The    Clover is a modern ship using steam and sail hybrid power. It has three decks and can accommodate a lot of passengers.

   Now, at the entrance of the stairs leading to the upper deck, a group of people have gathered.

  Among them are passengers on ships and sailors.

When Xifa and Joyce arrived, they saw a man wearing a boat cap that was standard in this era and a thick coat stained with blood. He was plausible. He also carried a metallic brass revolver in his hand. .

   This is the captain of the Sativa, and one of the heroes who saved Sifa and others in this chaos.

   If it were not for the foresight of the captain, he would quietly collect a large amount of clean water and food and hoard them on the lower deck when he found that the chaos on the ship was showing signs of deterioration.

   Xifa these people simply cannot persist, let alone retain sufficient physical energy.

   "Those lunatics are no longer good. In the absence of water and food, they have reached the limit. Unlike us, gentlemen, we have enough physical fitness to complete a fierce battle."

   "Now, we must rush forward, we must obtain control of the Alfalfa, and we must punish the lunatics! Only in this way can we people hope to see land and return home!"

  Speaking of this, the captain put his hat on his revolver, glanced across the crowd, passed by Sefa and Joyle, and nodded.

   "Don't be afraid, everyone."

   A gentle but courageous voice rang, and Sifa saw a small man with a round, kind face.

   is about the same age as Xifa, with a little shyness in his temperament. He stood firmly beside the captain and said in an encouraging tone.

   "We are doing the right thing! You should know what these lunatics have done in the past days."

   "They put bullets and swords into the bodies of our wives, friends and even children!"

   "They behead the kind, restrained, and innocent people who retain their sanity. To this day, the heads of the poor people are still hanging from the mast!"

   "They are lunatics, criminals, murderers, and wicked! Tell me, gentlemen, do you still have mercy on such people?"

   The people were panting, with red eyes, and roaring like wild beasts: "No, they all deserve to die!"

   Xifa quite agrees, he feels his blood is broken, and he wants to rush up and kill the lunatics.

   "Tell me, do you want to forgive them?"

"no way!"

   "Tell me, what are you going to do?"

   Xifa blurted out with everyone: "Fight, kill these lunatics!"

【idiot! a bunch of idiots! 】

   Suddenly, Xifa withdrew from the excitement as if he heard someone talking, and looked around suspiciously.

   did not see the suspicious person.

   found that everyone around him was in a strange excitement. Their pupils dilated slightly, their fingers quivered because of excitement, their breathing was heavy, and their eyes were filled with frantic light.

   They are like a group of beasts!

   Xifa shuddered suddenly, he should be like them just now.

   Why is this happening?

   Everyone seems to be irrational. What's the difference between this look and the lunatics above?

and many more.

   There are extraordinary powers in this world. Could it be that this strange emotion is affected by some extraordinary factor?

   Are there any extraordinary among us?

   At this time, the captain yelled in a low voice: "Then what are we waiting for, follow me, let's sanction those lunatics!"

   He carried the revolver and rushed up the stairs first.

   Including Joyce, the men screamed from their throats, staring at their bloodshot eyes, and followed the captain with weapons they could get.

   In the crowd, Tris stopped suddenly and looked back.

   Feeling his gaze, Xifa raised his head and saw that the round-faced boy was equally excited, but he asked with restraint: "Mr. Xifa, don't you come together?"

"how is this possible!"

   Xifa controlled the muscles on his face, tried to make his eyes wide and round, and raised the corners of his mouth, showing a somewhat crazy appearance.

   "I can't wait to kill all those bitches!"

   He rushed past Tris.

   It cannot be doubted that if there is an extraordinary among us, and he is the one who contributed to this disaster, I have to be more careful... I warned myself in my heart that Xifa kept up with the pace of others.

   Before rushing up the stairs, he heard gunshots, roars and screams from above.

  The battle has already begun.

   Sifah walked shortly against the cabin wall, using the wooden boxes scattered on the deck as a cover, carefully avoiding stray bullets that might appear at any time.

   After confirming that no one was paying attention around, he quietly got into the cabin and found a lantern on the spacious carpeted aisle.

   Xifa lit the lantern, and through the dim light, he saw the solidified dark red blood stains on the carpets and walls in the aisle.

   He did not participate in the battle, but went deep into the cabin, found a second-class cabin and got in.

   closed the door, put the lantern on the round table next to him, and Sifa sat down.

   "This is crazy."

   Xifa held his forehead with his hand: "Don't panic, you must carefully consider the countermeasures and plan for the worst."

   The worst plan is that the madness and chaos that spread to the entire ship is affected by extraordinary factors and is a man-made disaster!

