The red-haired lady pulled on the unsuitable uniform and glanced at Xifa: "As far as your age is concerned, your experience is very rich, Mr. Xifa."

   I am not young... Sifa muttered in his heart.

   Masha really took out her silver chain buried in the career line, placed the ruby ​​pendant on the chain vertically, and then repeated her words in a small voice.

   "The old church in front of me is in danger of transcendence."

   "The one in front of me..."

After    seven times, the chain moved. It oscillated in a clockwise direction. The amplitude was not small and the speed was not slow.

   Martha took a cold breath and looked at Jeffrey: "Fortunately, I did a divination. There is danger in the church, and it is not a small danger!"

   She stopped the silver chain again and modified the divination sentence: "Gorey is in that church."

After chanting    seven times, the silver chain swings counterclockwise this time, the amplitude and speed are neither too large nor small.

   "Well, it seems that the goal we are looking for should not be in that church." The fortuneteller who put up the silver chain judged.

   Jeffrey looked at the church solemnly: "What kind of danger is there? Are people in the Quaternary era building churches here to suppress this danger?"

   Martha has put the silver chain back on, letting the ruby ​​pendant slide into the deep career line of the neckline: "This is not what we should care about. Things like this should be left to those people."

   "It's best to set up a warning sign here to prevent someone from entering by mistake and detonating the danger inside." Jeffrey added, "This is not far from Enqi Town."

   Next, they carved a few lines on a large rock not far from the church.

   "There are evil spirits inside, do not enter."

   Jeffrey clapped his hands and said with little confidence: "I hope this can scare away those who come here."

  Sifah stood by and said: "There are very few people coming in the mountains, and hunters mostly hunt near the foot of the mountain. Otherwise, the danger here would have been detonated long ago."

   Martha nodded in agreement: "We will report the incident as soon as we go back, hoping to relieve the danger here as soon as possible."

   Then the hunter Leon came over and whispered: "Those wolves are starting to move again. It seems I was mistaken, this is not their territory."

   "Go, let's get out of here quickly." As a fortuneteller, Martha is more inspired than others, even if she is not like Sifa, she can hear the clapping sound coming from the church and from under the ground.

   But she can feel the weird atmosphere, especially when she is near now, this feeling becomes more and more obvious.

   left the church and followed the wild wolf. In the evening, Leon found the beasts leaving Silver Snake Creek and deep into the jungle.

   "It seems that we have to spend the night in the mountains." Sifa looked at the drowsy daylight and was a little worried.

   Other people may not be so relaxed, even Martha and Geoffrey both have their lips tightly pressed at this time, their eyes are on guard, and they are no longer as optimistic as they were when they entered the mountain during the day.

  The reason lies in the church, as Sifa thought.

   When the sun completely disappeared from the sky, the night sky was dyed with a layer of quiet indigo, and the crimson moon appeared in the sky, Leon finally found the territory of the wolves.

   That is a valley in the mountains, the valley area is not large, at least on this mountain **** now, you can have a panoramic view.

   By the crimson moonlight, Xifa, lying on the grassy slope, endured the harassment of mosquitoes, watching a dozen wild wolves lying on the ground or walking around in the valley below.

   When they passed a cave, they showed fear. They will bow their heads, tuck their tails, and leave the cave quickly.

   Suddenly, there was a low roar in the cave, and all the wolves in the valley looked towards the cave. Then a very large male wolf stood up and walked among the wolves like a king patrolling his army.

   The beast that might be a wolf stopped next to a wolf that was not too big or too small. After a few low roars, the wolf came out trembling all over, and walked towards the cave.

   The pack of wolves came forward, seeming to prevent the same kind from escaping. The selected wild wolf finally entered the cave, and soon a tragic cry was heard.

   The wild wolves outside the cave all raised their heads and howled neatly toward the red moon in the sky.

   "It seems we have found the right place."

   Martha, who has done divination, took out a bottle of perfume-like thing, sprayed it on her hands and feet, and there was a fresh and tangy smell in the nearby air.

   At this time, the mosquitoes that entangled Masha were significantly reduced.

   Jeffrey has already started to set up the tent: "Let’s watch here, Martha, you stay in the middle of the night, and I’ll be in charge of the second half of the night."

   Masha sighed, her face was somewhat reluctant but did not refuse: "It seems that my skin condition is going to get worse during this time."

   Xifa smiled when he heard the words, got up from the grass, shot a mosquito to death, and came to Leon.

  Because they were worried about being spotted by the wolves, everyone did not dare to make a fire. Fortunately, the moonlight was bright tonight, and the surrounding scenery could be seen clearly. There was no need to worry about being touched by some wild beasts without noticing it.

   "Thank you, Mr. Leon."

  Sifa sat down and proactively stretched out his hand, "Thank you for your support."

   Lyon shook hands with Xifa with a smile: "No need to be polite, Mr. Xifa. As a member of Enqi Town, it is my honor to be able to contribute to the safety of the town."

   It’s a rare opportunity to get along with the best hunters in town. Xifa seized the opportunity and asked him some questions about so that he could understand this role more deeply and play better.

   No words for a night.

   The next day, Sifa woke up and left the tent, seeing that Jeffrey, who was in charge of guarding the second half of the night, was still full of energy, as if tireless.

   His pale skin and cold temperament once again reminded Sifa of the cold dead people in the coffin.

   "Good morning." Xifa took the initiative to say hello, "Nothing abnormal happened last night, right?"

   Jeffrey shook his head, and then said: "Mr. Sifa, you and Martha will go back to town in a moment. I'll be watching here by myself."

   Is this to notify Lewis and Warren to come over, and then deal with the monster together? That's right, Martha is a fortune-teller, without the ability to fight, staying here is their flaw.

   I really want to stay and watch the battle. Lewis and the others have a higher sequence than me. If I can see their battle, it should be helpful to my future development...

   While letting his thoughts disperse, on the other side, Xifa did not forget to nod in agreement. He glanced in the direction of the valley unintentionally, and suddenly found that white mist was rising in the valley at some point.

"It's getting foggy?"

   Jeffrey also noticed the anomaly. He stood up and carefully approached the edge of the hillside.

   White mist rose up in the valley, which prevented him from seeing the situation below.

   At this time, a mountain breeze blew from the back of the camp, blowing Xifa's broken hair, and at the same time, Xifa smelled a fishy smell in the wind.

   When he smelled this smell, those strange wild wolves flashed in his mind.

not good!

   is a pack of wolves!

   We were discovered?

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