In the window is a dark and simple bedroom. Xifa first took out the'shadow glove' and brought it. This extraordinary weapon almost blended with the shadow in the room. Even if it was worn on his hand, Xifa could hardly feel its existence. .

   The old lady Paris is obviously not a clean person. The bedroom is messy and placed on the inner bed. The quilt has not been folded, and one corner hangs under the bed. On the table on the right, with wool and hook needles, it seems to be preparing for the arrival of winter, but those things have not been touched for a long time, and the table is covered with dust.

In the corner was a basket full of dried radishes. Next to it was a tattered cupboard with a basket of eggs. Two gray mice felt the human breath and went into a hole in the corner of the cupboard and disappeared. .

   Xifa opened the door lightly, walked out of the bedroom, and turned the dilapidated house around. He patronized the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Without exception, these places were either dirty or littered with all kinds of garbage. It seemed that Paris hadn't cleaned the house for a long time.

   Xifa couldn't help wondering how busy she was to let herself live in the garbage dump.

   However, when he pushed aside the utility room, he found that it was unexpectedly clean. The room was neatly packed, and inside, Sifa found a basement.

   Looking at the step in front of him that was submerged in darkness, Xifa could feel that the air below was cold and humid, as if the step lead to a bottomless abyss.

   He found a lantern next to him. After the light came on, Sifa didn't rush in.

  Using the materials that can be found in the tool room, he created two simple traps with no lethality. But in case there is something below and he has to escape, these two traps can play a deterrent effect.

   Xifa remembers that he always plays the role of ‘hunter’.

   After setting up the trap, Xifa picked up the lantern and walked on.

   The stairs were not long, nor did they lead to the abyss. Sifa quickly reached the ground.

   The basement is very spacious, and I don’t feel stuffy. The walls are made of wooden boards, and a room is also separated. The door was vacant, and cold and humid air flowed through the cracks in the door.

   Xifa walked forward carrying a lantern, and first saw a wooden cabinet, where clothes, hats, gloves, and tools were missing.

   No matter the size or the style, it doesn't look like Granny Paris's. What's more, there are two blue work uniforms in it. Xifa doesn't think that the old lady will go to the factory to make a living.

   In front of the wooden cabinet, in the middle of the basement, there is a round table on which is a statue made of wood.

   Very strange statue, it combines the two concepts of "tree" and "female". The statue has roots, vines, bumps, and blooming flowers. But at the same time, there are also female organs, symbolic parts and a beautiful face.

  The delicate sculpting technique makes every strand of hair clear and smooth, with deep eyebrows, high nose bridge, plump lips, and a bit of temptation in the feminine beauty.

   Seeing this weird and intuitively wicked statue, Xifa had a rapid heartbeat and the primitive impulse to indulge in joy!

   He quickly moved his gaze away from the statue, and then near the round table, he found a few candles, which had traces of being used, and the candle liquid solidified at the bottom.

  Although he hasn't learned ritual magic yet, this does not prevent Xifa from making a judgment. Granny Paris has held some kind of ritual here.

   and more than once!

   The lights moved, and a piece of parchment was nailed with a dagger on the round table. This kind of yellowed paper was obviously not owned by an old lady living alone. It attracted the attention of Xifa.

   Coming to the paper, Sifa saw that there was a spell written on it in Hermes.

  ‘Hidden behind the light, there is no shadow. ’

  ‘You are the great, hidden, invisible. ’

  ‘You are the ruler of desire, you hide in everything, spreading white haze. ’

  ‘I pray to you. ’

  ‘I pray for hidden power;’

  ‘I pray for invisible power;’

  ‘I pray for your favor. ’

  ’Here, I offer you a sacrifice of flesh and blood, and through the spirituality of blood, I convey my faithful faith! ’


   Xifa took a deep breath, no matter how you look at it, this is not a spell to ask the goddess of the night for help.

   This incantation is too weird and contains evil thoughts. Whether it is flesh and blood sacrifice or blood spirituality, it is undoubtedly a kind of evil sacrifice.

   Xifa saw again that under the spell, there was also a Hermes pronunciation of the spell written in Loen.

   In other words, the old lady Paris might not know the specific content of the spell, she thought she was offering sacrifices to the goddess of the night?

   Someone is spreading the faith of evil gods under the guise of the goddess?

   Xifa immediately pulled out the dagger, rolled the parchment, and put it away. This thing must be handed over to the church, and the Cthulhu seed cannot take root in the town.

at this time.

   Xifa heard a sulky sound, like a woman's moan when she was happy, and like someone singing softly. The sound was illusory, and just a few notes Xifa had another primal impulse.

   The hunter’s keen sense of hearing allowed him to quickly find the source of the sound, which actually came out of the weird statue on the table.


   The eyes of the female face on the statue actually looked towards Xifa and exhaled a pink smoke from his mouth.

   Xifa immediately retreated, clutching his nose and mouth, and without hesitation, the snake scale pistol pointed at the statue and fired continuously.

   bang bang bang bang—

  Sifah fired four shots in a row. The bullet hit the statue, causing sawdust to fly, and fell off the table.

   fell to the ground, the statue shattered, and a viscous red liquid poured out from it, like blood.

   At the moment when the statue was broken, Xifa vaguely heard a scream, as if it did not exist in the real world, but from his mind.

   The voice flashed and disappeared, but Sifa had a splitting headache.

   He couldn't help covering his head with his hands, and forgot to leave. When the headache eased a little, Sifa looked around with a lantern and glanced at the open door. He raised his revolver, wanting to probe.

   Unexpectedly, an exclamation faintly came from above.

   is the voice of my sister Hribel!

  Sifah immediately rushed up the stairs, went to the bedroom, and got out through the window.

   Heri Belle was leaning against the gravel wall, her body trembling slightly, her face pale, and her pupils slightly dilated.

   "What's wrong?" Xifa nervously checked her state, "Are there any injuries?"

   The noble girl dressed up as a newsboy recovered her senses, shook her head, but raised her finger to the oversized oak tree in front of her.

   "There is a tree hole, in the tree hole, I seem to see a person."

   Is there someone in the tree hole? Xifa looked at the lantern in his hand and was thankful that he didn't throw it away just now.

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