  【Kill them all! 】

  【Kill everyone except us, it’s not safe! 】

   [We can smash their heads, shatter their brains, tear their bodies, dig out their internal organs, tear off their intestines. Hahaha, isn't this a pleasant thing? 】

   [So what are you waiting for, take action, Li Zexi! 】


   In the dim light, the corner of Sifa's mouth was raised little by little, and the light shone from the bottom up, leaving a mottled shadow on his face.

   The hand holding his forehead wiped down, and the corners of Sifa's mouth returned to normal, saying in a voice that he could only hear: "As a normal person with higher education, I will not join the ranks of lunatics, no matter which side."

   "But it's not realistic to stop them. I'm just an ordinary person, rushing to fight the incidents that are suspected of being involved in transcendent factors is simply looking for death."

   "So, I can only pretend that I don't know anything, and try to protect myself until I get off the ship..."


   Xifa looked startled.

   At the end of the field of vision, in the light of the lantern, a piece of dark red flows silently.

   He moved stiffly, raised his head little by little, and moved his gaze forward. Xifa saw a concealed wooden door.

   Behind the door is the bedroom. In the crack of the door, from the bedroom, dark red plasma is slowly pouring out.

   They spread across the floor, invaded the carpet, and tried to extend in the direction of West France.

  嗬, 嗬...

   There was a weird sound coming from the bedroom, very faint, not like a human sound.

   Xifa looked at the crack of the door, and felt the deep malice flowing from the darkness of the crack of the door.

   He gently, afraid to make any noise, stood up.

   He squeezed the revolver, lifted the lantern, and walked back.

   Xifa restrained curiosity, restrained impulse, and did not push open the open door, fearing that it would detonate some potential danger.

   He exited the room silently and returned to the aisle of the cabin. It wasn't until the door was closed that Sifa breathed a sigh of relief.

   Without waiting for his tense nerves to relax, someone in the depths of the aisle whispered: "Master Xifa, is that you?"

   Xifa, who was already in a state of tension, was shocked when he heard this. He quickly raised the lantern, wanting to see more and farther.

   It's a pity that the distance of the light is limited. Xifa only saw that not far in front, someone was standing in the darkness.

   The other party also carried a lantern, but the lantern was casually carried in his hands and placed at his feet, illuminating the ground nearby, but hiding the upper body of this person in the darkness.

   He lifted the lantern suddenly, and suddenly, a face with a deep outline but an ordinary appearance appeared in the light.

   On this face, the corners of his mouth are turned up, showing eight teeth, and his smile is stiff.


   Xifa blurted out, calling out the other party's name.

   This is his personal servant.

   On the journey to Enmat Port, his father arranged for him a personal servant to take care of his daily life. A bodyguard was arranged to be responsible for personal protection.

   When infighting and killing occurred on the ship, the bodyguard had already given his life, and the male servant was taken away by the lunatics.

   Xifa thought that his servant was killed, but he did not expect that he was still alive.


   This state seems very abnormal!

"it's me."

   Jack kept that stiff and weird smile: "Master Xifa, please come with me, I know a safe place."

   Sifa not only did not step forward, but backed up: "I won't go anywhere, Jack."

   "Master is still self-willed as always. UU reading"

   "Always refuses to follow advice, always makes his own way, always self-righteous..."

   Jack spoke quickly and eagerly, but the smile on his face finally changed. Seeing Xifa's hair rise, his scalp exploded.

   "Don't you know that you are annoying? Sifa Disraeli, you are a bastard! Scum! Bastard! Scum!"

   "From the day you defiled Rachel, do you know how much I wanted to kill you? No, killing you is too cheap for you!"

   "I'm going to chop you up, feed the fish with your meat, and throw your bones to the hungry dog. You **** it, you are so **** it!"

   Of course Sifa knows who Rachel is, that is the maid who has been harmed by ‘him’.

   Judging from this incident, I also think that your young master is not a good thing. But that has nothing to do with me... Xifa was a little helpless, thinking that he would have to help the original owner clean up the mess in the future, and wanted to smile more bitterly.

   Suddenly, Jack raised his other hand.

   There is a revolver in that hand.


   Jack's head slammed back, and his forehead split open in the sound of gunshots reverberating in the aisle, and blood and bone debris spattered...

   It wasn't until the blue smoke floated from the muzzle of the snake scale revolver that Xifa realized that he actually shot and killed the valet!

   The body moves faster than the brain, and it is killed by a single shot. Is the original owner's marksmanship so good?

   The scum nobles finally have a little merit... Xifa smiled to himself, suddenly, out of the corner of his eye.

   He saw a cold white light flashing behind Jack, breaking the air and pointing at himself.

   There is someone else behind the servant!

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