"All right."

   Heri Belle, who is holding the palette in one hand and the paintbrush in the other, is backing away while wearing an apron.

   Xifa stepped forward and saw an oil painting on the easel already painted. This oil painting uses a large area of ​​black, setting the eerie and eerie tone.

   is an ugly face in the middle of the canvas. It is wrinkled, and the lips and chin are covered with black bristles. In the meantime, Helibelle used some bright pigments to emphasize the shadows on the face, making the picture appear to be illuminated by firelight.

   I have to say, Herebelle’s drawing skills are very superb. Just based on the description of Xifa, the monster's face was drawn to life, as if the scene at the time was frozen and preserved forever.

   Just, sister, I just want a portrait that resembles a sketch, you don't need to use oil painting... Xifa rubbed his eyebrows, feeling that this sister's personality is too real.

   "How about it, do you paint like it?" Hribel put down the tools, and with the assistance of the maid, Alia, took off her apron.

  Sifah gave a thumbs up: "It's like a camera."

  Heliber said disdainfully: "What the machine shoots is soulless."

   Sifah laughed and rubbed the blond hair on her head: "You say yes."

  Helibele's face turned red, and she patted Sifa's hand: "Don't touch my head, I am not a kid anymore!"

"Well, our Belle is already a young lady." Xifa shakes the hand that was slapped by her sister, and picks up the oil painting. sleep."

  Because Heribelle paints oil paintings, it takes far more time than sketching, and it is not too early now.

   Fortunately, Bison has not fallen asleep yet, and is still working in the study, so energetic that he seems to be an extraordinary person in a certain way.

   After handing over the oil painting to his father, Sifa was finally able to return to his room and changed his clothes. He lay on the bed, recalling what happened today and recalling the hunter experience he heard from Leon.

   In a daze, Sifa fell asleep.

   Outside the window, the red moon was getting fuller, and soon it was the night of the full moon.

   The next day, after having breakfast, Xifa, who was notified of the ‘class’, recalled the fear of being dominated by exams in his previous life, and went to the mysterious cabin of his mother Anilu.

   He opened the door and found that the layout of the room has been slightly changed today. There are two desks on which are already placed notebooks and pens.

   is like a small classroom for class, but there are two desks. Who else will attend the class?

   "Don't stand in the way."

  Heri Belle's slightly complaining voice sounded behind him, and Xifa turned around and found that his mother and sister were coming together.

   "Belle, you?"

   Xifa looked at her sister in surprise, couldn't believe that she swaggered like this, passed her in a familiar way, walked into the room, and took a seat at one of the desks.

   Ainilu closed the door with a warm smile on her face: "Belle has been studying occultism with me for a while, by the way, she is a born extraordinary."

   "She has inherited some of my extraordinary characteristics. After training, she is already a senior'apprentice'."

   Extraordinary born? There is such a thing!

   Okay, not only is my mother an Extraordinary, but now even my sister is also the eldest son of mine.

  Sifah tried to ask, "Then Jom?"

   Ai Nilu shook her head: "He is not, only Belle inherited my extraordinary characteristics."

   "Mom, can I go to class? I have something to do today." The aristocratic girl sitting at the desk urged impatiently.

  Anilus said without being impatient: "Today I will teach you'Hermitian'. You should use this language frequently in the future. Belle has just learned this language, so I will teach it together."

   "This is our first class today. After finishing it, I will teach Xifa about the content of "Lingshi" separately."

   Sifa rubbed his eyebrows, and sat down at another desk. Anilu had already started teaching...

   Three days passed in a blink of an eye.

   In the past three days, Xifa has either dealt with Hermes every day, or practiced the ‘spiritual vision’ method. I have to say that the hunter approach is far less good at this aspect than the ‘divider’.

   Xifa remembers that in the original work, Klein understood it in seconds, and he had practiced for three days before he could barely learn to open and close this special vision in mysticism.

  People and people are really different...

   This day, he opened the closet and was about to change his clothes. He suddenly saw the secret compartment and remembered the flyer of the ‘Sea Monster Tavern’.

   The original owner seemed to have been to that tavern, but Xifa didn't understand, why a noble master ran there.

   How about I go there for a tour at night?

As soon as the idea of ​​   emerged, Xifa could no longer hold it down.

   At night, he opened the hidden compartment in the closet and changed into the brown, two-row high-necked trench coat.

   took out the black iron mask and the long-tube gold revolver.

  Sifah put the revolver into his armpit holster, replaced the snake scale revolver, put on the mask again, and stood in front of the mirror, and saw a completely strange figure.

Believe that as long as you don’t say anything, you might not even recognize the old man~www.readwn.com~ He searched for a felt hat that he hadn’t worn for a long time, pressed it on his head, and opened the window. , Relying on the hunter's skill to easily reach the ground, over the wall and leave home.

   Sifa lowered his head, walked in the shadows, hurriedly walked across the quiet and spacious golden champagne avenue, passed the solemn memorial square, and came to Qingwei Road.

Although it is getting late, there are still pedestrians coming and going here, under the gas street lamp whose cover has been covered with moisture, workers wearing caps and blue work uniforms, homeless men with messy hair and patched clothes, selling in baskets. A child with fruit, a drunkard who walks swayingly full of alcohol...A crowd of people fills up this sandy path.

   This is synonymous with chaos in Enqi town. It is crowded, dirty, gangsters can be seen everywhere, and thieves are everywhere. The nobles here stopped, and even the police did not want to appear in this place.

Xifa lowered his head, the clothes under his armpits slightly raised, and the black iron mask on his face made the gangsters in the alley just look at him a few more times, and the thief hiding in the crowd did not dare to approach him. Came to the'Sea Monster Tavern' smoothly.

   A pub with a timber structure and a small brick building.

   When Sifa opened the door and walked in, he almost ran away without turning around. The ventilation in the tavern is so bad that the air is full of weird smells mixed with **** beer, fried meat, sweat, and low-quality perfume.

   And these tastes were amplified several times by the hunter's keen sense of smell, and Xifa almost fainted.

  Behind the bar not far from the door, a bartender who was wiping a wine glass saw Sifa, hey and greeted: "Duke, when did you come back?"

   Duke? me?

   Xifa almost pointed to his nose and asked.

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