The general description of this item is similar to that recorded in the bartender Sanchi's book, but at the end of the information, the negative effect of this glove is added.

  ‘Wearing the glove for a long time (continuously worn for more than 48 hours) will cause the user to become cold-blooded. If the glove is worn continuously for more than ten days, the user’s conscience will be wiped out and cannot be reversed. In addition, when wearing this item, you will be disliked by animals, especially those with strong inspiration, such as cats, dogs, horses, etc., and their reaction will be more intense. ’

   In other words, wearing the "Shadow Knuckles", I might be chased by a stray dog, right... Sifa wiped his face and calmed the twitching corners of his mouth.

   In general, the negative impact of this weapon is relatively slight. As long as it is not worn continuously for more than 48 hours, it will basically not change the character.

   As for being hated by animals, Xifa doesn't matter. Anyway, he doesn't keep cats. At most, he doesn't ride a horse or ride a carriage when he wears it. It doesn't matter.

   Based on the above considerations, Xifa felt that there was no need to seal it, but the strengthening was worth looking forward to.

   Holding the book of mystery, he gave an enhanced instruction, and a new line of information appeared on the page of the book.

  ‘It takes 12 dimensional crystals to strengthen this item. Do you want to continue? ’

   Sure enough, the cost of strengthening is a lot more than that of identification. This is normal. After all, this item can affect the effect and power of the magical item.


   Immediately, there were only 17 dimensional crystals of Xifa left.

   Then, the colorful dim light surging around this illusory book suddenly surged and spread like running water. They flowed through Xifa's body and gathered into the glove in his hand.

   In a blink of an eye, the shadow glove was wrapped in light, and three-dimensional patterns or symbols with wonderful patterns appeared on the gloves.

   After a while, the light began to fade, and there was a mysterious symbol on the glove. Staring at it gave people a feeling of constant degeneration.

  Sifah quickly looked away and found that the information on the shadow glove had been slightly changed in the book of mystery.

  ‘...When attacking, there is a 10% chance of summoning Shadow Fist. ’

  ’...In a dark or shadow environment, the summoning rate is 50%, and the Shadow Fist transforms into a ‘shadow combo’. ’

   In the previous information, there is no specific number. There is now, and under certain circumstances, Shadow Fist has become a shadow combo.

  This wave, this wave is an upgrade of krypton gold!

   Satisfied Sifa took off the Shadow Gloves, turned the book of mystery to the message page, and found that the information had been updated.

   Collection: 300+

  Record: Your adventure biography has received more than 300 collection attentions, and you have gained access to the ‘message board’ once.

   Great, I can use the message board again.

   Xifa looked down, and the question raised before had already been answered by the watcher.

  ’A certain JO-level creature who gave up thinking: Abraham Tudor was promoted to Sequence Zero, and the Hunter Path to Sequence One ******************

  ‘No language: his name is ******, not Abraham. ’

   Ah this.

This is a face-slapping scene outside the dimension. It seems that the watchers sometimes make mistakes. I must pay attention to this point. I should read the information of the watchers as much as possible so as not to be biased or misled. .

  ’No. 160809145813508: The ancestors of the Abraham family are only a bit close to the true god, but then the whole family is cursed, and you can’t know the rest. The Solomon Empire once ruled the Northern Continent..........’

   When I read this, Xifa started to feel a headache, and his temples twitched one after another. He knew that the previous identification, enhancement, and current reading had consumed too much spirituality for him and could no longer persist.

   He closed the Unreal Classics decisively and cancelled the summoning. The rest of the reply can only be read next time.

   But this time I still gain a lot.

   The biggest gain is naturally the ‘Mystery Craftsman’, thanks to the three watchers of the ‘faceless man’. Without them, one would not be able to obtain new functions.

   Although only two replies were seen on the message board, the watcher of the series of numbers, even if he only read a part of his messages, was enough to shock Xifa.

   The ancestors of the Abraham family are actually only a little short of the true god!

   It turns out that my mother's teacher has such a big background.

   But this family is cursed. It is certainly not a simple role to curse such a powerful family. No wonder the watcher said that the rest is not what I can know.

   Xifa endured the headache and lay down on the bed, looking at the ceiling, his thoughts diverging.

   My mother is reluctant to talk about this family. Is it because of the curse that she is worried that it will cause unnecessary trouble or even disaster?

   He turned around and saw the "Creation Myth" that he had brought from his mother's cabin last time. After nothing else, Xifa took it over, opened the part he had read last time, and continued reading.

   flipped through, suddenly a yellowed page fell off.

   Xifa casually picked it up, thinking it was just a note or comment made by his mother. Unexpectedly, he inadvertently glanced at the words on the page, he was stunned, and after forgetting his headache, he jumped out of the bed directly.

   "This, is this simplified Chinese character?"

   Xifa lost his voice and exclaimed.

After    repeatedly confirmed, he knew that he had read it correctly, it was indeed a simplified Chinese character that he was too familiar with in his previous life.

   However, the writer seems to have just learned to write. The handwriting is very ugly. Some of the radicals are almost less than one piece. Even the primary school students write better than this one.

and many more. UU reading www.uukanshu. com

   This is not the diary of the great emperor, is it?

   Xifa remembers that the only Chinese simplified character used in "Lord of Mysteries" is the diary of Emperor Roselle, one of the most valuable things in the Tarot Club!

   Thinking of this, he quickly sat back and read.

"On January 10, 1184, Miss Copperfield expressed her favor to me, suggesting that I could pursue her. Her mother, Mrs. Florner, is definitely a stunner, and as her daughter, Copperfield also Very beautiful, but how can I do this, I am not that kind of person!"

   "Miss Copperfield was so enthusiastic in bed on January 11."


  Sifah suddenly felt the muscles on his face twitch. It turns out that you are such a great emperor!

"On January 6th, my stupid children finally heard what I said, and began to try to act, to get rid of the fools of those gods. Damn, I want to get rid of those gods, at least let them leave me. Children stay away and don't spread their stupidity to my children."

   "On September 25th, Miss Ithaca brought her friends to see me. Miss Harper was also very charming and younger. I began to miss my youth."

   On this page, although there are only a few diaries and no continuous information in between, it gives Xifa a glimpse of the life of this legendary emperor.

   Well, the life of Emperor Roselle can only be said to be very nourishing.

   Cough, digress. The diary of Emperor Russell, I remember that the fellow traveler in Tingen was also collecting such items.


   Xifa stood up, took this page of paper and left the bedroom. He planned to go to Anilu and ask his mother if there was anything similar.

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