thoughts and took out the snake scale revolver. At this time, the screams of wild wolves sounded in the woods in front of the camp.

   Yesterday when they decided to camp here, Lyon played the role of Orion, and with the assistance of Xifa, several traps including traps were arranged nearby.

  These preventive measures are now in hand.

  Those traps not only relieved the pressure of Xifa and the others, but also served as a warning. Hearing Martha's scream and the wolf's scream, Matthew and Leon each carried a shotgun and joined the others.

  As a fortuneteller with no combat ability, the only thing Masha can rely on is the revolver in her hand.

   But Geoffrey guarded her behind, it seemed unnecessary, and he didn't plan to let his companion of fortune teller go off the court.

   When people were ready, the first wild wolf finally rushed out of the woods, ran across the camp, and rushed to everyone.

   Under the early morning sun, this bare, furless male wolf, but with unusually strong muscles, issued a demonstrative growl and spewed fishy saliva, jumped up suddenly, and rushed towards Xifa.

   What greeted it was the bullet shot from the muzzle of the snake scale revolver, and the fire from the shotguns of the Orion and the footman on the left and right.

   The male wolf's head suddenly blossomed, blood splashed, he fell heavily to the ground, slid forward, and was stopped by Sifa.

   Before they could breathe a sigh of relief, more male wolves rushed into the camp.

   At this time, a wild wolf broke through the fire net of the three people of West France, opened its mouth and bit into Leon's leg.

   At this time, a stick was stuck in its mouth, and Geoffrey kicked the wolf out with a kick.

  The wild wolf was scratching its claws on the ground, and got up with difficulty, his mouth dripping with blood mixed with saliva, still rushing over fiercely.

   But this time, it moved, and was shot headshot by Xifa.

   Xifa shook out the bullet nest, and the bullet casing fell to the ground. He quickly replaced the bullet and joined the attack again.

   About half an hour later, the battle was over, and the complete destruction of the wild wolves declared the victory of mankind.

"really weird."

  Sifah shot down a wild wolf caught between traps: "Since these guys have spotted us, why don't they attack at night, right?"

   Lyon, as an Orion, also found it strange: "Wolves are nocturnal animals. They are more difficult to deal with at night. If we find us early in the morning, indeed, as Mr. Sifa said, they should have been found last night."

   "This answer, maybe Martha can tell us."

   After a battle, Jeffrey, whose hair was soaked with sweat, was raising his hand to catch something.

   The Westphalian inspiration was touched, he blinked twice quickly without a trace.

   He turned on Spirit Vision, so he saw directly that Jeffrey was holding a wolf's spirit in his hand. Xifa was quite curious about what sequence of Extraordinary is this Jeffrey, who could actually catch the spirit of the beast.

   In the state of spiritual vision, Sifa saw the shining incantation on Jeffrey's short stick, guessing that it should be an extraordinary weapon, maybe it was through this weapon that Jeffrey could capture the soul.

  As a colleague, Martha certainly knows Jeffrey’s abilities. Hearing this, she has no objection. She took out a metal vial from her pocket and said to Jeffrey.

   "Put it back."

   She should have also turned on the spirit vision, and saw the spirit in Jeffrey's hand... Xifa, who was guessing in her heart, watched Jeffrey squat down and pressed the spirit of the wolf into the corpse.

   The soul and the corpse overlapped, but there were signs of leaving the corpse at all times. For this reason, Jeffrey kept his posture, his hand did not leave the corpse.

   Is this to prevent the spirit of the wild wolf from dissipating prematurely?

   Masha unscrewed the bottle and poured some powder from it. Her eyes gradually darkened, twisting the powder and sprinkling it on the ground.

   She sprinkled and walked around the wolf's corpse and said, "It's okay."

   Sifa in the state of spiritual vision saw the invisible wall suddenly stand up, and then Jeffrey released his hand, and the wolf's spirit slowly emerged, but could not escape from the invisible walls, and could not disperse and disappear.

   Masha then took out a silver-white metal vial, dripped a certain liquid from the mouth of the bottle, and then dripped it all around.

   After doing all this, Martha chanted the spell in a low voice, and Xifa could hear it. It was Hermes.

   "I pray for the power of the night;"

   "I pray for secret power;"

   "I pray for the favor of the goddess."

   "I beg you to allow me to communicate spiritually with the beasts in the altar."


   Gradually, Martha's eyes became completely black, her pupils were gone, and her whites of eyes disappeared.

   She seems to have entered a strange state...

  Enqi Town, UU Reading Qingwei Road.

   "Extra nickname! St. Witt Church had a sermon in the square this morning, and food and daily necessities were delivered on the spot!"

   "Extra nickname..."

   Early in the morning, a few newsboys shouted loudly on Qingyuan Road. They went back and forth in the main streets of the town to spread the news.

   Building 78, Qingwei Road, a door opened, and Mrs. Genneth’s neighbor, the washing woman who had given clues to Sifa’s brothers and sisters, came out.

   This woman with a sallow face is wearing a long skirt that is washed a little bit white today. This skirt has no patches and has not been damaged. It is the only dress she can handle and can be regarded as a more decent dress.

   The woman named Kaili yelled toward the room: "Alright, Pasha. We have to hurry up, we will be taken away if we are late."

   "Okay, mom." An eight or nine-year-old girl ran out. Due to lack of nutrition, her face was thinner and her complexion was pale, but her eyes shone with the light that she should have at her age.

   When the mother and son passed a gloomy corridor, they heard a woman screaming when they passed a house.

   "Hurry up, I won't go, don't bother me, Rodney!"

The name    flashed disdain in Kelly's eyes, and the timid Rodney was almost a well-known wine sac and rice barrel on Qingyuan Road.

   If he hadn't made a meager income by selling muffins on the street every day, his wife would leave him early.

   Kelly touched her daughter's head, and said earnestly: "You must never find a useless husband like Rodney in the future."

   At this time the door of Rodney's house opened, and the mother and daughter speeded up their steps and got into the bright sunshine outside.

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