A duke recognized by the royal family as having a knighthood is obviously impossible to appear in a tavern in such a small place. So "Duke" is closer to a nickname or a code name, and Sifa can easily distinguish this and move to the bar.

   He heard someone yell at the bar: "Sanchi, there is more beer here."

   sat on the high chair in front of the bar. Xifa didn't take the initiative to speak. He was sure that the original owner had been to the bar before, but he didn't know what the original owner was doing in the bar.

   Although he inherited the memory of this body, it seems that it is only some fragments of it now.

   He needs to find other memories on his own in order to piece together the entire past.

   This matter can start from the Sea Monster Tavern.

   Regarding Sifa’s silence, the bartender who had just delivered a glass of beer didn’t seem surprised. He continued to wipe the glass and said, “I thought you were not coming back. If that’s the case, I’m going to work in vain.”

   Xifa raised his head and glanced at him through the black iron mask.

   The bartender shrugged his shoulders: "Why, you forgot, you asked me to inquire about something."

   "It seems that you have the eyebrows about that." Sifa deliberately lowered his voice, making his voice look low and mature, distinguished from the usual bright and clear voice.

  The bartender Sanchi glanced at him casually: "Are you sick? Your voice sounds a bit different than usual. Your nasal voice is heavier, and it's not so hoarse."

is it? thanks for reminding. Sifa slightly adjusted, and then said: "Probably because I haven't closed my eyes in the past 48 hours."

   Sangqi smiled: "This is normal. You are our best bounty hunter. It's nothing if you haven't slept for two days."

Bounty Hunter? The original owner is actually doing this? I probably know why he is so proficient in killing people, but why does this young master still give himself the identity of a bounty hunter?

   Interest, or another purpose?

   "By the way, do you want to know the result? I mean that." Sanchi put down the wine glass and looked at Sifa.


   Xifa also wanted to know what the original owner had entrusted him to inquire about, so the bartender took out a small notebook from the bar, threw it in front of him, and asked, "What would you like to drink?"

   Xifa took this notebook: "Old rules."

   Sangqi screamed, and began to mix up the wine.

   Xifa opened the book and saw some information scribbled on it.

  ’Shadow glove, this is a half-finger glove. The material is unknown. It can increase the strength of the user and increase the strength of the blow. And during the attack, the ‘Shadow Fist’ will be summoned randomly, and the Shadow Fist will be generated from the void or shadows, impacting the body and mind of the target.

   Well, I heard that it will increase the chance of summoning Shadow Fist in a dark or gloomy environment. ’

   This is an extraordinary weapon!

  The original owner is actually collecting extraordinary weapons? Does he know the existence of extraordinary abilities? This is not surprising, he is already a bounty hunter, and he is still the best in this small place.

   So the problem is coming, as an excellent bounty hunter, even though it's just an ordinary person. But why was someone killed on the Shoufa, which gave me a chance to be reborn?

   If the death of the original owner is artificial, it is arranged. Then seeing him come back alive, doesn't it lead to suspicion?

  Will it be, I have been blacklisted by some people.

   Thinking of this, Xifa burst into a cold sweat. It now appears that he was able to get off the boat safely, maybe because of some arrangement.

   Must improve strength!

   Well, start with this extraordinary weapon!

   Xifa put down his notebook, and at this moment Sangqi pushed a glass of wine over, which was as red as blood, as if blood had penetrated into it. The original owner loves to drink this stuff?

   gently lifted the corner of the mask, and Sifa drank it in one breath. When it entered his mouth, it felt like juice, but when he drank it into his stomach, he felt a fire burning.

   put on the mask again, Xifa pushed the notebook back: "Where can I get this thing."

   Sangqi put it away, put his hands on the bar, leaned forward, and said in a low voice: "The seller is here, in the card room. His name is Bridge. You can talk to him directly."

  Sifah remembers Lyon’s ‘guide’ and the hunter has the habit of collecting information. He didn’t rush to leave the bar and asked, "What do you know about this bridge?"

   Sangqi shook his head and smiled: "You know, Duke, I have to protect the privacy of my clients and cannot provide their information."

"you can."

   Sifa took out a wad of banknotes from his pocket, drew a 5-pound denomination from it, and put it on the bar.

Sanchi shook his head, quickly covered it with a cup and said: "This guy only came to our town recently. He seems to be in trouble. He is suspicious and likes to play cards. Oh, by the way, he commissioned me to find a bodyguard, but It's a temporary one."

   Xifa took out another 5 pound note: "There's more."

"Damn it, Duke, you can't let me do this." Sanchi took the paper money in fiercely. "Well, our Mr. Bridge should have a lot of trouble, because the bodyguard he wanted to look for, except for Besides being professional enough, he also said that it is best to be an extraordinary!"

   "Yes, you heard that right. Extraordinary is needed to be a bodyguard. God knows what trouble he caused. If I were you, I wouldn't drip into this muddy water."

  Sifah put away the remaining banknotes: "I like your honesty."


   Sangqi said angrily, but his body honestly put away the 10 pounds, and pointed to a room behind the bar.

   That is the card room.

   Sifa lowered his felt hat, walked from the wall, brushed past some drunks, and came to the card room.

   He knocked on the door, and someone opened the door. A choking smell of smoke floated out of the room, and the misty white smoke floated in the air, making the light of the gas lamp seem a little unreal.

   Sifa walked in, handed the hat and jacket to the waiter next to him, and directly exposed the holster to the air. He just leaned against the wall and did not participate in the game.

   Observing for a while, Xifa knew that they were playing Texas Hold'em. This was the gameplay invented by the fellow traveler.

   Now, a middle-aged man in formal wear and gray hair at the poker table turned out his hole cards. So an ace of spades, a 10 of spades appeared on the table, and the others were 2, a 9 of spades, and a king of spades. They formed a flush.

   This caused the men around to make regretful sounds. Obviously, the middle-aged man had won.

   He stood up, with a heart-felt smile on his face, and swept the banknotes on the table toward the corner of his table. Before they were about to start the next hand, Sifa coughed dryly.

   "Which is Mr. Bridge, I was introduced by Sanchi and I want to buy something special."

   The man who just won the money raised his head and looked at Sifa. He spent the longest time in the iron mask, followed by the holster under his arm. Then he smiled and spread his hands: "Gentlemen, or else, let's stop here tonight."

  It seems that he is Bridge.

  People knew that he had something to talk with Xifa, and they left one after another. After the waiter had left, Bridge counted the bills and said, "What do you call it."

   "They all call me "Duke"." Sifa announced his nickname here.

   "The Duke?" Bridge raised his head. "Are you the best bounty hunter in this town?"

   "Perhaps, Mr. Bridge, what is the price of your "extraordinary weapon"?" Sifa pulled a chair and sat down, leaning forward slightly, showing concentration and releasing a little sense of oppression.


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