Mayor Wu thought to himself, these fishermen rush to the sea all day long for their own benefit, risking their lives to dig out lobsters. So, you let him donate for free. Could it be that you are mentally retarded?

Thinking like this in my heart, but I can't say that!

So he laughed, shook hands with him, and said that he would help communicate with Ding Zhaotian!

The other party said seriously: "This matter is related to the historical process of the world's marine life. Very important!"

Mayor Wu changed his thoughts at this time, this man has sincere eyes, he should be a nerd undoubtedly!

The people in the world are bustling, all born for profit!

Who cares what scientific research you do?

Mayor Wu thinks so!

Mayor Wu came to watch the excitement. Ding Zhaotian didn't know Mayor Wu, so he thought some leader came.

I don’t know the fat guy, and everyone doesn’t know much about politics!

But Sun Xiaohong, Li Youcheng, and Sun Dekai next to him all knew about it.

It’s because Mayor Wu, who are officials, had a banquet in their restaurant!

Li Youcheng took the lead to shake hands!

Mayor Wu said, "Ah, Boss Li, are you here to bid for the blue splendid lobster?"

Li Youcheng nodded and said, "Yes!"

The two chatted for a while!

Li Youcheng is not in his mind. Mayor Wu knows that he patted his shoulder and said, "Hurry up and bid for it! However, this time there seems to be a lot of foreigners, so you may not be able to bid for it!"

Li Youcheng frowned and said, "Do your best! A boss has already booked with me!"

Mayor Wu asked in a low voice: "I don't know what the predetermined price is? Can this be revealed?"

Li Youcheng smiled and said: "Is a newly-emerged rich boss, and said that there is no problem with less than 2 million! But I doubt that 2 million can't be taken down!"

Mayor Wu frowned and said: "I also love seafood, but I think this thing is rare in ten years after all, it is impossible to win 2 million, because you see, so many foreigners have come. Woolen cloth!"

Li Youcheng nodded!

Sun Xiaohong also came over to shake hands with Mayor Wu.

The owners of these seafood restaurants know more about people from all walks of life, politics and business!

Rich network!

At this time, it's time too!

Ding Zhaotian asked Fatty to announce that the bidding will officially begin!

In fact, there is no podium, and no golden hammer.

Just shout it casually!

After the fat man shouted, he asked Lao Ding, "Lao Ding, what is the initial price!"

Ding Zhaotian said: "The initial price is meaningless, just 10,000 yuan!"

Everyone, including the experiencer, is emotional!

The fat man shouted: "Start bidding at 10,000, please bid!"

Following that, a large number of people were ready to move, and about five foreign friends were talking to the translator!

Obviously, I want to consult the price through translation!

And discuss the issue of bidding!

One of the foreigners said: "500,000!"

Let the accompanying interpreter take the place of the spoken word!

The crowd is in an uproar!

Everyone muttered: "Why are foreigners also participating?" And all this was as long as Mayor Wu, Sun Xiaohong, Li Youcheng and others had expected!

Ding Zhaotian said: "500,000, are there any more?"

Obviously, there is!

Sun Xiaohong said directly: "One million!"

All of a sudden, the people sighed again!


Everyone muttered, discussed, and even shouted out loud!

The scientist before, the one who wanted to get it for free, said loudly through an interpreter: "Mr. Ding Zhaotian, please stop the auction!"

The fat man wondered: "Why is this?"

Everyone is also surprised, a discussion!

Although the voice of the discussion is small, but one after another, the constant sound!

At this time, the translation seemed a bit embarrassing, but immediately remembered that his mission was just a translation, and said loudly: "Everyone, we are from the Institute of Marine Biology, and we hope that Mr. Ding can donate to us free of charge! We will Give a certificate to Mr. Ding Zhaotian and everyone to reward you for your contributions to the world's marine biology research!"

As soon as this remark came out, there was an uproar!

At this time, the fat man was happy and smiled: "You are really interesting, we are fishermen, we are fishermen, how can you care about your **** certificate!"

Ding Zhaotian stopped the fat man from continuing and said, "Fatty, don't be rude!"

Then put your hands together in salute!

Very respectfully said: "That's it!"

He made a gesture, pointed to the sea, and said: "We are just ordinary fishermen on the sea, plus live broadcasts, do two jobs and earn some money. On the one hand, live broadcast, earn some money, and on the other hand, survive in the ocean. , To make some money, in general, it’s a mess!"

The fat man couldn't help nodding his head and agreed!

Wang Qiang and Li Zishu are also nodding!

Others exchanged and discussed in a low voice!

Yang Dawei has a loud voice, although he speaks in a low voice, he is still heard by everyone!

In addition, some media directly hold the microphone, that kind of mobile microphone, come over to amplify the sound!

As a result, Yang Dawei's voice spread. Yang Dawei said, "Captain Ding is naturally to sell some money. Isn't he doing charity work?"

Everyone is talking about it, talking about it!

At this time, Mayor Wu also smiled helplessly!

Then, the scientist next to him looked serious and asked the translator to ask Mayor Wu for help!

Mayor Wu is obviously embarrassed!

Mayor Wu showed a look of embarrassment, and said: "This is the private wealth that was caught by others. How can I do this? Besides, I don't have the right to interfere?"

At this time, everyone, the people nearby, also nodded their heads in agreement!

At this time, another foreigner actually spoke. A person with the face of Asian yellow race said: "I am an interpreter from Toyogo. Our Mr. Tsuburaya wants to buy and participate in the bidding. We also do, um, Those who make sushi, make top-quality sushi, do you agree with us to participate in the bidding?"

After saying that he bowed!

The fat man said, "Should you agree, isn't it Old Ding?"

In fact, Ding Zhaotian thought about this before, and finally came to the conclusion that everyone participates casually, regardless of Chinese and foreign!

It means that both Chinese and foreign acquaintances can participate!

So Ding Zhaotian said loudly: "The one with the higher price will get it, so let's shoot it like this, everyone is free to shoot, whether it's a foreigner or a Chinese!"

After speaking out loud, a yellow-haired foreigner said in Chinese with a foreign accent: "1.8 million!"

Everyone sighed again, in an uproar!

1.8 million is not a small number. Obviously, boss Li Youcheng's abacus is about to fail. His goal is to win within 2 million!

So he hurriedly said: "We pay 2 million!"

Sure enough, everyone was talking again!

At the same time, the number of viewers broke through the peak, 10 million!

Three channels at home and abroad, the total number of people at the same time is 10.9 million!

New high!

Zhao Sisi and Di Xiaolong are all very happy!

On the other hand, Manager Liu, the manager of Global Integrated Broadcasting, and Manager Zeng from Asia, are all concerned about this matter! They all show different levels of attention!

Xue Zihan even spared time to stare at Lao Ding's live broadcast of sea life!

At this time, the lens is managed by Xiao Wu, illuminating the crowd!

Including those blonde foreigners!

There are also Oriental people who are similar to ours!

People from Korea did not come. But Europe, the United States, and the East, there are 7 groups in total!

Including two people who want to get it for free, except for them, there are five groups of people who want to bid for it!

At this time, the foreigner who originally paid the price said: "2.3 million!"

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