I Am Breaking the Dimensional Wall In the Lord of Mysteries

Chapter 15: Secret compartment in the cupboard

   Thinking back to my previous life, I was just an ordinary person from 9 to 6. Overwhelmed by the high housing prices, he has no idea about the future, keeps his desires extremely low, and is willing to lie down and be a salted fish.

   And now, in this world, I have broken away from the definition of ordinary people, and the salted fish turned over slightly.

   Thinking of this, Xifa was a little excited, and wanted to test his own strength.

   "Becoming an extraordinary is not something to be happy about."

Mother’s words poured down like a bucket of cold water: "My teacher once said this. He said that the Extraordinary is just a poor worm walking on the edge of the abyss. 'In the abyss."

   "So Sifa, don't be too excited, restrain your emotions. Only by knowing how to control your emotions can you fight madness and avoid losing control."

  Sifah was reminded by her and found that she was a bit smug, and quickly reduced her emotions, nodded in response: "I will remember your words."

   Ai Nilu smiled gently: "You don't need to be too nervous, the risk of losing control of low sequence is not high, but you must always be vigilant."

   "Also, become an Extraordinary, especially at the level of Sequence 9. Although it is different from ordinary people, swords and firearms can still threaten you, don't be careless."

   "In addition, you also need to learn the knowledge of the mystery field. You need to master further meditation and be able to observe the spiritual vision."

"You also need to learn Ancient Fussac, which is the source of the languages ​​of the Northern Continent, and you may use it later. In addition, the Hermes language that often appears in ancient tombs and is related to sacrifices and prayers is also something you need to master. knowledge."

   "I will also teach you ritual magic and the related knowledge of making amulets, so you see, becoming an Extraordinary is only the first step into the mysterious world."

   As a former scumbag, Xifa's head bulged when he heard it, and felt the pressure of studying, his brows could not be restrained.

   Fortunately, the mother said, "However, you should take a rest for a day or two. When the body adapts to the changes brought about by the potion, we can enter into the study of occultism."

   For this decision, of course, West France will not oppose it.

   Xifa didn't sleep well that night. The sensitive senses become a kind of distress in the dead of night.

Xifa heard the sounds of insects that he couldn't normally hear, and smelled all kinds of complex smells wafting in from outside the window. He was lying on the bed with a quilt, and through his touch, he analyzed the texture of these things in his head... .

   In the end, Sifa used meditation, which reduced his allergic perception, and then fell asleep.

   The next morning, after Xifa got up, the ceremony was held.

   "Eyes that perceive everything."

   "The **** who overlooks everything."

   "You are the master of knowledge, you mock fate and time."

   "You are a true witness, the uncrowned king above the stars!"

   The illusory classics appeared in his hands, opened the cover, and Xifa saw that the information had changed.

  Collection: 100+

  Record: Your adventure biography has received more than 100 collection attentions, and you have gained access to the ‘message board’ once.

   Xifa looked on, the last message was still there, and added a reply.

  ’Dark clouds step on snow white gloves: Found all assassins. ’

  ‘Ai Yan doesn’t speak: Red Sacrifice and Peeping Secret Man, two of my favorite ways, and there is no ********* on it’

  'Missed Man: Real men want to play assassins. ’

   The corners of Sifa's mouth twitched slightly. These watchers should like the assassin approach. According to my experience in the past life, this approach must be problematic!

   Look at the comments below and add some more.

  ‘A certain JO-level creature who gave up thinking: If you take the hunter path, you should be able to go to Anderson. He should now be recruiting manpower to go adventure at sea (if I remember correctly, I didn’t say it)’

   praise the watcher!

   Yesterday, I was worried that there would be no clues for the hunter's path, so the watcher provided one. Anderson, well, I've got the name down! ...Sifah looked down again.

  ‘The strange knowledge has grown again: what should I say? Uh uh uh uh uh...well. ’

   There is a strange watcher...

  ’No. 20191117152521520: The book is quite interesting. ’

  'The black clouds step on the snow white gloves: Friends believe me, go to the Gnostic and transfer the assassin. ’

you again!

  ’Let fate let us meet here: No way, since you are going to take the hunter route, do you think about how to hold Ke Zong’s thigh? I remember him behind it seems **********’

   Chief Gram? Is it Klein, the protagonist of the original book? He knows the clues to the hunter's path? This watcher knows a lot of information, but it's a pity that I don't have enough permissions to see the rest.

   After the permission increases, it should be possible to read.

  ’No. 20210517202131878: Well, if you really want to choose, there is only one ************** on the whistleblower’

   The watcher who doesn't know the specific name also knows a lot.

   There are no more comments below. Seeing this, Xifa's head has already started to twitch, and his energy is very exhausted. There were no questions to ask for the time being, and he lifted the summoning.

   It was still early, and without calling a personal servant, Sifa opened the window, looked at the garden, and fell into deep thought.

