Hearing her husband's words, Anilu was about to stand up and say something. Bison had expected her to react like this early in the morning, and promptly raised her hand and pressed her palm down.

   "My dear, I know what you want to say, what are you worried about, but listen to me first."

  Since the husband said so, as his wife, Ainilu had to sit back.

Bison interlaced his fingers, put his hands on the table, looked at Xifa confidently and smiled: "It is normal for your mother to be worried when it comes to the realm of gods. However, since there are professionals involved, I believe you will not be involved too much. In danger."

   "And, you don't want to make changes, you want to reverse what people think of you in the past, then now is an opportunity."

   "A chance that couldn't be better!"

   "Compared with the initiator of the'Construction Fund', a hero who prevented the coming of the evil **** is obviously more worthy of respect and can make everyone change their views on you. What do you think?"

   "Byson." Ai Nilu called out her husband's name anxiously.

   But there was no time to speak, so the Baron stopped him with a look.

   looked at his mother, Xifa nodded and agreed: "Father, you are right."

   He said to Anilu again: "Mom, don't worry, Officer Lewis and they will protect me. I can assure you that I will only take them to Lyon today, just accompany them into the mountains."

   "If there is danger, I will flee as soon as possible, I will not touch, let alone go deep."

Ai Nilu looked at the father and son, and sighed: "Well, Xifa. But you mentioned sacrifices, then I need to remind you, if you see things like altars. Don’t touch them, because those things, there are Maybe the gods behind will find you and mark you."

   "I will try divination later, try to impose anti-divination and other methods on you. I just record a kind of ability in this area, I hope it can work."

   "If I know that the evil **** is involved behind this incident, the last time you revealed those murder cases, I would have to make these preparations."

   "I hope it is too late, I hope the gods are not paying attention to you."

  Sifah shocked her, is the altar so scary? I have ruined the sacrifice, moreover, twice!

   Thinking of this, Sifa felt all over his body, as if there were invisible eyes staring at him around him.

   "Don't be too nervous."

   Ai Nilu smiled and relieved: "Although the altar is connected to the gods, generally speaking, only high-sequence powerhouses, or you have items corresponding to high-sequence or high-status on your body, will attract the attention of the gods."

   "Whether it is a righteous **** or an evil god, they cannot pay attention to everyone who has contact with them, unless you are too unlucky."

  Sifah only breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that my luck shouldn't be that bad.

   Ai Nilu said again: "I want to talk to your father."

   Xifa heard her subtext and stood up and said: "I should go to prepare for the mountain, please use it slowly."

   He walked out of the restaurant and closed the door, but the hunter's keen hearing still allowed him to catch the conversation coming from the restaurant.

   "My dear, you can't use the life of a child to risk your political future!"

   "Aini, Sifa is no longer a child, and he knows how to take care of himself. Moreover, this is not for myself, I also consider his future."

   "Is that really the case? My dear, Siphat he though..."

   Xifa did not continue to listen, eavesdropping on the conversations of his parents, which is not what a gentleman should do.

   Besides, he has other things to do.

  Sifah found Kunna, the housekeeper, and asked the serious lady to gather the maids in the villa.

   After a while, Xifa met these maids in the open space outside the gate.

   Among them, Sifa also saw his sister's close-knit maid, Alia, who is not very old but has a big breast. She has already handled her mother's funeral.

   "Mr. Sifa, all the maids in the house are here." The stern butler with dark brown hair reminded her.

   Xifa nodded, took a step forward, cleared his throat, and said, "I will delay you a little time. I want to do an investigation. It will be over soon."

   Maid, look at me, I look at you, a little confused and a little dazed.

   Xifa did not go in circles, and directly said: "I want to know, everyone present, is anyone still a virgin now?"

   The open space is quiet.

   Then the expressions of the maids changed. Some quickly hugged themselves with their hands and looked shy, some carefully cast contemptuous glances at Xifa, and some even blushed and then withdrew several steps.

   Xifa discovered that even Ms. Kunna, the housekeeper, had a faint blush on her face. Seeing her expression, Xifa couldn't help thinking divergent.

  No way, is Ms. Kunna still...

  At this time, Alia said in a shy manner: "Mr. Sifa, you, what do you want to do?"

   Hearing this, Xifa suddenly realized that he shouldn't ask like that! Reminiscent of his past reviews, the maids will inevitably think of it when asked.

   I don’t want to really become the "Wolf of Loen"...

Xifa quickly remedied it and found an excuse: "Please don't get me wrong. I have a friend who is seriously ill, and the doctor can do nothing. I heard that the pure blood of the virgin, combined with some rituals, is helpful to his condition, so I was Will call everyone."

   "I want to say, if there is a need, I hope I can get help. Of course, I will compensate."

   "It turned out to be like this."

   Alia gave a relieved expression, then gathered up the courage, blushed and said: "If Mr. Sifa needs it, I, I can give it to you."

   Well, Alia is still a virgin?

   But, UU reading girl www.uukānshu.com, your lines are terrible. If you want Belle to hear this, you must have misunderstood me again.

   This thought came to Xifa's mind when he heard an angry voice: "Sifa, what do you want to do to Alia!"

   The blond girl wearing an equestrian helmet, breeches, gloves and boots, stood in front of the maid all of a sudden, staring at Sifa vigilantly.

   Xifa silently supported his forehead with his hands, my sister, are you Cao Cao? Just come here.

   "That's not the case, miss, you have misunderstood." Alia, who was already flushed as if imaginary smoke would appear, quickly explained to Heribelle.

   The blonde girl hummed a few times, and took the maid and said, "Go, ride with me."

   At this time, the black iron gate in the distance was opened, and a carriage engraved with the sign of ‘Double Swords Crossing, Surrounding the Crown’ passed through the gate. It was the carriage of the police system. Lewis and the others came.

   Xifa announced its disbandment and asked Kunna to investigate and record the list of virgins, so that when needed, some blood can be drawn to see if Goro can be relieved from his current state.

   The carriage stopped, the door opened, and the red-haired Martha jumped down first and looked at Sifa who was coming from the maid's room. She blew a whistle frivolously.

   "Mr. Sifa seems to be very popular with women, but with so many girls, you can pay attention to your body."

   Xifa coughed awkwardly. It seems that this young lady has also heard of her past reviews...

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