Xifa easily caught the master of the voice. It was a sixteen-year-old girl. Her superior life gave her a plump face, fair and delicate skin full of luster, especially the soft and shiny blonde hair, which seemed to carry the bright summer. The sun shines with golden luster under the light.

   Her facial features are bright, her eyelashes are curled, and she is wearing a complicated bright red dress, like a blooming flower.

   Although there were mocking words on his mouth, restrained concern loomed in those blue eyes like a lake under a clear sky.

   Of course Sifa knows who she is.

   This is my sister, the treasure of the Disraeli family, Helle Belle!

   Affected by the memory of the original owner, Xifa felt spoiled in his heart. It seems that this young master, who has a poor reputation, loves his pair of younger siblings.

   It’s just that this younger sister is a little bit inconsistent. She cares about her elder brother, but she wants to say harsh words.

   "Belle, I don't remember teaching you how to talk to your brother so rudely."

   A gentle voice like spring breeze rang out in the hall, and an elegant woman came along. On the face that is no longer young, between the eyebrows, in every faint line, all are filled with tolerance and warmth.

   Although her dress is simple, it can be worn on her body, but it is noble. Although the season has entered summer and the weather is getting hotter, she still wears long-sleeved clothing.

   Xifa knows that she wears long sleeves all year round, because her left hand used to block the broken glass for herself, leaving scars that cannot be healed.

   If it weren't for her, there would not only be a faint tear-like scar under her left eye, but the entire eye would be blind.

   She is the mistress of this house, the mother of the three Sifa brothers and sisters, Ainilu.

   "Welcome home, Western France."

   Xifa surged with uncontrollable excitement, put down his brother, strode forward, and hugged his mother.

   "Good evening, mother."

   He felt his eyes moist, his nose sour, and his strong feelings gushed from the bottom of his heart.

   Even when he saw his father, he didn't have such strong emotions.

   Ainilu smiled and gently patted Sifa’s back: "Okay, the journey is hard, go clean and rest early."

   Xifa agreed and released his hand, stepping back a few steps.

   Ai Nilu turned around and called out in a soft voice: "Matthew, come here."

   A young man of the same age as Xifa came over, wearing the costume of a footman. He has a darker complexion, light gray hair, and flame-red eyes.

   "This is your personal servant."

  Since the impure relationship with the maid, the family no longer provides him with a maid, so Sifa is not surprised at all.

   The valet named Matthew bowed slightly and said respectfully: "Sir, your room is ready."

   Xifa nodded slightly, and was about to go back to the room to clean, when he heard a sound of footsteps, then Sebas, the gray-bearded housekeeper, hurried into the house.

   "Sir, Director Kaosi is here."

   Hearing this name, Sifa had a picture in his mind.

   A middle-aged man in his fifties, with light blond hair, sparse eyebrows, dark brown pupils, a blessed figure, but a handsome appearance. Although still wearing a wedding ring, in fact, he is a widower. After his wife died of illness, she never married.

   This is the chief of the Enqi town police station, Kaosi.

  What is he doing?

   Xifa thinks of the policeman who haunted the hotel on Mermaid Road. He didn't stop and walked thinking about it and came to his room.

   After cleaning, he put on comfortable pajamas and opened the window. I saw the lights in my father's study room below, and behind the curtains, I could vaguely see a fatter figure.

   The chief of police stayed for a long time, and he had not left until Sifa went to bed.

   The next day, after having breakfast, Sifa’s family rode a carriage to St. Witt’s Church, which belongs to the Church of the Goddess of the Night.

  As a family of church members, it is normal to go to the church to pray after the son returns home safely.

After the    was over, Sifa did not go back with his family. Instead, he took his servant Matthew to leave with the excuse of ‘walking around’.

   They came to the memorial square. The name of this square was named to commemorate the "White Rose War". During that war, the town of Enqi was burnt down, and only a few buildings in the town remain today.

   This square is one of them. Of course, it has undergone a certain degree of transformation. In addition to it now, there are the ancient city gate outside Enqi Town, and several other ancient buildings.

   On the square, many white pigeons are not afraid of human beings, chasing the fodder thrown by people on the square.

   In the distance, a group of people in gray-blue work uniforms and caps gathered. There were also tramps in patched clothes. They were listening to an old lady's speech.

   Sifa found an inconspicuous corner in the square, sat down, took out the fodder, and threw it on the ground. In a moment of effort, his feet are all white pigeons.

Looking at the slightly restrained young male servant next to him, Xifa casually said: "Don't you just know which ladies living alone in the town are young and beautiful. You can come to visit, you don't need to bring gifts, you only need to bring money. ?"

   Matthew's face became a little awkward, and he coughed dryly: "Sir, if you just came back, it would be inappropriate for you to do this kind of social interaction."

   I think so too, and, I’m just kidding, you don’t have to look at me that way, really...

   Xifa smiled and shrugged: "Then let's change the subject and tell me, during my absence, has anything interesting happened in the town?"

  On the way back, he was already thinking about how to change his own style of evaluation so that he could get more support from his family.

   He conceived several plans, but finally found out that he didn't know Enqi Town so well.

   In the memory of the original owner, his impression of this town is more in the bar, UU reading www. uukahnshu.com is on those art salons, and those ladies who are bright, open, or reserved.

   And, the last part of the impression is still very deep.

   There is no way, Xifa had to collect information on his own.

   Matthew responded after thinking about it: "Sir, the town of Enqi is not big, it can be called an interesting thing, there are not many things."

   "I only thought of a few things."

   "Not long ago, an old man named Ain suddenly bought a large number of livestock, saying that he was going to start a farm, but so far he has not taken any further action."

   Xifa tried to think back, but couldn't remember who Ain was.

Matthew continued: "Also, your father's farm and the livestock raised by several households outside the town have been visited by wild wolves from the mountains. The baron has entrusted Lyon, a famous hunter in the town, to organize other The hunter goes into the mountain and hunts down the wild wolves who don't know where they come from."

The valet raised his arm and pointed to the old lady who was speaking with a frothy mouth: "In addition, the old lady Paris has recently suddenly declared that she is the favored one of the night. Of course, St. Wit’s Church does not admit it, but This does not prevent the old lady from speaking in the square every day."

   "The favored one of the night?"

   Xifa was really taken aback, and couldn't help but look at the old lady.

   The old lady has silver hair, deep decree lines, an eagle-like nose, and a gloomy face. Looks like a witch, more than a night favored one.

   She was wearing a patched dress and carrying a basket covered with a blue checkered handkerchief. She didn't know what was in it.

   "However, the most sensational thing is that there has been a recent murder."

   After a pause, Matthew said, "No, if you count the one at the Blue Fish Hotel last night, there are already two."


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