  ‘Sure enough, through the book of mystery, I can obtain a lot of useful information, and now I basically know how to go behind Hunter Sequence 8. ’

  ‘You can find that Anderson, or you can consider contacting the protagonist of the original...’

  ‘In addition, I know the existence of acting, which can help me digest potions faster for promotion. ’

  ‘I know that the key to acting is the name of each potion, playing the role indicated by the name of the potion. Just like Klein, after becoming a fortune-teller, he joined a club and played the role of a fortune-teller by providing divination services to guests. ’

  ‘Through the process of acting, summarize the rules of acting to digest the potion! ’

   Xifa patted his cheek lightly: "So, I want to digest the potion. I need to start by acting as a ‘hunter’?"

   Speaking of hunters, Sifa remembered one thing Matthew had said.

  ‘There have been wild wolves recently. Father Bison commissioned Lyon, a famous hunter in the town, to organize some hunters into the mountains to hunt. ’

   Xifa, who had no hunter experience at all, immediately had associations and inspirations.

   "I can visit these hunters and learn by their side, maybe I can be inspired!"

   With an idea and a direction, Xifa immediately put it into action. He opened the closet, looking for a suit that would be convenient for outdoor activities.

  While pushing a few suits aside, he suddenly discovered that in the depths of the wardrobe, there was a wooden board whose color was inconsistent with the nearby ones.

   Xifa tapped his fingers, and there was a hollow echo in the wooden board, and there was still space behind it.

   He made several attempts, and finally pushed the board aside. Sure enough, there was a hidden compartment in the wardrobe.

   There are several things hanging from the dark brown, one is a dark brown, two-row high-necked long trench coat. A black, iron mask with only the eyes exposed. A long tube, golden yellow revolver with a running wolf pattern on the handle.

   Xifa was stunned, the original owner's memory did not have the information of this secret grid at all.

   But obviously, these things belong to him.

   "So, this noble young master is playing a Grand Theft Auto game?"

  Sifah took out the mask and tried to put it on his face. It fits perfectly.

   took out the gold revolver again, and found that the material was not pure gold, and shook out the bullet nest, which was full of bullets.

   As for the long trench coat, a flyer was found in the bag.

   "Sea Monster Bar" flyer.

  Sifah knows this bar. It is located in Qingyuan Road, where workers, poor people and gangsters live. There is a mixture of dragons and snakes, especially the sea monster bar.

   There are rumors that the bar is secretly operating an illegal business.

   It seems that the original owner had been to that bar.

   A noble master, what is going to do in such a place?

   Xifa frowned and thought hard, but couldn't recall the information in the slightest. There was a knock on the door, and Matthew's voice came from outside the door.

   "Sir, are you awake?"

   Xifa quickly put the things back into the secret compartment, closed them, and took out a set of hunting suits.

   allowed the male servant to come in and put on a hunting suit with his assistance. Sifa also took the snake scale revolver and made sure it contained bullets.

   Seeing this action, the valet asked nervously: "Sir, what are you?"

   Xifa didn't hide it, and said directly: "I want to visit Lyon, the Orion, do you know where he is?"

   Matthew gave the answer after thinking about it: "I heard last night that they finished their first mountain patrol. UU Reading www.uukanshu.com spent the night at the baron’s logging yard."

   "Today, they will enter the Albury Mountains again, of course, they will not go deep, only hunting in the marginal area."

   "If there are wolves in the mountains."

   Sifah headed his head, and walked out with full mobility: "Eat breakfast, and then we go to the logging yard. Can you use a shotgun?"

   "Mr. Xirui has taught me about spear skills, but I am not very proficient." The servant hurriedly followed.

   "Very good, you will also take a shotgun later, we will go hunting today."

   After having breakfast and simply telling the schedule, Sifa took the male servant to the stable. There are three thoroughbred horses that are common in the Ruen Kingdom. This kind of horse is known for its fast speed in short and medium distances, and has good endurance. It is the best choice for riding or pulling carts.

There are also two types of carriages in this family. One is a convertible. You can watch the surrounding scenes while sitting in the car and use it to show off your identity to people on the street. But because of the convertible, it can only be used on sunny days. .

  The other is a four-wheeled car, which is relatively heavy, but can protect from wind and rain. It is the best choice for short- and medium-distance trips and rainy days.

  Because the former is light, a horse can pull it. The latter requires two horses, and some cars with more space require four horses to move.

   "Good morning, young master, is this going out?"

   Hearing the movement, a middle-aged man in his early fifties walked out of the stable. He has dark skin, lean build and bright eyes.

  Although he is not young, he feels full of energy. This is one of the horsemen of the Sifa family, the old Cook known as the "all-in-one".

  PS: It's very unexpected. Just after I published the chapter "Requesting a contract", the backstage sign was submitted. Great watchers, you can invest ←_←

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