The one who presses Doug's revolver is Xifa.

   This action, as well as Doug's words, caused the twenty or so members in the black tie around to surround them with unkind expressions.

   These people except for a few confidants who often follow Doug, wearing cheap formal clothes. The clothes of the other members are varied, but no matter what kind of clothes they wear, they will wear a black bow tie at the neckline.

   This makes them look nondescript, but also a bit weird.

   Faced with Doug’s questioning, Xifa did not respond positively, but said: “The time is almost here, I don’t want to make mistakes, I don’t want the task to go wrong or even mess up the task.”

   "If anyone influences my opinion, I won't let him go."

  Doug raised his two not thick eyebrows, his smile remained unchanged: "Oh, does it include me?"

   Xifa looked through the black iron mask, his eyes remained unchanged and said: "Including you."

   This sentence caused the black tie people around to immediately take out a long knife or revolver and point to Sifa.

   Feeling the heavy pressure on the revolver, Doug turned his two eyes for a while and exclaimed: "What are you doing, put things away for me!"

   Hearing these words, Xifa also let go of his hand, and saw Doug kicked the ‘traitor’: "Get out of here, don’t let me see you again in Enqi Town!"

   The injured man ran out rolling, passing by the black tie, Doug snorted, smiled and said to Sifa: "Let's go, we're going to collect the goods."

   Xifa just turned around, suddenly heard a gunshot, turned his head violently, and saw Doug raising his hand.

   There is smoke from his muzzle.

   The running man on the beach not far away fell straight and didn't get up again.

  Doug cried, "Buy him quickly."

   He put the revolver away, smiled at Xifa and said, "Look, killing a traitor. It will not take much time. It will not be out of line, and it will not affect your reputation."

   Xifa did not say a word, did not go to see the man lying on the beach, but gave Doug a faint glance: "You have wasted 10 seconds."

  Doug laughed haha, and strode past Xifa, leading the way.

   They went to the southwest of the beach. The coast continued to shrink. After turning a bend, their vision suddenly opened up.

   In the bay on this side, under the crimson moonlight, a multi-masted sailing boat is moored quietly not far from the shore and on the sea.

   There is a wooden boat, sliding across the sea, heading towards the sailing boat.

  Doug snorted, "Ban Jie, that bastard, at this time, I still don't forget to make these small transactions that can't make it to the table."

   He glanced at Xifa and explained, “Banjie is the captain of that ship. Sometimes, during the delivery, he will send some guys who can’t get tickets through regular channels to overseas.”

   Xifa squinted slightly, and by the moonlight, he saw two people on the wooden boat.

   One of them was Bridge who wanted to hire him as a temporary bodyguard a few days ago.

   The boat he was going to take was this one tonight...

When Bridge and his bodyguards started to board the ship, Doug called over the bearded man who had been beaten by Sifa that day: "Hurry up and signal the **** Benjay. It's late and let him deliver the goods earlier. Only then can I go back to sleep!"

   The bearded man held a lantern, raised it high, and occasionally covered the lampshade with his hand. This is using the flickering of lights to convey information.

   But he played several times, and there was no response on the boat. Suddenly, gunshots rang out from the boat!

  Doug's face changed, and he ran to the beach subconsciously. In the process, three more shots sounded from the multi-masted sailing ship.

   Then there was a strange silence.

   In the iron mask, Sifa slightly twisted his eyebrows, and stepped forward: "I suggest that it is better not to board the ship, but I think you will not agree."

  Doug's face twitched and said, "Isn't this obvious? The cargo on the ship is very important to me. They must not have an accident! Otherwise, it would be difficult for me to confess to that adult!"

   That adult?

  Sifah thinks of the carriage that Doug got down just now. The leader of the black tie bowed to the people in the carriage. At that time, the ‘adult’ in the carriage should be on it.

   aware of the doug that he had failed to say, immediately covered his mouth with his hand, and then shouted: "Hurry up and get the boat out, let's go up and have a look!"

  The black tie ran to the beach, flipped a few upside-down canoes on the beach, and pushed them into the sea.

   Sifah and Doug shared a boat. The beard and two other bodyguards in formal clothes paddled the oars. After a while, they boarded the deck of the multi-masted sailboat.

   There was no one on the deck, and there was no light. The door to the cabin was open, and it was dark inside.

  Doug came to the door and shouted inside, "Banjie, are you down there? Damn it, answer me!"

   Sifa patted him on the shoulder and shook his head: "Calm down, impulse and anger can't solve the problem."

   "I don't need you to teach me!" Doug patted Sifa's hand and shouted at the men behind, "Light the lamp, let's go down!"

   Soon, horse lanterns and torches lit up the stairs leading to the bottom of the cabin.

  Sifa walked down behind Doug, and as soon as he entered the cabin, he immediately smelled a bad smell. The hunter's sense of smell made Sifa quickly distinguished. The smell contained strong alcohol, urine, sweat, and a strong smell of blood.

   He put his hand into his arms and took out the golden revolver. Seeing his movement, Doug also pulled out his gun.


   This is the sound of the foot stepping on the wooden plank, the black bow ties spread out, and the light illuminates the cabin.

   As soon as he stepped off the cabin, Xifa clearly felt that the temperature here was at least 5 degrees Celsius lower than that on the deck.

   Even if I haven't seen anything yet, I can feel the breath of death here.

   Occasionally, there is a yin wind that does not know where it comes from, passing by with a whisper, like a whisper of resentment.

   Just under the stairs, Sifa saw Bridge. He fell to the ground, seeming to let the heavy objects run over him, which caused his entire back to sink.

  Poor Bridge...

   As for his bodyguard, a strange hunter, he was even more brutally dismembered.

   It seems that they were attacked shortly after entering the cabin.

   Xifa shook his head, UU reading passed by the two corpses.

   Suddenly there was an exclamation in front of him, followed by someone shouting: "It's dead, so many people have died!"

  Doug's expression changed when he heard it, he pushed away the man in front of him, and ran over.

  Sifah followed him to the depths of the cabin, and immediately saw that the wooden floor of the cabin was stained dark red with blood. In this dazzling red, there are corpses ‘floating’.

   There are sailors of Luen race, as well as Balang people with bronze skin. They staggered and lay in their own blood.

   "It's like the sense of hell." Xifa sighed under the mask in a low voice.

   Then he found that there was no painful expression on the faces of these corpses. On the contrary, it is a kind of satisfaction, enjoying an expression of joy.

   It's like they are still enjoying the love of men and women before they die.

   This is so weird!

   As for the cause of their death, it was obviously a wound in the abdomen.

   There is a fist-sized gap in the abdomen of every corpse, and the blood staining the cabin floor comes from these wounds.

   Xifa took a lantern, squatted beside the corpse, picked up a stick next to it, and propped up the wound. The light shone into the wound, and Sifa saw that the deceased's abdomen was empty.

   He gasped in the mask. He believed that if he cut the deceased's chest now, he probably wouldn't see any organs in his chest.

   These corpses, the internal organs and intestines have been taken away!

   When he stood up, he accidentally caught a glimpse of a statue in the middle of these corpses, a statue combining the two concepts of ‘tree’ and ‘female’.

  Sifah once saw the same thing in the basement of Granny Paris!

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